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Offensive Coordinator Marty Mornhinweg

Opening remarks: "We have the San Francisco 49ers. Their defense is active, they have some excellent athletes. They are a top 10 team in yards per play. They have seven interceptions in five games. They are very aggressive and very fast. They have some good players in their front seven. They have some good cover guys and two very active safeties."

On WR Reggie Brown's groin injury: "Day-to-day for Reggie. We will see how he is. He is better than he was yesterday."

On QB Donovan McNabb being critical on himself after the last two losses: "The quarterback normally has big shoulders. That's what good leaders do, is step up and take responsibility. He has been playing at a high level. He steps up and takes responsibility, however he has been playing at a pretty high level. He has been playing pretty well."

On how much he expects from FB Dan Klecko: "We will see. He is a big guy who will hit you. He is familiar with our offense from the offseason. I think he has a chance to help our football team in some specific ways."

On whether FB Tony Hunt's experience at fullback can help him as a tailback: "It will help him in the long run, sure. Experience; going through all those reps of every play from a little bit different view - that certainly helps."

On how much work WR Kevin Curtis got at practice yesterday: "Kevin is working at a high level. He is close. He is feeling pretty good. He felt pretty good yesterday; he is feeling pretty good today. He is pretty close. He is a day-to-day situation."

On whether the bye week factors into the decision to play Curtis or not: "Players, that is what they do - they play. When he is ready, we will play him. If he's not ready, he won't play."

On whether he thinks they need to run the ball more: "We need to run it better."

On why the rushing attack hasn't been as good this year: "We just haven't done quite as good a job with that. When there is a problem, we identify the problem and correct it and then we move on to the next game. I would expect our run game to get better as the season goes on here."

On his role in the play calling this year: "Our whole staff is involved in the game planning part. The game calling, (head coach) Andy (Reid) and I share some of those responsibilities."

On whether it is mainly him who calls the plays for the entire game: "Andy and I share it."

On what problems he has identified in the run game: "There are many. I'm not going to get into the details. We kind of base our foundation on hard work and preparation. If there is a problem, let's identify it and correct it and let's move on fast. We have done a good job of that up to date; we will see if we can do that this time."

On whether he is surprised that the offensive line hasn't been as strong this season: "Well, the run game starts with the offensive line. They have to play well as a unit to give us a chance. However, the tight end and the fullback are heavily involved. Those two positions can make a good run game into a great run game. The receivers are involved and they can make the five, six, eight-yard carries get into the 20 and 30-yard range. The quarterback is important with the ball handling and the audibles and checks and some faking. The most important thing is the ball carrier, with breaking tackles and making people miss. Everybody is involved in that thing. Everybody is involved in it. There is no one position or one player. We do that as a team and that run game is important to us. It is important to winning. We do that as a team."

On whether he envisions Hunt having a role as a ball carrier: "There is always that possibility that Tony can get the football. I believe he got it one time last week. Now he is back at the halfback spot, so we'll see on that."

On RB Lorenzo Booker's progress: "Oh, yes. He has made good progress. He is getting many reps at different types of plays. We were asking him to do certain things that he needs to take reps at. We will see how he does this week."

On what prompted the team to go away from Klecko as a FB earlier in the season and then go back to him now: "There were several different reasons and Andy can discuss that a little bit further with you. Bringing him back to fullback, we thought he could help our football team, at least in situations."

On whether a lack of stability in the starting lineup has affected the run game: "We can make all the reasons up that we want. We expect the players who are in there to perform well and get it done. There have been situations where we haven't. We certainly need to identify that and correct it and move on to this game. We have done that, so we'll see if we can do that this week and further down the road. We need to get better there."

On whether he is game planning with the expectations that RB Brian Westbrook is going to play: "This has come up several times. There will always be times where if Brian is able to play, he will help us. I am not going to get into the details of what we are doing specifically at this point with Brian. He is day-to-day, and if he is ready, he will help us."

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