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QB Foles, LB Jordan

QB Nick Foles

On whether he has gotten a sense of how popular he has become after these past few games: "I feel like walking around, fans are very appreciative and complimentary. We have very passionate fans, so it's good to go out there and play well. Like I've said before, we still have a lot of work to do. I hope they know that."

On what QB Trent Edwards has been able to tell him and teach him over the past couple of weeks: "Trent is a great guy, and I've been fortunate enough to know him for several years. It's just like anything, and you have to realize this is a business. You approach everything one day at a time and work hard. He is an extremely hard worker. Just being around him and seeing how he works and doing things together has really helped me continue to mature."

On what he saw on tape from the last preseason game: "Of course the interception – I have to throw that thing out there or throw it away or do something. I'd like to throw it out there and give (WR) DeSean (Jackson) a chance. There were a couple of plays where I could give maybe a little bit quicker read. I felt that we wanted to score every time that we had the ball, and we didn't do that, and that's the goal. It's really just getting back to work. We have Flight Night tonight, so that'll be fun. Hopefully, (QB Michael) Vick will be out there and I think he's feeling pretty good. There is a lot to learn from in the film – maybe turning my head on different play fakes quicker and stuff like that. There is always something new to learn, and every day is a new day to get better."

On what it takes to be able to bounce back from throwing an interception to leading a scoring drive on the next offensive series: "Our defense really did a good job of getting us the ball in the red zone. Hats off to them, they played well. They got us turnovers and great field position. Special teams did (that) as well. When it comes to interceptions, you never want an interception, but you can't let that play define the next play. You have to have a short memory and learn from it. If that ever does happen, I'm always excited to go back out there and get another opportunity to make up for it and keep firing. Just to go out there, execute the plays, and get the ball into the end zone was huge for us."

On whether he has been able to take a step back and soak it all in: "I guess you have the days off where you can think about it, but I just keep working. I don't how much soaking in there is. It's fun to be here and we're working hard. Guys are improving. That's really how I approach every day, not sitting back and soaking it in. I'd say that'd be more for after the season when you look back at everything and this is just now. It's the preseason and everybody is working on different things. Teams aren't showing us a lot – they're not going to throw everything at us – and I understand that. It's important for us to execute right now and move the ball."

LB Akeem Jordan

On his reaction to being moved to the first team at WILL linebacker: "You just go out there and work hard every day. Let the chips fall where they may. I'm just going out there trying to help the team pretty much."

On his mindset going through OTAs and training camp working with the second team: "There's a lot of competition in the linebacker (corps). We are all just trying to go out there and make plays. We're trying to beat out each other, and everyone knows that there is a lot of competition. We were just going out there every day and trying to perform."

On being able to establish consistency at linebacker: "Like I said, it's just about going out there and making plays. If you go work hard and make plays, I guess it will be consistent."

On Jordan's perseverance to come out on top of numerous position battles in his career: "I've been blessed to be in this position. It (comes) with hard work and playing to the best of your ability."

On whether he thought he might not make the roster because the other linebacker positions had been filled up until this point: "Nothing is a given and nothing is written in stone. That's why you go out and play like you're hair is on fire."

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