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Post-Game Quotes

Head Coach Andy Reid
On the teams' offensive performance: "Obviously it was a slow start on both sides of the football. Field position was a huge factor as was their punter today. He [Ryan Plackemeier] did a great job. Our offensive performance today was terrible right until the end and defensively we started too slow."

On the last play of the game: "I'd liked to tell you that he crossed the goal line, but I had a bad angle. I couldn't tell you, because I couldn't see a replay."

On starting the fourth quarter with 12 straight pass plays:"We were trying to get something started any way that we possibly could. The run game and the pass game really struggled the whole game except right at the end."

On the loss to the Redskins:"There were opportunities where we had to make plays and we were not able to do them. We could have called better plays. We all have a piece of it and it starts with me. I'm very disappointed."

On whether he felt that wide receiver DeSean Jackson's drop in the end zone was a touchdown: "Yeah I did, but he is going to make more of those than he misses."

TE Brent Celek On the third down execution:"We struggled. I think we struggled on first, second, and third down. We didn't stay on the field long enough for the defense. We have to go back to practice this week and get better."

On the team struggling: "There are other great teams in the NFL. We were on a roll, playing well, and we came into Washington this week and they played a good game. Their defense was on and we struggled."

LB Chris Gocong On his thoughts on the game:"It's hurting. We did what we could – at the end it wasn't enough. They did well to maintain their drives."

On the Redskins field position: "They had good field position a lot of times. We were backed up a lot. I think we played pretty well, but it wasn't good enough. They're a good team. They have great players; you can't leave an interception on the field. It's tough. Everyone doesn't go to the Super Bowl and we didn't play well enough to do that."

WR DeSean Jackson
On two missed deep balls:"I was trying to make a play any way possible. I felt like I was open on a couple of plays and got overexcited when it didn't come my way. When the passes came my way, I just wasn't able to get it together. I came back in there and put it on the line to do whatever I could to help this team win, but it just didn't work that way. I felt like I should have caught both of the catches. It was unfortunate, but I'm just trying to keep fighting through the pain."

On missed ball in the corner of the end zone:"I feel both of them should have been caught, but that doesn't take anything away from them being tough catches. Being the receiver I am, I definitely felt like I should have made the play."

QB Donovan McNabb On his thoughts on the game: "I feel we could control our own destiny. This is frustrating to come out here and play a team we knew we could beat. We made mistakes and there were missed opportunities. It's tough for us to swallow at this particular point. Only thing we can do is kind of regroup and learn from our mistakes and be ready for next week."

On if Coach Reid told the team that Tampa Bay and Dallas lost: "In this locker room it does not matter who is losing or winning because no matter who lost we still have to win. We had two opportunities to do that and we needed to win both. It all started here and it just didn't happen today. It's frustrating. It's important we learn from our mistakes. We will sit and watch the films and come back next week ready to play the game."

TE L.J. Smith On the end of the game:"When you don't have timeouts it makes it tough. Now you're spiking the ball and wasting a play. When it comes down to seconds to win a game, it's tough. If we had one more play we probably could have tied the game.""

RB Brian Westbrook
On not running the ball from early in the 3rd quarter to the end of the 4th quarter:"I don't ask any questions. Coach saw something that dictated that we should pass the ball."

On the team's feelings about the loss:"We're definitely disappointed. We didn't come out and play our best game. I think it would be a different emotion if we came out, played our best game and lost."

On the team's overall performance: "We didn't make the plays. We had a drop on defense and we didn't have a running game at all. If you go into a game where your defense is really holding you in the game, only gives up 10 points and you only come up with three points, that's not enough. We're a better team than that. Some of the guys that dropped passes are better than that and we expect more than that. We have some things to work on."

On his limping off and on throughout the game: "I haven't felt 100 percent all season. I've been fighting through every game, trying to fight through the injuries to get a win."

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