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OT Dennis Kelly

On how he fits into offensive line coach Howard Mudd's scheme: "I think I fit very well. I think one of the strengths of my game is my athleticism. I move very well for how big I am and I have grown into my body at my size and I move very fluidly."

On whether he knew the Eagles were interested in drafting him: "I had somewhat of an inclination. They brought me in for a physical and a visit with the coaches. I met with everyone and felt there was a good chemistry there."

On whether he had any idea where he would be drafted: "Yeah, I talked to my agent Bill Parise and he said between the third and fifth rounds. I was hoping last night and then throughout the day it's been a great experience."

On whether he attended the combine: "No I was not there."

On whether he attended any of the regional combines: "No, I was invited to the Super Regional up in Detroit, and my agent and I decided with my pro day numbers that I had done well enough that I didn't need to go up there."

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