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Offensive Coordinator Marty Mornhinweg

Opening Remarks: "Exciting time in the playoffs. Got to win the first one, so all of our focus is on this game. We've got quite a challenge with the Green Bay Packers defense, (they) may very well be playing their best defense of the year. Look at the Giants and Chicago the last two games, and they've played lights out. They've got excellent talent across the board, very good inside, very good at the linebackers. (Number) 21 (CB Charles) Woodson is one of the best in the game back there in the secondary, both in coverage and he plays inside in nickel, as well as a tackler and a blitzer. So we've got quite a challenge here, great opportunity, and quite exciting."

On whether QB Michael Vick's leg contusion affected his ability to escape pressure against Minnesota: "Well, certainly, he wasn't 100% for the game. However, we can look for a lot of reasons why we didn't play very well that game, but we just have to play better. We left some details on the field, and so, whether he's not quite 100%, our offense still has to put some points up."

On whether the Eagles have to be aware of where LB Clay Matthews is on every snap: "Yeah, 52 (Matthews) and 21 (Woodson), both of them. Those are two of the very best players in the game on defense. So, yeah, you have to be aware of where those two are every snap. Now, they have other excellent players, as well. (Numbers) 90 (NT B.J. Raji) and 77 (DE Cullen Jenkins), well 77's coming back from injury, and 90's playing at a high level. So, there's other players, as well, but that's a good point. We need to know where those two players are every snap."

On whether the Packers have made any changes schematically because of their injuries: "Just a little bit. However, the point is that they've done a heck of a job with some injuries, and they're the number two team in giving up points this whole year. So, they've done a heck of a job on playing through injuries. And every team evolves just a little bit depending on their personnel, and depending on the things that they do best. So, they have evolved just a little bit. Same scheme, very well coached. And the personnel that came in for those injured players is (playing) at a high level. They're very, very good players."

On the characteristics of Dom Capers' defense:"Well, that team has changed just a little bit, because they're playing a lot of nickel, the old split six. So, an eight-man front. They've got good cover men with (Woodson), who is a very, very good tackler, so they sort of invite you to run the football to base-type personnel groups. However, they're very good. And if they get hurt just a little bit…even against Chicago they did it that way, and then they'll jump into 3-4 if they think that you're hurting them with the run just a little bit. Dom Capers is a fire zone, 3-4 personnel-based guy that has had great success with this scheme, and he's got players that fit each position within that scheme pretty well."

On whether he spoke to players about the new overtime rules: "Yeah, spent a little bit of time on that. It's probably going to be a rarity, but there will be some decisions within those first couple of possessions there, the first possession of each team, because statistics and numbers show you one thing and sort of goes away from your gut instincts just as a coach. So, those are going to be some critical decisions there."

On whether he feels the new overtimes rules make the system more fair:"I haven't sat back and looked back at the big picture. I thought our system as is, is very good, I really do. You could debate that. For quite a little while, I think we could discuss that, and the positives and negatives to doing it both ways. That first possession for each team you get into a 4th-and-1 or a 4th-and-2 down inside the 10 or the 5, there are your decisions there. And even further, the numbers show you even further. As a coach, typically you're saying 'Put the points on the board,' and then the odds and then the numbers that have been accumulated over the years say something a little bit different."

On whether he would lean towards kicking a field goal in that scenario: "Not necessarily. You try to put your team in the best position to win the game."

On whether the extra blitzer is the quarterback's responsibility when the defense sends a zero blitz: "Oh, we've been good against full plus one. We had two or three problems with a little disguise and really it ends up being a five-man rush, that's where we had a couple of problems. I think we'll be in good shape there."

On whether his play calling is affected when playing a powerful offense like Green Bay:"Yeah, there are some gut instincts that go into that. However, there are some games you are going into and you think, we may need this amount of points to win the game. And then all of a sudden, it turns into a very different game once you get started and into the game a few series. And vice versa. But yes, it does, certainly going into a ball game, yup."

On whether Capers blitzed a lot more than in a normal 3-4:"No, not necessarily. It's just part of them, so you get your four-man rushes and you get your five-man rushes. Many of them are fire-zone type situations, and that's part of them. And you get to some six-man blitzes, and they've brought the house several times, as well. But, no, it's within realm there of a 3-4 fire-zone team. Pittsburgh's very similar."

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