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Post-Game Quotes: Eagles Defense

CB Cary Williams

On how one player tries to step up and keep the team together after back-to-back losses:

WILLIAMS:"You just have to understand that it's a long season and that it's any given Sunday—if you don't execute, you don't turn the ball over, you don't get key stops on third downs, then you're more prone to losing. We have to sure-up some things, we have to go back to the drawing board, but we don't give up. We fought all the way to the end and they were the better team today."

On whether he feels the defense is spending too much time on the field:

WILLIAMS:"It's our job to get off the field. It is what it is; we have to do what is required of us. We're required to go out there all 60 minutes. With that, we have to find a way to finish—we weren't able to do that, so they were the better team today."

* *

S Nate Allen

On going up against former head coach Andy Reid and how much he knew to expect:

ALLEN:"A lot of things were similar, but I wouldn't say exactly the same—I'm sure they've touched things up, but you get a feel of what he's trying to do throughout the game in certain situations, but other than that, you're just playing with what you're seeing."

On how well the Eagles defense performed:

ALLEN:"We had a great week of practice, but still no matter how we play, a loss is a loss; it's a bad taste."

* *

On how opposing teams have been able to use their receivers as a threat against the Eagles:

ALLEN:"The Kansas City Chiefs have a lot of great receivers, they use their guys well—[WR Donnie] Avery is a shifty guy and they use him well in that offense."

SS Earl Wolff

On what happened on the third down play in the fourth quarter where Chiefs WR Donnie Avery was able to convert on 3rd-and-long:

WOLFF:"Honestly, I am not sure at all. I don't remember if there was a breakdown or not."

On whether he thinks the problem with the defense is a result of being on the field too much:

WOLFF:"We were, but I think it is just a little adversity. That's the way we see it. Regardless of what happens, regardless of how many turnovers we had. We have to compete and when we do go back out there we have to fight through it. We will watch film and get better. The mistakes we made can be corrected and will be corrected."

On how he would characterize the defense's performance tonight:

WOLFF:"We did a pretty good job, but we could do better. We could always be better. Our goal is to keep getting better."

LB DeMeco Ryans

On how concerning it is that the defense has been on the field for extended periods of time for the past few games:

RYANS: "That doesn't matter how much we are on the field. Some of those times we kept ourselves on the field for longer than we should have. We had them in third-and-long situations, we missed tackles and they made plays. We dug ourselves in holes on some of those. I feel like we responded well as a defense, even with the turnovers and the short fields. We held them to field goals and that is a positive we can take from tonight. Early in the game though, their defense outplayed our defense. They got the turnovers and were able to get the ball back to their offense. We were not able to get turnovers."

On what they were doing to get Donnie Avery open so much over the middle of the field:

RYANS:"I am not sure. We had different calls on each of those plays. It is tough to say what they were doing. It's more about what we were doing."

* *

LB Connor Barwin

On his thoughts about the defensive performance tonight:

BARWIN:"I am sure we are going to go back, look at the tape and see a couple of snaps on defense where we needed to make plays and they made the play."

On whether he thought the defense was fatigued at any point tonight:

BARWIN:"No, I don't think so. Again, I don't think there were a lot of quick three and outs on offense. We got to the sideline and got our rest. I don't think that is an excuse."

On whether the short week negatively affected the defense tonight:

BARWIN:"No, that is no excuse. They had the same situation and [head coach] Chip [Kelly] did everything to get our legs back. I think we came into the game feeling fresh."

On what happened on the third down play in the fourth quarter where Chiefs WR Donnie Avery was able to convert on 3rd and long:

BARWIN:"I don't remember the call we had. But they had a crossing route. He caught the ball, there was a missed tackle and he ran with it to get the first down. Obviously that was a huge play in the game and that cost us."

On what the team will do over the next few days and whether he thinks guys need some time off to regroup:

BARWIN:"Yeah, it will be nice to get away and get fresh for the rest of the season. We will watch the tape and go in and work out. I don't think anyone is going to get away for three days. We will be in and out by ourselves."

On what they need to do in order to not let the last two games stick with them for the rest of the season:

BARWIN:"You have to take it one game at a time. For the defense, the Chargers game was tough, but we came out tonight, rebounded and played a lot better on defense. We will look at a couple of plays we would want to take back, but I think there were a lot of positives to look at."

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