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Offensive Coordinator Marty Mornhinweg

Opening remarks: "On that last ballgame, details got us offensively. One thing I will say is we will prepare and work hard with the thought of getting better every day. Normally, good things happen. I'm disappointed because most of the things that occurred are correctable. We did some good things, our numbers were pretty good and even excellent in some cases, but the details in the critical situations got us a little bit. Really, if you look back and if something goes poorly at any time of the game it becomes critical. We've got to be even more consistent. With this next ballgame against the 49ers, their record in the past, they're 2-1 right now, but we've played these guys three times in our recent history and their defense has always been very good. They may be even better and at the height of playing with this crew that they have. They have excellent pass rushing and are very active. They hustle, run to the ball. They have a crew of linebackers that is one of the best crews in the league at the linebacker spot. They run a 3-4 of course so they have four of them. Their secondary is very aggressive. They make it hard on their opponent, and you see by the scores, they make it difficult to gain yards. They're listed very high on the total yards and the third downs, very good against the run. It's a great challenge for us and a great opportunity back here at home."

On what he sees happening at the goal line: "We missed a couple sneaks, and we have to get it in on those sneaks with the third-down call. That's my responsibility. Everything comes back to me, and I take that responsibility seriously. We have to punch it in down there and you can do it several different ways. The first one called comes back to details. I feel strongly that we should've gotten in there. I'll tell you one other thing now, typically when you come off when a couple of games like we have where you play very good football teams, they've done a heck of a job. It's normally not them and it's normally yourself, and that's clearly the case here and we need to tighten some things up."

On whether he is a believer in toughness over technique in those situations: "Down on the goal line, pads are low and it's all attitude and those type of things. However you get the ball in. We get it in many different ways, passing the ball, shoveling the ball, running right at them, running away. There is a use of deception down there as well, but the sneaks are with the pads low and being aggressive pertaining to the field position."

On whether having a smaller o-line could be the reason: "No, I don't think that's the situation there. That's not a problem there."

On the challenges that C Jason Kelce faces this week dealing with San Francisco's 3-4: "He's a very good player as well and it'll be a very good matchup. That's always the key going against a 3-4, how you set a hole up. There is different ways to help in that area. I think we have a fine, fine center. I think he's done an outstanding job to date and we have to clean a few things up, you saw the game, but very little of it is him directly, but the communication problem, we have to clean that up."

On his take on how the o-line is protecting the quarterback:"I think the line is settling through, and [Kelce] is one of them. I'm looking for [QB] Mike [Vick] to throw the ball away there. Last week, anyway, they played pretty well. There's always a couple of plays there, in fact the two hits that Mike really got hit on, he can take care of himself a little bit better there. I thought two units played particularly well, and that was our line and our tight ends. Clay [Harbor] hustled and did a fine job. Our skill guys have to step up just a little bit." * * On WR DeSean Jackson's production so far this season: "People play him differently. They just come in with a certain philosophy, and for the most part, and teams have been playing us very, very soft. Even some of the blitzing teams have done that. I think we're fourth or sixth in big plays, so we're getting the big plays but they're just not as dynamic as I'd like to be. However, when a team does that to you, you have to be like a surgeon. You have to play at a high level consistently, and then big plays will come on naturally, which they have up to date. You've got to surgically dissect them, especially when they're playing you like that."

On whether taking RB LeSean McCoy out on the goal line sequence was due to the scheme: "He's in most of the time down there, and we go by the play. A specific play that changes from week to week. I thought the first play given to the fullback was a good play down there and that he would get in. He will have plenty for him on the goal line, he's a very good short yardage runner. Up to date, and I looked at this in the offseason, LeSean was the second-best back at short yardage situations. [RB] Ronnie Brown was listed third. So we have two good short yardage backs there."

On what makes San Francisco LB Patrick Willis so good: "He's got everything. He has the skill, ability, great instincts. He hustles and has a big time motor. It appears that, and this goes along with instincts, that he's really sharp. He can sniff things out very, very quickly and he has all that skill and ability. On defense, you get to the point and hit the heck out of them. He does that very, very well. He does that and has it all, there is nothing missing there."

On whether the coaches will try to get Jackson more involved this week: "There are times I try and get him the ball, absolutely. Sometimes, it just doesn't – he got the old double behind the line of scrimmage one time last week. Yeah, there are times where we certainly try and get him the ball. Other times, we want the quarterback to go through the progression and reads. I would like to get him the ball, Jeremy [Maclin] the ball, Jason [Avant] the ball, LeSean [McCoy] the ball, and on and on as well."

On whether WR Jeremy Maclin will practice: "We'll see. That's a day-to-day thing, and we have a plan. He did go through some of the walkthrough, so we'll see. I did not ask him how he felt after the walkthrough so we'll see, and he'll be day-to-day."

On whether having Maclin out makes it harder to get Jackson the ball: "There would be a possibility of that, yeah, and we'll get to that later in the week. I have great confidence in Jason, Riley [Cooper], Steve [Smith], so I think we'll be just fine. Jeremy is doing everything possible to get back on the practice field."

On what needs to happen to make sure Vick is able to play and finish this week's game: "I think both of those were really sort of crazy things. He gets a little rolled down and he hits one of our guys in the first one, and with the second one, he hurts his hand. The guy hits him up here and his hand gets in the way. Now, I would like to keep it clean and for him to protect himself a little bit better when he's running as well. Some things happen and this is football, so tough, physical things happen as you know. He's going to get hit on occasion. It's just unfortunate."

On whether there is any validity to Vick's post-game remarks: "I think there have been a couple that very well could've been called. We've talked about this before, I have great experience with this with Brett Favre, Jeff Garcia, Donovan McNabb, Michael Vick, all are very, very active players. Active quarterbacks just don't get the calls, and that's the way it is and it's natural. Heck, if I was the referees, I would call it the same way. When you're moving and grooving, even in the pocket, you don't get those calls. Mike has got some calls. That's life and sometimes you don't get those things and things don't go your way. We've got to deal with that and that's part of the game. I've coached some active quarterbacks and it's always been the same there. There have been three or four a year that would have been called on a different style of quarterback, and you live with that when you play that style of football."

On whether he has seen it more with Vick than any other quarterback: "It's that way for everyone. All the active quarterbacks. That's just the way it is, and it's a natural thing in the game. That's just my personal opinion having great experience having coached more than a handful of active, gifted, moving and grooving quarterbacks with a great skill and ability in moving inside and outside the pocket along with running the ball. That's just the way it is, and I know we always try to protect the quarterback so they'll take a hard look at that."

On whether they ran the ball often due to something they saw on the Giants film: "That was cumulative and was part of the game plan. They way they ended up playing us, we could've done a little bit better. However, we have to finish and execute a little bit better in those situations, it's that simple. I will tell you that we're going to prepare and work hard to get better every day."

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