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Now Comes The Fun Part: QB Rumor Central!

If you just tuned in, you would think the Eagles have a trade that is on the cusp of happening: Donovan McNabb to the Rams for the 33rd pick in the draft and a safety and ... oh, wait. The Rams say the reports aren't true, that they have not engaged in any kind of conversations with the Eagles and that their focus is on the college draft. It is a classic case of we said/they said and, well, understand where we are, people: The draft is four weeks away and it is time for the really fun part of the off-season.

For weeks and weeks, it has felt that the Eagles are in a holding pattern. And, yes, the quarterback story is the one that won't go away, no matter what Andy Reid says. Maybe, in fact, *because *of what he said at the league meetings on Wednesday, Rumor Central has been rekindled, and in a big, big way.

Reid told reporters at the meetings in Orlando, that "I'm listening" to offers and that the Eagles are "evaluating, taking in the situation right now." It was surprising to hear Reid say anything at all, given his history of keeping every plan close to the vest. And it fanned the flames of speculation immediately.

As far as how much truth there is to any of the stories out there, I don't know. I'm not here to tell you one way or another whether this will happen or whether that will happen. There is, it's safe to say, plenty of interest in all of the Eagles' quarterbacks -- McNabb, Kevin Kolb and Michael Vick -- and the Eagles are wise to listen to any conversations about their quarterbacks, and about all of their players.

What it means to me is that, for whatever it is worth, all of the "Will-the-Eagles-trade-a-quarterback?" chatter is going to come to a head pretty soon. If the Eagles make a trade, you would certainly expect it to come prior to the April 22 draft. If the draft comes and goes without a trade, it's probably safe to assume that all three quarterbacks are going to be here in 2010.

Let me clarify one thing, here: I know not a thing. I am enjoying the rumors and the talk and the what's-next? element every bit as much as you.

The Eagles are in a terrific position here. In a quarterback-starved league, the Eagles have three who have won games in the NFL, two who have been tto a conference championship game and one who has been to the Super Bowl. When I look around the league and see the quarterback depth charts, I feel the Eagles are in a great situation.

What's going to happen next? Your guess is as good as mine. I'm just an observer, a fascinated one at that. Never before has there been a situation when the Eagles have had three quarterbacks as talented as they have now. Truly, it seems, anything can happen. And nothing can happen.

In the meantime, stay on top of this one. This story is a whopper of a rumor, changing by the minute. It is a classic example of the power of the media, and of the league. People are talking like it is a done deal, that Donovan McNabb has been traded. Not true. We know, though, how rapidly the perspective changes, how the rumors take on a life of their own.

Reid let us inside the private conversations and the back-room dealings just a little bit with his comments on Wednesday. You've seen how the story has taken a life of its own from then until now. Who knows what direction the rumors will go in the next day, or less?

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