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Post-Game Quotes: QB Michael Vick

On whether he should have played today:

VICK: "I really can't say if I should have or shouldn't have played. I took it upon myself to try to get ready this week to go out there and help this football team win."

On whether he felt good physically prior to the game:

VICK: "I felt good going in. I felt like I did everything that I was supposed to do to reassure myself that I could go out and play. But there's just nothing like actually being in the moment and having to move and having to react. When I did that, that's when I pulled it again. I felt the pop."

On whether the injury he suffered today made his hamstring feel worse than when he originally suffered the injury at Met Life Stadium:

VICK: "I can't tell you. I felt the same feeling that I felt the first time. I don't think it's as bad, but it did pop again."

On when he actually reinjured his hamstring today:

VICK: "I can't tell you the actual play, but it was when I ran towards the sideline."

On whether he is concerned about his ability to stay on the field:

VICK: "I just had an unfortunate hamstring injury. It happens in football. I hurt my groin twice in the first two games, and I was still able to still play. It's just that this one [injury] was of a different magnitude. I can't question why it happened. I've never had a hamstring injury this bad, so I really don't know what to tell you."

On whether he ever tested his hamstring at 100 percent during the week on the practice field:

VICK: "I tested it many times, but there's nothing like game simulation when guys are coming at you and they are going to hit you. I just reacted the same way I would have if I was 100 percent healthy."

On whether he will need to be shut down for a few weeks to allow his hamstring to recover:

VICK: "I will get an MRI tomorrow, and we'll see what it looks like compared to two weeks ago. We'll pretty much go from there."

On whether he knew right away that he reinjured the hamstring:

VICK: "As soon as it happened, I knew exactly what the feeling was and how my body would react to it. I wanted to keep going, and I was going to stay out there, but Coach [Kelly] didn't want to put the team in a bad situation, and he didn't want to put me in a bad situation. It was hurting."

On whether he would have stayed in the game had Eagles head coach Chip Kelly elected not to remove him:

VICK: "I would have stayed out there, but I probably wouldn't have been as effective. At some point we all would have realized that I wasn't 100 percent, so I think it was the best thing to do."

On whether he ever considered telling Kelly that he needed another week to recover prior to the game:

VICK: "Not at all. Once Nick [Foles] got hurt last week, I just made up my mind that I was going to try to get out there. I was going to try to rehab as hard as I could all week, and try to put myself in a position where I could get back behind the center and help our team win."

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