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Post-Game Quotes: QB Michael Vick

On the nature of the injury he suffered:

VICK:I'm good. I just got both of my ankles rolled up on. It went away quickly, and I was going to come back in the game. 

On the first interception which resulted in a Kansas City defensive touchdown: VICK: What hurt so much about that play was that I knew exactly what I needed to do. I had press coverage on one side and I just tried to take the easy way out. If I just throw the fade on the other side, it never happens. I didn't make a good throw. I made a poor decision and it was a bad ball. It was something that I'll learn from, and I'll never second-guess myself like that again.

On what was different tonight in terms of the turnovers by the offense: VICK: It was really nothing different. I pre-determined what I was going to do, and then I second-guessed myself. I had the right decision that I was going to make in my mind. It was the correct decision, and then I tried to do something else out of the box, and it didn't work out for me. The second [interception] was just a missed read. I missed him, and those are plays that you can't have against a good defense like this. You have to make every play count. I solely take responsibility for what happened tonight. I was in control of the offense, and I didn't get the tempo going. I didn't move the ball the way we were supposed to move the ball, I didn't get the guys going the way I was supposed to get them going. We just didn't execute, and they were the better football team.

On whether Chiefs head coach Andy Reid's knowledge of the Eagles personnel was a factor:

VICK: I don't think their scheme was that complicated. I don't think they tried to do anything outside of the box. They didn't blitz, and they just sat back and played the way they always play and the way we saw them play other teams on film. That was their scheme, and they did it well.

On why the offense struggled in terms of getting into a rhythm:
VICK: We had the turnover, then we got a score, and then we come back with good field position and have another turnover. We're moving the ball, and then we have another turnover. It's hard to get into a rhythm, and then the next thing you know, it's halftime. You have to come back out, you're down, and you have to score points. The good thing is that we know exactly why we didn't play the type of game we wanted to play. We have to go back to the drawing board, regroup, and figure this out. I'm confident that we will. We have some time to do so, and we have to get ready to go to Denver.

On whether Kansas City was doing anything different to take WR DeSean Jackson out of the passing game:
VICK: It was one-on-one. They played off a bit more. They didn't just press. When we did get some press opportunities, we took advantage of them downfield. We have to take advantage of those opportunities all the time and execute on all cylinders. We just didn't play well tonight by any stretch.

On whether he was extra excited for the game due to the return of Andy Reid and the number retirement ceremony for Donovan McNabb:

VICK: I wasn't amped at all. I wasn't caught up in the hype and what was going on. It was just another football game. I tried to approach it that way, and I didn't look at it any different. Like I said, they were just the better team tonight. We didn't execute at all on offense. We didn't do the things that we're capable of, and it hurt our football team tonight.

On whether the offensive line was fatigued due to executing a fast-paced offense for three games in an 11 day period:

VICK: I don't know. I will have to go back and look at the film. If that was the case, I think those guys just have to be honest in terms of what needs to be done to help this football team move forward. We rely on them and without them, nothing is possible. We have to take full advantage of the things that we do well. If there is an opportunity to maybe back off a little bit, then maybe we have to, and I think one of the leaders of that group has to step up and say it. I think for the most part, everyone was feeling good. Hopefully if that was the case, they would be honest, but I don't think so. On whether opposing defenses have already caught up to the Eagles offense:

VICK: Teams are just coming out and playing basic vanilla defenses. There's not too much they can do. It's just man-on-man. I think our coaches are capable of figuring out what we need to do to help put ourselves in better positions. I can say our coaches, but it all starts with us at the end of the day. We're the ones out there playing. If all 11 guys take care of their responsibilities, everything tends to work. We just have to hold ourselves accountable and responsible, watch the film, work harder, and bounce back. On whether he ever felt comfortable at any point during the game:

VICK: They did a good job in coverage. The one thing I will say is that they're a very smart defense. They knew exactly where their responsibilities were. Safeties covering number three, and putting themselves into position to make the plays that they were making. That's a credit to them. They put themselves in a position to be successful in this football game. To say that we didn't do our jobs correctly is probably the only way that I can put it. We have to go back to the drawing board. We have two losses outside of the conference, but we have to stay focused on what the big picture is. If we do that, we'll be alright, but we have to take place of our business internally first.

On how much work needs to be done in the 10 days prior to the next game in Denver:
VICK: We'll watch the film and figure out what needs to be corrected, and what needs to be done. Coach Kelly is a smart coach and he'll figure something out. We have to start faster, we have to score more points, and we can't leave any stones unturned. We have to put our defense into position to call different defenses and play the way they're comfortable playing. We have to put ourselves into position to score points.

On his 61-yard run which marked the longest running play of his career:

VICK: The defense shot up the field, and we had a great call made by our offensive guard and the center. I was able to spring the run. I got into the open field and I tried to protect the football. I wanted to score, and it would have been great to cap that drive off. I think we did score on the next play. It was a big play, and we just need more of that.

On whether center Jason Kelce thought he would be under center on the fumbled snap:

VICK: I don't know what happened. It just hit off his butt. I don't know if he felt I was going to be under the center or not. Ninety-five percent of the time, if I'm under the center, we call it. Kelce will take responsibility for the things that happened and the mistakes that he made, just like I would, and just like anybody else would. That's being a professional.

On whether he feels Kansas City defensive players were faking injuries:

VICK: I think [Kansas City cornerback Brandon] Flowers at the end was hurt. He had been nursing an injury and he wasn't able to return. We can't feed into that. If that's the case, then so be it. We just have to keep pushing and keep fighting.

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