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Post-Game Quotes: QB Nick Foles

On the way he played today versus the way he played in the Cowboys game:

FOLES: "I think that it's like I told you, sometimes you're going to have bad games. They're tough to deal with, but you always have to watch the film and see what you did wrong. It's like I saw the things I did wrong, and I knew that I could fix them by working on them in practice, studying in film and seeing where to go. That's where the 24-hour rule comes in handy. We had a great week of practice as a team. I thought the guys came out and did a great job today. It was a team win. Receivers did a great job down the field making plays, and I had time to throw. With all that together it was a great team win. We suffered two defeats recently. Our offense sputtered a little bit, so it was good to get back on track. We've just got to keep building on it."

On if he gets a sense on how a game is going to do early on:

FOLES:"You really just want to play one play at a time. It's a long game, and you don't want to try to get ahead of yourself. There's been so many times when I've started the game and gone right down and scored a touchdown then we won't score a touchdown for a little while. You've just got to keep going. It's one of those things you never know because what happens when you do well is they're going to adjust, so you just have to keep fighting, be smart with it. That's where the preparation comes in and being on the same page with everyone."

On if there was a point where he realized things were clicking:

FOLES: "I slowed everything down. I just understood what we were trying to do. I wasn't trying to make too big of plays. Obviously there are going to be times where big plays need to be made, but I was trying to do what I did all week during practice and just carry that onto the field."

On how it felt to tie Peyton Manning's record:

FOLES: "I was told of it after. Whenever I've looked at records throughout my whole life, the greatest thing about it is the guys you do them with. It's something special for the Philadelphia Eagles organization. We were able to spread the ball around, but you've got to look at the key components that lead to it—the o-line blocking, guys running great routes, making huge catches. It's a special moment for the organization, but it's special for all our teammates. We just have to keep getting on the right path."

On when he found out he had tied the record:

FOLES:"It was when I stopped playing."

On how the offense was able to shut down production from the Raider corners, particularly DJ Hayden:

FOLES: "I just feel confident in my receivers. No matter who they go up against I just feel confident that they're going to win. Studying the Oakland film, we knew we were really going to have to be on key on the routes. I was going to have to be pinpoint and all that stuff. I didn't really focus on either of (the corners). I just chose my matchups based on leverage and everything that goes along with it with the coverages, but our guys played well."

On differences in his mechanics:

FOLES: "I really just worked on follow through. Obviously the footwork is always important, and there are many times during the game where your feet aren't going to be in the right spot and you just have to make an awkward throw. I missed a couple, but I'll watch. I'll work on it, and I'll get that better. Just being accurate and really following through on throws—that's the big thing. Accuracy was key. In the Cowboys game I was not very accurate, and I did not play well. You really have to get back to the fundamentals, and I was excited to go out there today and get a win for the Eagles."

On if he's ever thrown for seven touchdowns in his career:

FOLES: "Only in video games."

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