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Post-Game Quotes: QB Nick Foles

On why he never learned how to slide:

FOLES: "I was a basketball player and you don't slide on the basketball court so that would probably be a good reason, but something I am going to work on for sure because I think it is smart that I learn how to slide and do it a little more gracefully."

On how he feels about the first home win:

FOLES: "On man, it feels great. To be honest, it feels great. The fans have been wanting this for a long time. We have been wanting this for a long time. Their support with the stadium being packed today and you know it came down to the wire like that and it was a fun game. We gave everything that we had and it was a hard fought team win and something we can continue to build on and it is just really exciting to get that team win here is awesome."

On why he was winding his arm:

FOLES: "I just got it banged up. I sort of landed on it a little bit but I was trying to keep it warm because I really didn't know what was going on. I had a shoulder injury in high school and I knew the key that when you get banged up is to keep it warm. So, I was making sure, especially on that drive I was throwing a lot, I didn't want it to get tight because they you don't want to drop back and all of a sudden you don't really know what is going on and you can't throw it. So I made sure that I could continue to keep it warm and it feels great and no problem, I threw the rest of the game."

On whether he expected to run a lot this game:

FOLES: "It was just sort of a byproduct of what they were giving me and they presented it and I was just trying to get as much as I could and get down. The big thing I talked to [RB] Shady [LeSean] [McCoy] about is I don't know how you run this much because it's a different game than dropping back. You know running, trying to get first downs and stuff, so it's something I am continuing to get used to. I am having fun with running and I am starting to get used to it. I have never really been a running quarterback, so it's fun going out there start running and getting the feel for it because it is something different. I feel like week to week I am getting more and more comfortable with it. It is really helping us get first downs and before long they will really have to account to me and it will open up."

On whether he knows when to run or not:

FOLES: "Just depending on what the play is called. I am reading a certain defender, I am not going to say who, but I am reading someone and they were trying to crash in on Shady and they gave me a running lane and if I get five yards it's a great play."

On what part of his game most impresses him:

FOLES: "I think the big thing this off season that I really wanted to work on was decision making and being smart with the football because you watch a lot of the guys who are the top guys in this league, [QB] Peyton [Manning], [QB] Drew [Brees], [QB] Aaron [Rodgers] some great guys out there, [QB] Tom [Brady], that are really good at decision making. They will take shots when they can but if they have something open short they are going to take it and they are smart with the football and you don't want to put the football in harm's way because if the other team gets an interception or fumble, not only is that their ball but, it's different than a punt, it's a momentum change. That is something that I really worked on and didn't do a great job in the preseason but I knew that I would continue to work on it. It's something you have to work on it every week. That's preparation. That's understanding the defense that you are seeing and knowing where to go with the football. Sometimes they are going to stop you, sometimes they are going to get it, they might get a sack, something is going to happen. That is the beauty of football. That is why I love it. There is going to be adversity, you have to overcome it and have fun doing it."

On whether he thinks it is a good time for a bye:

FOLES: "You know it's good to get a win before a bye, that's for sure. You don't want to go into a bye week losing a game so we take it one week at a time. It's great to beat the Redskins, we are going to have two work days this week or however the schedule is going to work out. You know it's later in the season for sure. I think it's at a good time as long as we approach it the right way and take care of our bodies and get ready for the last games."

On whether he could see 6-5 at 3-5:

FOLES: "Yes, because I get to see the guys in the locker room, I get to see them on the practice field, I get to see the coaches and you get to look in a man's eyes and see if he's defeated or not and there is not one person on this team that is defeated. Everyone believed that we could win in our locker room, in the Philadelphia Eagles facility in the NovaCare [Complex] and when you feel that and you go to work every day with those guys, it's something special. Record or not you know you are going to go into the game and play for each other and you're going to fight till the end. That is what the coaches have done a great job, the players, the strength staff, the training staff. The people in the NovaCare [Complex] have done a great job of everybody stuck together and we have to continue to stick together because that is how we will win is sticking together and playing for each other."

On whether or not he anticipated running as much as he did:

FOLES: "You go into a game with preparation knowing what they do and getting an idea of what you are reading but you never can tell. You cannot go into a game, "alright I am just going to throw 100 deep balls." You have to read it out. You have to see what they are doing because they are going to bring different looks. If they gave me looks where I read it out, I didn't necessarily say alright I am going to take it, they just presented it and I knew I could get some yards and help us move the chains, so as a quarterback I have to do that."

* *

On whether or not he knows what Chip Kelly thinks of his toughness of the left hand throw he made in college:

FOLES: "I know what he is talking about. I remember that. I thought my back was broke after I got up from that. I remember that. I didn't even know I could throw left handed to tell you the truth. I really never had done it. Actually I had and I was awful at it but I just got lucky. I think you just play and you hope for the best when it came out, I want to stick to throwing right handed."

On what he was personally feeling after 3-5 record and concussion:

FOLES: "Concussions take time to heal you have to realize that. The most important things in life are my faith and family and obviously you want to be healthy so it wasn't really much thinking about the game because the most important thing was getting healthy. When I was able to get healthy I did watch the game and I saw the mistakes I made were all fixable. There was nothing that I did where I was like, "alright I can't fix that." And that's the beauty of it. When you study film you got to see what you do bad. It's tough watching it but I was like, "alright I know how to fix that."  I am going to go to work, Coach [Bill] Lazor is going to work with me and we were able to go back to work and work on those things. There will always be things like that were I could have done something better but that is why we practice. I can work on that in practice and I have to do that on the playing field."

On whether everything is clicking with the team at this point:

FOLES: "No, we are in a good spot, it feels good but we still have work to do and that is the beauty of it. We have a lot of work to do and the guys know that and the guys go to work knowing that, "hey we haven't arrived," you never arrive. You are going to work and see what you didn't do well. You will see what you did do well. But you go to practice and the guys want to get better each week. It is a special team, the coaches have done a great job, we just have to keep going, keep the momentum going. It was great to get a win in Philly because I know the fans are excited. They are probably out running the streets going crazy, so I'm glad that we could get that."

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