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2024 Schedule Release

Philadelphia Eagles News

Offensive Coordinator Marty Mornhinweg

On the Dallas defense being a big test for Philadelphia's offense: "Yeah, it will be. This is an outstanding defense that's number one in the league in rushing the passer and getting sacks."

On what makes the defense so strong: "They've got multiple pass-rushers that are playing at a really high level, starting with (LB DeMarcus) Ware, number 94. Many teams have put all their emphasis on Ware and then they've got some outstanding pass rushers on the other side as well."

On Dallas' rush defense: "Very good. They've been hit for some big plays, as of late. That's really the only weakness that I've seen there."

On the importance of getting off to a good start: "That's right, we always want to get off to a good start. No matter if we're playing at home or away. However, it's especially important at home. That's a good point."

On it being especially important to get off to a good start against Dallas: "And against Dallas, exactly right. This is a big game. We're excited to go into it. As you know, we've got several people who are banged up and they're gutting it out and, hopefully, all of our players will make it to the game."

On RB Brian Westbrook's health: "He practiced today, so that's a good thing. He hasn't practiced much in the past, let's say, month, month-and-a-half. That's a good thing and, hopefully, it will pay off on Sunday."

On WR Hank Baskett's health: "Hank Baskett practiced in a limited situation and, hopefully, he'll make it to the game."

On WR Kevin Curtis: "Kevin Curtis is limited right now. All these guys are day-to-day. (TE) L.J. (Smith) did not (practice), he's still day-to-day. That's where we're at. There are several people on our line that are banged up and some are practicing and some aren't."

On whether the team practiced any differently this late in the year: "We need to get better at certain things, so we really focused on some certain things. Certainly, I've got to do a better job first and, secondly, we've got to catch the football a little bit better and block and run in the run game just a little bit better. We really focused on certain things within those aspects."

On the offense struggling to be consistent this year: "We can make all kinds of reasons up and those types of things. We just don't do that, as an offense. We get back to work and we correct things. First of all, you have to find out and admit what really occurred and that enables you to correct it. Then we move on, and we move on fast and, hopefully, we'll bounce back after that last one."

On whether he thinks the offense hasn't run the ball enough at times this year: "(Jokingly) I haven't heard that before, thanks for telling me. The first thing is, we try to do what it will take to win that particular football game. There are a lot of things that happened before, and that may happen during a football game, that many people on the outside don't quite know. Some little things go into that situation, as well."

On the dropped passes in the game at Washington and whether they specifically address that in practice: "There are two reasons for dropping the football. One is focus and [the other is] concentration. Neither one of these reasons are any good. Focus and concentration. Some people catch the ball better than others, but we want to catch the football every time the ball's in the air and that ball's ours. Certainly the players emphasize it to themselves every week and we emphasize it even more; we have been."

On Dallas' defense:"Dallas has an excellent defense. Their strength is their pass-rush; number one in sacks. I thought our offensive line, tight ends and backs did a reasonably good job last time. So, we'll see what happens this time. That pass rush is lead by 94, however, their whole front is excellent at rushing the passers. So, you put all your emphasis on 94, Ware, and then you've got several other people one-on-one. So, there's a dilemma there and they've really done a nice job, an excellent job, especially as of late."

On whether Ware can ever be left one-on-one: "You better get the ball out quick, if you're one-on-one with him. I'll say that."

On whether he talked to WR DeSean Jackson after he had a couple dropped passes at Washington: "Oh yeah. He went through an experience there and I expect him to catch every football, let it go, let's bounce back and let's get every one this week. It's that simple. He was banged up. He was banged up with two different types of injuries in that particular game. He was on the field and he was playing and he was playing fast. Now, he's got to finish. We've got to play at a certain level when we're injured and on the field and playing. That was an experience for him, it was a tough experience and I expect him to do a little bit better the next time he's banged up."

On what injuries he had:"I don't want to get into exactly what it was, but there were two significant injuries. I thinks he's doing okay this week. He's doing pretty well physically this week, so we'll see Sunday."

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