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Offensive Coordinator Marty Mornhinweg

Opening Remarks: "Quick roundup of the last ballgame: the players fought hard and then we were in range there, in pretty good shape and then we gave them the ball and gave them the ball and gave them the ball and gave them the ball probably one more time. So, going into this ballgame now, it's very simple and we don't blink. We understand. We've been through quite a little bit as far as personnel. We don't blink. Mentally, (we're) bold and aggressive, done. Now, we've got certainly a challenge. (The Redskins are) all over the place. They love to be disruptive. They do an excellent job in many areas. We've got a good game plan; don't quite know who's going to be at certain spots quite yet, but we'll make those decisions as we go."

On QB Nick Foles' inconsistency on deep passes: "Doggonit, he's got a plenty of arm. He's got a pretty big arm. (On) the interception, there were several things wrong with that one. In many of these plays, and sometimes you don't see some of these plays from afar, it's a simple matter of five more reps in practice and then we'll have it down. Certainly, (we're) trying to do quite a little bit with him and maybe a little too much at times. With that particular footwork and these type of things, he hasn't had quite enough of that to call that play like that."

On whether the interception Foles threw on a deep ball was a pass he can make: "Oh yeah. Well, he's made it before. You go back to Tampa. He's emphasizing that and he's working on that. He threw one just beautifully out of bounds (against Tampa Bay). You've got to throw the ball vertically, keep him inbounds and on a go route, we just simply don't ever under throw a go route and it's just that simple. He's learned the hard way there and then there were a couple others that he's had. He's emphasizing that part of his game."

On whether he believes Foles can ultimately reach the level of other rookie quarterbacks this season: "Well, I know this that Nick's got an opportunity here to develop and I know this that he's got an opportunity to be very good. With my experiences, and I've coached a lot of great ones, the difference between really good and great is up to that individual player and (is) almost unknown until you get them in league games for over a period of time. At the quarterback spot, with a pretty good special teams, defense, offense, running game, you've got to be around them to get a real good evaluation on them."

On how much time it takes for him to evaluate Foles: "I know more than most from afar because we're in the building together every day. I will say this: he's built the right way. He's got some great qualities and great strengths."

On whether he tinkers with a quarterback's throwing motion: "We could have an all day, maybe two day discussion on that because there's a lot of interesting points with a motion. I do know this: you don't ever change it. Now, you can develop it to become a little better, a little quicker, a little higher, but you don't change it. That's natural. They've had that since they were a little kid. You can work on, certainly, the quickness of a particular (quarterback). We do that even with a quick-delivery guy. (We do have) drills for that. You do it that way, rather than changing a motion like some have tried to do in the past. It's not going to work and I'm talking in general. Every delivery is different. Every man's different the way he throws the ball. But certainly you work on getting that delivery quicker or higher or carry the ball. All of those things you do certainly work on."

On whether he has a measurement of whether any quarterback should be after a set number of games in terms of development: "No, because everybody's different as far as a quarterback (goes) and they'll progress at different rates. Some will be seamless on their transition from high school to college and college into the NFL. Some, it might take a couple of years. There's been others where it's taken more than that to develop into one of the top quarterbacks. It happens. Every different draft slot, great quarterbacks come from; every different background. There's been some that have gone to other leagues and played and then come back into the NFL and had excellent careers. It happens differently with each individual man."

On what he feels he knows about Foles after six games: "I'm excited about Nick. We just discussed, he's got some excellent qualities. He's built the right way. There are several things that he needs to work on, like any young quarterback, and we'll see how he continues to progress."

On how he feels RB LeSean McCoy will be able to be used on the field this week: "Well, we'll see if he's available. He is practicing and, if he's available, he'll start. Now, towards the end of the week and these decisions aren't quite made until a little bit later after the week of practice if we're going to put a specific number of plays on him, if we're going to roll him in a series or roll him with different personnel groups, that (decision) will be made as the week comes to an end. I know this: I'm highlighting him as far as some decisions here because he hasn't played in quite some time."

On whether there is a possibility of McCoy being on a certain play-count: "There's a possibility of that, yeah."

On how he will strike a balance between McCoy and RB Bryce Brown: "(I've) done it many times before. Well, we just talked about it. You can roll them by series. You can roll them by certain personnel groups. You can roll them be specific plays. So, there's all different ways that you can (do it) and it'll be different every game. Any way you do it, there may be a few more plays for one of the backs and then the next game, it might be a few more plays with the other depending on what personnel or the specific plays that are called."

On whether there reaches a point with Brown where correcting the ball security issues could make him tentative: "Overemphasizing it. We're not there. I am and the rest of the coaches are emphasizing the ball security to the point of ridiculousness right here. It's just that simple. That's where we're at. I did think we had it taken care of there. I believe we had one in two games; now, that one was critical (and) then, the second half of last game and really the second play of the game. No, we're not there yet. We're really emphasizing that. I will tell you this and make sure I'm clear: there's nothing that's emphasized more than that on a daily basis in general here in any way. That's our mentality: to keep emphasizing and drilling it."

On what ovation he would like to see for head coach Andy Reid should this be his final game at Lincoln Financial Field: "I'm not getting into hypotheticals. However, I do think it will probably be an emotional game for many of the fans; I would suspect most of them. Andy's got hall of fame numbers and really the only thing we haven't done here and he hasn't done here is win a Super Bowl. He's been to one and I believe five NFC Championships, so he's had a heck of a run. I'd expect it to be emotional. Other than that, it's a hypothetical."

On whether he has Brown carrying a ball around the facility to improve his ball security: "No. We've got every drill known that (running backs coach) Ted (Williams) and (special teams quality control coach) Duce (Staley) is part of that (and they) have been drilling all of the backs and really all of the receivers and all the returners and all the tight ends and the quarterbacks certainly have specific drills for ball security. So, emphasize and drill it. I've said this before, our players are proud men. They don't want to put the ball on the ground. Typically, they'll take care of it. They'll get the thing squared away and I'm certainly still looking for that."

On whether he is seeing the fumbles starting to affect Brown's confidence: "A young receiver, tight end, running back, in many cases, are running before they catch (the ball). The shovel (pass) was not done the right way in a couple of different spots. That's the biggest part of it. The way we teach to catch the football and all those things wasn't there as well. So, still mad about that because it wasn't done right from the beginning and then we have a false start down there on the goal line and that's just ridiculous. We've got to get those things done the right way."

On whether Brown's fumbling has affected the way he runs or where he's running: "I don't think so. You can't worry about that because you've got to have possession of the ball after every play. That's what this game is about: having possession of the football after every play. So, I don't care about those other things right now. He's got to take care of the football."

On the newly-acquired TE Evan Moore: "He's out of Stanford. He went to high school down there in Southern California. His recent past was (with) Cleveland and Seattle. He does know much of our terminologies. A big man that can run and catch and so, sign him up and get him going. That's the situation we're in. If he can help us, we'll utilize him."

On whether he believes QB Michael Vick still has what it takes to be a quarterback in the NFL: "Absolutely. No question in my mind."

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