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Offensive Coordinator Marty Mornhinweg

Opening remarks: "Hi, really one thing on everybody's mind and that's Jim (Johnson). Jim was a great influence on a lot of people, including myself and my family, my children. Our thoughts and our prayers are with he and his family. I really hope there are not too many questions today. Let's keep this short. Are there any questions here?"

On what he's seen from these first few days of camp: "Five practices in three days, mostly rookies, we did have (WR) Kevin Curtis in and then the three quarterbacks and (G/T) Stacy (Andrews). Those men were coming back from injuries, with exception to the quarterbacks. A lot of learning. A lot of installation. The fellows that got all of these reps really got ahead of the game a little bit because many of these plays will be what we install here when the veterans get in. (It is) an excellent opportunity to get these extra reps."

On how much of a disadvantage it was for rookie WR Jeremy Maclin to miss the first three days of training camp: "I'd normally talk about the players that are here however, in general, it's my experience with rookies that help a ball club - or helped the club that I've been on - they've missed very, very little. It's just a big advantage to be at every practice."

On how much rookie RB LeSean McCoy was able to retain from the earlier minicamps to training camp: "Almost all of it, he's a pretty sharp guy. Now we ask the running back position to do an awful lot. He's still working through some things, but he's really a bright young man. I do think that by, lets say the middle of training camp, he should be pretty comfortable. It appears that, that is the way it's going."

On whether McCoy's aptitude is a special case with regards to the Eagles offensive system:"We'll see once we get into training camp. There are a couple things that I really would like to see and see him do well. That will be important once we get into it with the pads on."

On whether McCoy is one of the players he thinks will be more effective once the players begin practicing in pads: "I know in some things he'll be even more effective than he is now and like I said, there are a couple things we will need to see him do and do real well."

On what things the coaching staff needs to see from McCoy: "There are a few things. The first one would be pass protection. Then there are one or two other things I'd like to see as well."

On whether rookie WR Brandon Gibson is injured: "I don't have the details on that. They are doing some tests right now, so I don't have the details on that. Maybe he's back tomorrow, maybe he's not, I don't know that."

On what it was like to prepare for a Jim Johnson defense when he was coaching on other teams: "I never really coached against him and I'm glad I didn't. Jim is one of, if not the very best at what he did. He's even a better man. There are a lot of tributes going around on him, yesterday and today. He deserves it and he earned that."

On whether he found himself thinking about Johnson during practice: "Yes, yesterday and last night he was on everybody's mind. I will tell you this, He will be on my mind for a long, long time. I'll think about him often."

On what it was like working with Johnson:"He was a classy guy. He had great class, great character and then, as everybody knows, he was one of the creative, aggressive-type defensive coordinators in the league. I loved it as an offensive coordinator because with his mentality and his style, there were several years where you just got a boatload of turnovers and opponents' offenses were off the field very quickly in some cases."

On whether he has a memory of Johnson that really stands out: "I suppose for myself it would be his classiness and (the way) in which he carried himself. The character that he has and there are some other moments that are a little more personal that make me laugh a little bit."

On whether the mood of camp will change once the veterans arrive: "I don't know. Everybody will handle it in there own way. Some people will handle it different than others and that's okay. We'll see how that goes. I did tell the fellows last night in the night-time offensive meeting that many of the people there had not had a chance to meet him and I wish they could have."

On whether he and Jim bounced ideas off of each other about offensive and defensive plays: "That goes on all the time, quite a bit during the offseason and more than occasionally during the season. He was an excellent football coach. One of the great ones."

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