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Offensive Coordinator Marty Mornhinweg

Opening Remarks: "That last ballgame, I thought the offensive line did an excellent job. Big picture, an excellent job, some things we can improve upon, and that enabled the skill guys to play at a high level, and (QB) Kevin Kolb's outstanding game. Now we've got a great challenge here. We've got another slightly undersized, disruptive, fast, quick, physical defense in Tennessee there, and the crowd noise, as well. So, we've got to be sharp there. They've got some excellent cover men, and some outstanding linebackers. They've got seven, even eight pass rushers that do a heck of a job. And they roll them in there, and they try to keep them fresh. So we've got a great opportunity, however, it's a great challenge. It'll be a heck of a game down there in Tennessee."

On whether he has made any adjustments with the offensive line with blocking schemes that has helped the linemen the past couple of weeks: "They did an outstanding job. Every game plan is an individual, specific game plan. In this league, it's more about matchups, at every position. Every week is a different plan that way. I thought the players just executed what needed to be done very well, with very few exceptions."

On how much improvement he's seen from G Max Jean-Gilles and how much of that can be attributed to his weight loss: "I think all of that helps. Max is a tough, tough man. A couple of years ago, I remember thinking 'you win ball games with players like Max.' And he sure has improved. (Offensive line) coach Juan Castillo's done a great job there, as always. (He) did a great job last week with that offensive line, as well."

On when he realized during last week's game that he had the right game plan: "Look, that's a little cyclic. The credit must go to the players, because when they execute like that, it makes it look pretty good."

On whether it's strange seeing former Eagles DE Jason Babin and LB Will Witherspoon on the Titans defense: "Babin and Witherspoon, yeah. Those are two excellent players, so we know them both pretty well. They're both high-motor, they're both excellent players, excellent athletes. There are several guys that we've got to take care of, and those are two of them. They're playing at a high level."

On why Babin and Witherspoon fit in so well with the Titans defense: "Well, they're executing that defense. They're well-coached, got an excellent scheme. Very, very aggressive-type scheme. They rock and roll. They give up very, very few points. They're excellent on third down. Takes no talent to hustle, and hustle wins game—and they hustle. I mean, they get to that football. They've done a good job that way. Good scheme, excellent players, so it's all fit pretty good for them."

On whether the emergence of WR Jeremy Maclin is the reason WR Jason Avant and TE Brent Celek have not been targeted as much and whether will they get more looks with WR DeSean Jackson not playing against the Titans: "I would expect so, since DeSean's out, but that's a little cyclic, too. Jason's a heck of a player for us. He made a couple of big plays for us last week, designed specifically for him. So, (we have) great confidence in Jason. It's a little bit more cyclic for him, because much of his game is inside. He'll play some outside for you, he always has played some outside for us. Maybe a little bit more."

On what his opinion of the crackdown on hitting of defenseless receivers is: "I'm all for player safety. Personally, all for player safety. Yeah, there's no question about that. I think the league is doing whatever (it) possibly can do to take care of player safety. It's a tough, physical game. But, player safety has to be A-number one."

On whether WR Riley Cooper will be ready to play onSunday: "It looks that way. It looks like he'll play. It looks like he'll be available to play, anyway. So that's a good thing, yeah. He's feeling great. He was feeling great late last week, as well."

On whether Cooper will be the third wide receiver: "Well, it depends. We can put anybody in there on different types of plays. You know that."

On whether Avant will play the slot and Cooper will play the outside: "You know, we move people all around very easily. And so it depends on the individual, specific play where those guys line up. You know I can't go any further than that."

On how RB Jerome Harrison is coming along: "Great, yeah. (Running backs coach) Ted (Williams)'s spent hours and (intern coach) Duce Staley is a big part of that, as well. And we've got a plan for (Harrison). He understands that plan. He is a heck of a football player on film, and it looks like he's picking our system up pretty well, at a pretty quick rate. And so a little bit more work to do for the whole package there."

On whether Harrison can play on Sunday: "Yeah, he can go in and do some things for us. There's no question about that."

On what's the best way to negate the speed of a defense like Tennessee's: "Well, there's several different ways. I don't want to get into too many specifics here. But there's several specific ways, and we'll try to utilize all of those ways. I don't want to get too detailed here, coming up and playing a very aggressive, fast, quick defense here."

On how much progress G Mike McGlynn has made in terms of making the calls at the line of scrimmage and how much that has to do with the improvement along the offensive line: "Well, uncommon, really. He's done such a good job that way mentally. And then he's done, really, a fine job physically, as well. That o-line, I thought, could possibly be meshing there, and pretty good there. So, that's a good thing. Now the challenge for everybody is: (to get) better every day, better every day. We can't lose that part of it. We've got to get some things corrected, and get better every day. Kevin Kolb was outstanding. There's a couple of things that we need to get better at every day. (Quarterbacks coach) James Urban has done a great job with getting Kevin Kolb prepared."

On how much of the offensive line improvement has to do with the players getting used to playing with one another: "Well, that's always a big factor. It's not the one individual lineman. Each of them can play pretty well individually, but the key is playing well as a unit. And the tight ends come into play on that, and the fullbacks in many cases, as well. So, playing at a high level on a consistent basis as a unit is the key."

On whether he expects Maclin to get the "Jerry Rice treatment":"Yeah, I think he would get some of that, if DeSean wasn't on the other side. Yeah, he's that good. Jeremy Maclin is a fine, fine receiver in this league. Upper-echelon receiver—and he is a young man. Very young still, and coaching him, it feels like he's a crafty veteran already. He's smart, he's sharp. He's a natural player. He's got great skills and abilities."

On whether he believes the Titans will blitz more after seeing how Kolb performed against the Falcons: "Well, Atlanta did some of that, and other people have done some of that. I believe last time I looked we were fourth against the blitz. So, they've got some choices to make. I would expect them to stay aggressive. You go all the way back to '06, the last time we played them, they did some things there that we've taken a look at. I think we'll be ready."

On the Eagles scoring touchdowns on the opening drives of the past two games and the importance of scoring the first time they get the ball: "Well, that's been real good. You sort of set the tone there. We've got to do a better job of coming out of half time. It seems like we're scoring on the second drive. Now, we've had some good drives coming out at half, and then we've stalled there. I think one of them, it might've been in San Francisco, that we, with the wind, were a little too far out to kick, so we punted it. Couldn't kick a field goal, so we punted it. In any case, coming out at the start of the game is important. And then coming out of halftime is important, as well."

On whether there was anything he specifically liked that T King Dunlap did against the Falcons: "I'll tell you what. First of all, he's got excellent skill and ability, great size. And then his technique was just outstanding last week. Because there were several times, you guys probably have seen, we took take care of the edges a little bit there, but there were several times, where he was one-on-one with 55 (Falcons DE John Abraham) now—with no help. And he did an outstanding job. We tried to keep their pass rushers off balance just a little bit, by doing some other things, but he did an outstanding job. Now, his challenge, and he played outstanding I thought this past week, his challenge will be to do it again, and again, and again. Play at that high level on a consistent basis. If you ever go on the road, with the snap count situation, and be able to do it there, as well."

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