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Offensive Coordinator Marty Mornhinweg

Opening Remarks: "Last ball game, plenty to be encouraged about. We had three guys starting for us for the first time, center, fullback, quarterback, and they all played pretty well. I thought (RB) LeSean (McCoy) played well, (WR) DeSean (Jackson) played well, our tight end Brent (Celek) played well. He had that one drop, but other than that, he played very well. We need to be a little bit more precise. We're just not quite as consistent as I'd like right now. We are getting some big plays, so that's good. There were more than a couple of things that we didn't do the right way, so we've got to do better there, as far as consistency. We want to be a consistent offensive football team. Now, we've got a big challenge going to Jacksonville. It's the second game of two road games. Always important, the preparation has to be sky-high, all-time high with preparation, preparation-wise we've got to get the hard work done on the field. A great challenge, this is a physical defense, they've got several very good cover men. Their linebackers are physical, their defensive line is physical, so a great opportunity to go down to Jacksonville, a great challenge, as well."

On his evaluation of the offensive line after taking a closer look at the tape: "Well, that's what I was talking about when I said we didn't do a couple of things right. We did many things very well up front, many things. There was a few that we didn't do well, and that's not just the line, everybody's involved. So we've got to do better there. Now, you take out a big percentage of plays, and I think the offensive line played well. However, you just can't do that, those other plays are there and we've got to be more consistent."

On why blitzing has been a problem for the Eagles offense: "We did some big, big plays against the blitz. It's sort of been just a little bit feast or famine there. We've really got some big plays against the blitz, and a couple last week didn't look very good. When they were bringing one extra, we scored one. We had another big play, we had another possibility of a big play and we didn't catch the football. (QB Michael Vick) got hit one time when he shouldn't of, he should not have been hit on that one. There was a couple, there were six total. Then, the other blitzes, just five-man blitz or fire zone, we had a couple little problems in there, as well. As you know, you have to be great against the blitz, and our mentality is, when they blitz we score. That's the mentality you have to have, and I think we've got that mentality. Now we've just got to be more consistent there."

On whether the Eagles tailor the offense around Vick's unique talents now that he's the starter: "Well, you always play to your players' strengths, and that's at every position. So, certainly, you saw a little bit of that last week. So, absolutely, yeah."

On whether there is more communication on the offensive line because of less experienced players like G Mike McGlynn and G/C Nick Cole: "I think we're going a little bit deep there, but your point is well taken. There's no question, that you're right there. However, communication is key to this game. Just think about all of the communication that goes on during a football game, both from the sideline, on the field, making calls, audibling, pointing out a possible blitz—all of that communication is key, and up front, there's a lot of communication. And on the road, that's big, on the road. So you get some just visual adjustments there, right before the play because it's so loud."

On whether down the road things will become more second nature for the offensive line as McGlynn and Cole gain experience: "Sure, yup."

On Vick's throw-back pass to Celek and whether that type of risky play may have been something that he would not have asked Vick to do last year: "Michael threw a touchdown on that, a very similar play, not the exact same, but it was a very similar play last year, in Atlanta. And then Donovan (McNabb) threw a big play, it wasn't the same play but it's the same thought process there, last year, a little earlier in the year, as well. If we think we can get it, we'll put a play in similar to that."

On whether he has more faith in Vick to execute risky plays: "No, we've always called some of those types of plays with him. Yeah, great trust in Mike since he got here, as long as he gets a few reps at it."

On whether RB Mike Bell is still getting his legs under him and why he is off to a slow start: "Look, that's water under the bridge. Let's go. I have no problem with Mike Bell's play, I think he's well-prepared. He's preparing himself both physically and mentally. I think good things are coming for Mike Bell."

On how comfortable he is with RB Joique Bell: "Well, he's learning right now. Yup, (running backs coach) Ted (Williams), they've been together for many, many hours. I think he's doing a good job mentally there. And we'll see how that progresses."

On what changes there are in the offense with Vick as the starting quarterback and how big of an adjustment it is: "Well, that's a good question. Very little, because we've got so much in our offense. Just so much. I think one positive is, I think Michael has been playing, and we've expected him to play, so we had some plays specifically for Michael already worked on, practiced, so there's very little new-type of plays. There's always going to be new type of plays for every game, because we game plan specifically, individually for the next ballclub. But we've got so much available on offense, that any type of quarterback can have great success, the way we do things here."

On what he expects for QB Kevin Kolb: "Well Kevin's classy, great character, tough, and so he's going to prepare just like he's starting, so does (QB) Mike Kafka. That's the way we do things, that's the way we operate. He'll do a great job with that, and when he gets an opportunity, he's going to play at a high level. There's no question in my mind that Kevin Kolb is going to have great success."

On whether he has talked to Kolb about Vick being named starter: "Yup."

On what his message to Kolb was: "Yeah, we're not going to get in to all of that stuff. The decision's made. Andy made the decision. Done. We're moving on, and we've got Jacksonville."

On whether he was surprised: "We're moving on. We've got Jacksonville. Andy's been a great decision maker. He made the choice, he put a lot of thought into it I'm sure. Done. Go. We're moving on."

On whether there is a danger when dealing with a player like Vick, of stretching the game plan too thin and trying to do too many things: "That's a good point. There's a fine line there, and I try to be right at that line. That's true for any quarterback, because every quarterback has different strengths. So there's a real fine line there."

On the biggest difference between where Vick is now and where he was a year ago: "The physical conditioning. We got him real late, right after training camp, as you remember. We've talked about this before, last year, I hate to talk about this too much, because we've got Jacksonville. But the whole process for Mike a year ago was get back into physical conditioning, he did a good job of that. I thought, as you remember, we've talked about this before, late last year, I thought he was really close, and he got that quad. Remember that quad? And then that set him back, and in the offseason he's done a nice job that way."

On going 5-for-6 in the red zone and what the key to success inside-the-20 has been: "Well, the one we missed was big, and that's still bothering me. We expect to do well in the red zone. We're executing pretty well down there. We've overcome some bad ones, and I'm getting tired of having a penalty down there. We have a certain philosophy down there and minimizing penalties is one of them. Normally, you can't overcome those. It's very difficult to overcome penalties down in the red zone. We've had a couple of them and that bothers me just a little bit."

On McCoy being effective in the red zone: "Yeah, he's done well. That o-line's doing well. (FB) Owen (Schmitt) did a nice job last game, I don't remember many in the red zone. The receivers have done a good job, as well."

On whether things open up for McCoy a little bit because defenses are worried about Vick running the ball: "That could be."

On whether he will rotate some of the offensive linemen because of the heat in Jacksonville: "We'll see. I do think all of our guys are in great physical condition. I think we've got terrific strength coaches and trainers, and I think they're in great physical condition. But that always is a possibility there with the humidity."

On whether RB LeSean McCoy is capable of running between the tackles: "LeSean's a well-rounded, top-flight running back that can do most things that you ask a running back to do, both in the run and in the pass. So, yes, the answer is yes."

On his attempt to mold Vick as a pocket passer and if he sees that coming to fruition now: "Well, we'll see. We've only had a game and a half with him, we'll see. Look he played very well down there, very well. He's a highly-talented man. I think he's put the hard work and preparation in. His challenge now is to play at a high level on a consistent basis, and he is determined. It's all about business for him at this stage in his career, and that's a good thing."

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