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Post-Practice Selected Player Quotes

QB Michael Vick
On his thoughts about former Eagles QB Kevin Kolb being traded to Arizona:"Kevin has potential to be great. You expect him to be great and I think Kevin is going to be everything that they want and he's going to give them an opportunity to win each and every Sunday."

RB LeSean McCoy
On his thoughts about the trade for CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie:"We're going to welcome Cromartie here with open arms. Kevin's a great friend of mine, he's a great teammate. I'm sure they'll be pleased to have him [because] he's one of the best quarterbacks in the league. I'm going to support the team. But I'm happy about the trade. I think it's an even trade, two great players."
On whether it felt good to get the first practice out of the way:"Good. It felt good to get out here and run around a little bit."
TE Brent Celek
On whether he thinks Kolb is happy about the trade:"I haven't talked to him yet, but when I do I'll wish him well, and I'll be happy for him."
On whether he's happy to have the trade behind them:"It doesn't bug us. I really don't pay attention to that stuff too much. Kev's a friend of mine so I just treat him like that. We don't go over that stuff too much but we knew there was a chance that he could go somewhere and obviously it just happened."
On whether it feels different not having WR DeSean Jackson at camp:"Yeah, I mean, DeSean, all the guys who aren't here; it's a little bit different, but we'll welcome them when they come back and while we're out here by ourselves we'll keep working. We'll get this team better for when they come back."
On how it feels to play football again:"A little bit awkward, you know, getting back out there, running routes against a defense that you haven't seen in six months and seeing everybody move. So it was a little bit different, but I'm sure in the next few days that will start to slow down and it will be back to normal."
On whether he expects to feel sore tomorrow:"Yeah, I'm expecting to be sore tomorrow."
On his thoughts about the Kolb trade:"I'm happy for Kevin. He's always wanted an opportunity to play in the league and, you know, now he's got his opportunity in Arizona. I wish him well, man, he's one of my better friends on this team. And now that he's somewhere else we'll continue to be good friends but he's going to be doing his thing somewhere else."
On whether he could sense Kolb's frustration during the trade rumors:"He wasn't frustrated at all. Kevin took it like a complete professional. I know behind closed doors people think he was somebody else, but what you saw in the media that was Kevin and I think as teammates we all appreciated that so much and that's why we all do wish him well."
On his thoughts about Jackson holding out of camp:"I mean, that's his personal thing. I'm not here to judge people and go over that stuff. He has to do what he has to do. We have to do what we have to do out here on the field. We can't worry about that stuff. You know, that's him and the organization."
On his thoughts about DE Jason Babin rejoining the team:"I'm excited. You know, Babin's a great player and I always loved hanging out with him when he was here so I welcome him back."
C Jamaal Jackson
On whether he thinks the team will be fast to adapt to the preseason:"I mean, the coaches put us in positions to make great plays and they put the onus on us to go out and do it."
On whether it feels close to normal to get out here after everything the league has been going through:"I'll tell you about 90 percent. The earlier practices of course you have to have the walkthroughs and whatnot, but [head] coach [Andy] Reid is doing and good job easing us into it and not just coming out banging each other's bodies because you know we've been out the whole offseason. But pretty soon we'll get things revved up and it will be just like old days."
On how having a lighter training camp will affect the players:"We won't know until we see. But Coach Reid has a plan, he's always had a plan, and if we stick to the script we'll be fine."
On how he feels physically:"It felt great just getting out here and moving around with the guys, going through a little bit; didn't have any problems with my knee, arm, nothing like that. So I'm just trying to ease my way back into it."
On whether it was tough going through what he went through last season:"Of course, man, but last season was last season, I've forgotten about it already."

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