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Panthers QB Cam Newton

On his thoughts about if the offense is moving in the right direction: "Absolutely, absolutely. There are just some things that we just need to wrinkle out, so to speak. We were moving the ball effectively, we can't have self-inflicted penalties that can kill us. Its takes a little bit more focus and on my part I feel like I can put the offense in a better situation, with a couple throws I feel that got away from me, sailed on me a little bit. But all in all, I think we moved the ball and executed relatively well. We can do better and we will do better as this preseason progresses."

On his thoughts on the 13-play drive when RB DeAngelo Williams got going and what he was able to build in that series: "Absolutely, we have a couple plays that we feel are our staples, our bread and butter plays of our offense that we have to execute no matter what and we just put our defense in a bad situation. We knew what we were coming into with the high octane offense, numerous plays and we had to get ourselves on a roll to help the defense out. We put a drive together at the end but we stalled out. We just need to learn from it and make due to our mistakes."

On his thoughts on what he saw out of Williams out of this preseason especially tonight: "DeAngelo is DeAngelo, I think he has solidified himself in this league, as well as for this team and what he can do and what he can bring to the table. So there's nothing that I may say that you haven't already heard. He is a guy that can run the football and run the football extremely hard and trust his back and trust is his linemen and read the holes relatively well we just have to keep getting him the football. I feel as if as the game progresses DeAngelo gets stronger. As we get Stew (RB Jonathan Stewart) back and those other backs it's the same thing."

On his thoughts on how different this offense and running game will look when you get into the regular season when the play book opens up and you get RB Mike Tolbert and RB Jonathan Stewart back: "It can be dangerous, it can be very dangerous. But you know at the end of the day it all comes down to us executing and to give and play, whether its offense, defense, special teams. Or as offensively, whatever play is called, pass or run, we have to execute at all times."

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