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New Roles For Young Playmakers

A year ago, Brent Celek was trying to prove that he could be a full-time starting tight end in the NFL.

A year ago, Jeremy Maclin was trying to catch up after not reporting to training camp on time as his rookie contract was being negotiated.

A year ago, LeSean McCoy was trying to prove that he could learn the offense as an understudy to Brian Westbrook.

Now, all three of the players are expected to be focal points of one of the most explosive offenses in the league. What a difference a year makes.

"It's definitely a difference, but it's a good difference," McCoy said after setting the Eagles rookie rushing record with 637 yards. "I get to come out here and prove myself to the Philly fans and my teammates."

McCoy said that he spent the offseason improving the strength in his lower body to help him break more tackles in 2010. McCoy is now the featured back after the Eagles parted ways with Westbrook this past offseason. As for Maclin, who was one of the league's top rookie receivers last season, he is taking the approach that his spot on the roster is far from guaranteed.

"I'm still fighting for a job," Maclin said. "I'm the starter right now and I hope I can solidify that."

Celek, a second alternate for the Pro Bowl last year, believes that despite all of the youth the goal for this team remains the same.

"The goal is to win the Super Bowl," Celek said. "There are really only a few changes (from last year). We got a little bit younger. We've got a lot of guys who have a lot of experience even being young."

-- Posted by Chris McPherson, 5:00 p.m., July 29

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