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Post-Game Quotes: HC Chip Kelly

On how Nick Foles played:

COACH KELLY: "I think he'll tell you the same thing, he had a really good week of practice, was just kind of dialed in to what we wanted to do, was outstanding in terms of his performance."

On what he wanted to do coming here:

COACH KELLY: "You want to win the game and score a lot of points."

On if he  tried to get Foles out of the pocket on offense:

COACH KELLY: "Yeah, we called a lot of plays that we've called in the last two weeks, we just executed them. I think that's the biggest thing. He put the ball on people. I thought he was really, really good on third down. We converted a lot of third-and-longs with some big plays to keep some drives going. Hey guys, we talk about trying to get that first first-down and then we kind of get rolling. You've got to stay away from the three-and-outs and we did that. Once you get that first first-down, we can go. I think the whole group, I thought we blocked Nick really well. When you can play a whole game and not turn the ball over. Turnovers are such a huge thing, and we've been harping on that since the day I got here, and I think we can continue to do that. We can go out there and not turn the ball over. We've got some guys that if you're going to try and cover us one-on-one, they get uncovered; they did today and that was big for us. I thought it was a good game overall by everybody. I thought our defense did a really good job. I know they were on the field for a lot of times they converted third downs, but they held their backs and were really tough, especially in the red zone. I thought we covered kicks really well against an explosive kick team. I thought it was an overall really good team performance."

On if he was aware that Foles was closing in on the NFL record:

COACH KELLY: "Yeah, there's a sign in our offense. I look at it all the time…I know what the record is, but this isn't about records. It's about coming out and getting a win. If I put Nick out there to try and get a record and he gets hurt that's just being silly. I also think records are meant to be broken when they're supposed to be broken, so I think it's a hell of a thing to do. Not many people in the history of the game can do what he did. We were trying to win a football game and make sure the guys were healthy. We had a big test this week, and we're ready to go play Green Bay."

On Nick Foles showing resilience coming back after playing a tough game against the Cowboys:

COACH KELLY:"That's what I think we all expected—the guys that have been around him every day. Maybe he shocked some other people, but I think what happened in the Dallas game is really kind of the exception, not the rule for him. I think he's a guy that really spends a lot of time preparing and it shows. Today was a great example of that."

On Riley Coopers production:

COACH KELLY:"That's the 'Coop' I know. I think some people wanted to throw him under the bus after the first couple of games because he hadn't caught as many balls as people wanted him to. He's a big physically target, and the first touchdown was a great example. He kind of muscled up and kind of got physical and got by the guy. That's the one thing that Coop can do is that when he's covered one-on-one against the smaller defensive backs he cannot get knocked off and does a great job catching the football. I'm really happy with Coop's production. He did a couple of things similar to what he did in the Tampa Bay game. We found him when he was covered one-on-one, and he was real productive."

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