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Offensive Coordinator Marty Mornhinweg

Opening Remarks: "We have an excellent opportunity here going to the Meadowlands. They are playing very well as a team and as a defense. They have no weakness. They are playing lights out. It starts up front. We've got quite a challenge, however, a great opportunity."

On where the confidence of the offense is at right now: "I don't think we ever lacked any confidence. We've had some good games and some bad games throughout the year, and we try to have a high percentage of them good games. I don't believe that we ever lacked confidence with quite the confident group there in that offensive room."

On the Giants: "They are very, very good, and they are good at what they do. They are very good against the run, very good against the pass. Their secondary plays to the front just a little bit, so we'll see what happens."

On the why there was such a difference in QB Donovan McNabb's play in the Cardinals game compared to the previous three games: "We played better. That's the first thing. But there are many other things that have to occur to play well as a quarterback. Virtually every position played better than we did the prior two weeks. Then, there are some other things there as well."

On Sunday's forecast being cold and windy and whether he takes that into consideration as he prepares throughout the week: "Yes. Absolutely. We have so much available normally in a given week that we can do just about anything there. The weather, we've talked about this before, the rain, the snow, sloppy turf or something like that, those things I think are good for offenses. You put in cold and wind, the wind is the big kicker. Then, it sort of shifts to the defense, I think, with the advantage there."

On whether he thinks that the Eagles have a good chance at winning this game given how close they came last time: "Yeah. I thought we had some shots there the last game. That goes back to his question; I don't think that we are lacking any confidence there. However, you better play at a very high level and you better be prepared and you better have put your work in that week, and that's what we are in the middle of, and we kind of pride ourselves on the hard work and preparation, and we'll be prepared. But going in there against that type of defense, you better play well individually and as a unit."

On C/G Nick Cole playing the right guard position: "We have confidence in Nick Cole. Nick Cole is a pretty good football player right now, and we'll see what happens in the game."

On whether he expects the Giants to overload to Cole's side: "There are certainly possibilities where they try to create some matchup situations, there is no question about that. However, we have great confidence in Nick."

On whether he might work some other guys in at right guard now: "Well, if somebody were to get hurt, then sure, they would play. We have Nick on the depth there. We've had Nick on the depth since before the season and then here. That's the main thing, is the depth and then also the experience."

On who would be the next player in at right guard: "(T) Winston Justice would be the next player in. We've got seven guys there."

On whether he thinks Cole's size is a disadvantage: "I think for some people, it's sort of like every position, some guys can play a little bit bigger than their size, and I think Nick does that. Certainly it could be a disadvantage for a guy that's not quite as skilled."

On whether Justice is ahead of G Mike McGlynn if Cole were to get hurt: "Winston would be the next guy in the rotation, but McGlynn has an opportunity – I'm not going to get into hypotheticals though of if this guy goes down or that guy because there are some combinations there where you try to get your next – you have experience situations as well, and that's one thing that we got hit a little bit on there."

On whether there is anything that he does specifically with his offense to try and block out outside distractions given the recent WR Plaxico Burress situation: "Yeah, focus and you have to separate those things. And when you are in your meetings and in your preparations and on the field, you have to separate and focus in, and sometimes it ends up being a plus. It's kind of like a receiver having an injury on a finger and he goes out and catches the ball great because of the great focus that he has to have in that situation. All real good teams tend to overcome adversity and this team has, our football team has as well."

On how the Eagles wide receivers will matchup against the Giants cornerbacks: "We're okay there. Yeah. Usually the second game, they are going to play a little bit differently and we'll play a little bit differently, and so it'll be interesting to see how the thing turns out there."

On whether he will continue to use a smaller rotation of wideouts for the remainder of the season: "Yeah. As you know there are certain situations and/or plays that other fellows get in on, and we try to play to their strengths there, but yeah, instead of a series-type rotation, I think that it's a little bit better right now for us."

On whether WR DeSean Jackson has exceeded his expectations this year: "Yeah, he has. It's a unique deal for him and he's taking advantage of it and he's done very well. Now, he can play better. We can play better than we did last week, I guarantee you that. Now, there is still more out there for us, and we're going to have to do that this week and that's the same with DeSean. DeSean is playing well, extraordinarily well for a rookie, and he can play better and he'll get better every day."

On what made him decide to use FB Kyle Eckel in short-yardage situations: "We looked at him in practice and he looked pretty good. Shoot, he led the nation in rushing a couple years ago in college and then he showed well last week. He's earned the responsibility of playing a little bit."

On whether he saw certain things in the run offense that made the offense more effective as a whole against Arizona: "We played pretty well up front, first of all. Generally speaking, there you have it. Secondly, we are trying to play – I hate to rehash too much of the last game, we're on to the next game, but we are trying to play, schematically, like a couple of other teams had played against us and had some mild success there. Taking away all the big plays, taking away their routes, all those types of things that we do from time to time, and so, that opened up the run game just a little bit for us."

On whether he is prepared to use the run game if it's windy Sunday: "Yeah, we're always ready to do that. Weather does play a major factor in some ball games, so we're always prepared for that."

On who benefits more from having a smaller group of wideouts, McNabb or the receivers: "Here's what I thought, and we really didn't cut down on any of the personnel groups. There was a time where we were rotating by series a lot of players and especially at the receiver position, and I thought that it hurt our timing just a little bit and it showed up in the games. And I was concerned about that, and so, what we did, was instead of rolling them by series and those sort of things, we did it more by personnel groups, and some of the guys didn't get quite as many plays as they had been getting."

On whether having the same guys in the same formations helps everybody in the offense: "Yeah. It helps the timing in the pass game. And then, you just don't have many plays, especially at this time of the year, in practice, for every one of those players to run all of the routes. And so, again, I just thought our timing was off just a little bit both in practice and in the game because we were rolling so many guys in there. So, it was more of specific, and (WR) Hank (Baskett) played a lot, but it was for specific situations."

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