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Offensive Coordinator Marty Mornhinweg

Opening Remarks: "Congratulations to the Phillies. Great night for them, and a great couple of days ahead for them. Going on to the Seahawks, we have a good challenge here. This defense that we are going to face is much better than their record indicates. They do some things very well. They are very well coached, so we have our work cut out for us. One of the better things that they do is they sack the quarterback. I believe they are sixth in the league in that area, so in that aspect of it we have to try to keep (QB) Donovan (McNabb) clean."

On whether crowd noise will be a factor in Seattle: "Some people say it's the loudest outdoor stadium in this league. Now, we think we are pretty good at handling the crowd noise, but you have to do it every week, so we put some extra time in on trying to handle that crowd noise."

On Seahawks MLB Lofa Tatupu and what kind of player he is: "He certainly had a good game the last time we played them. He's a heck of a player. He has natural instincts. He sees things very quickly, so yeah, we need to know where he is at, at all times. (He's) a good player."

On the possibility of Seahawks DE Patrick Kerney not playing and whether his absence on the field would alleviate things for the offense: "We're expecting him to play. Then, they have some blitzes in fire zones where some other guys are involved as well. He does get some pretty good matchups at times one-on-one, but he's a heck of a player. He is one of the important cogs for them, I'm talking about sacking the quarterback. He is an excellent player. We fully expect him to play."

On the fact that the offense struggled a bit with short-yardage situations last week and what has to happen in order to fix that: "There are several things that need to happen. I have to do a better job of coaching it, practicing it and those types of things. We'll just continue to get better every day at that."

On whether there is a problem up front: "Not necessarily. It's been different on each occasion. We're going to get better every day. We're going to continue to work on it. We're going to continue to spend time on it, continue to put some thought in schematically about it, and I fully expect us to get better at that and get better at it real quick."

On whether having WR Reggie Brown back gives the offense more options: "Reggie is a fine player, and we need him back and want him back and want him back quickly. He's very quick. He gets in and out of cuts very well. It would be good to have everybody back at one time here pretty quick, I hope, anyways."

On what his gameplan is once he has all the wide outs back at one time: "They'll all play. They will all play, and we have other guys that play as you know, (WR) Hank (Baskett), (WR) Greg (Lewis) and (WR) Jason (Avant). They'll all play, and we have specific plays for some of those guys and other plays where two or three receivers will play."

On who the starting wide receivers are right now: "Reggie, we'll see how he practices. (WR) Kevin (Curtis) has done well. (WR) DeSean (Jackson) has done well. Sometimes, as far as the starters, sometimes it depends on what play and what personnel group we are going to run the first play with. But, DeSean and Kevin have played well, and it depends on how many receivers we have out there as well. If there are two, again, it depends on the play, but those would be the two guys."

On TE Brent Celek's progression from last year to this year: "Brent's a good player. He's gotten better every day, every week. I would expect him to be a fine player. He already is a fine player. I would expect him to get better and be a really good player here in the near future as well. He's done well."

On which receiver he would use in the slot: "It depends what play and what formation and those types of things. As you know, we move them all over the place, but Jason is sort of our inside guy if we only have one in the slot, but we move them all over the place."

On whether there is a possibility that Brown, Curtis and Jackson might be on the field at the same time: "Yes, absolutely they could be in the game at the same time, yes."

On which receiver would be in the slot if Brown, Curtis and Jackson were on the field at the same time: "We move them all over, as you know."

On whether there is a wide out that has a better feel for the slot than the rest: "Out of those three, they are all very good slot players. That's why we move them around and motion them around. They are all very good."

On whether all six wide outs will be active for the Seattle game: "There's a possibility of that. There is a possibility of having five, so we'll see who else is healthy. We still have some injury situations of guys trying to get healthy right now."

On whether he thinks teams have not been respecting McNabb's ability to run: "No, I see the opposite. They respect his running ability and his movement ability. They are very conscious of rushing in lanes and those types of things. I do see that, yes."

On whether the wild cat formation is an effective red zone formation and whether he might consider using it at some point: "There is always a possibility, yeah. And, it's worked for some other teams. When you're down in the red zone, you'd like to get it in your main guy's hands, so the receivers, your halfback, or your quarterback hands. So, yeah, it's always a possibility."

On what has gotten better about the run game: "We've executed just a little bit better. Normally, that's what it comes back to in most aspects of it. We always try to have a great gameplan going in and try to do better there, so I think that we have that thing going there just a little bit."

On whether the run game is more successful because guys are more comfortable with the offense: "I think we're going a little deep there. All the things you are saying are important, but we just got it going just a little bit lately, and we have to keep it going."

On whether he is happy with the amount of plays they've had downfield: "Yeah, I am. You would always like to be better. You would always like to have an explosive play every play, but I think we're fifth, you might want to double check me on that, but I think we are fifth in league, and you'd like to be in the top five. I think we led the league a couple of years ago in big plays, and I think we were second, maybe we were fourth last year, you have to check me on that, but yeah, we like those big plays. You need them, I think, in my personal philosophy."

On the quarterback draw in last week's game and whether McNabb's good health allowed him to be able to make that call: "That's right. You're correct there. Absolutely. For several games, that was just not going to happen. We weren't going to do it."

On when McNabb reached the point where he could feel comfortable calling a quarterback draw: "Last week."

On what indicated that McNabb was healthy and ready to go: "Donovan was hurting. He's a tough guy now. He plays a couple of games where many people would not."

On how tough it would be to have to deactivate a wide out this week: "That will be a tough deal. I don't want to get too much here, but there are many plays where right at this point, we don't quite know if two guys have to be ready for a certain spot."

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