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Monday Morning Practice Recap

There are only four practices left here at Lehigh after the Eagles wrapped up Monday morning's pads-on session in front of some rapid Eagles fans. The team went live for a short period at the end of practice, working on some 3rd-and-goal situations.

On the injury front, running back LeSean McCoy did not practice with a quad contusion and fellow running back Martell Mallett incurred a hyperextended knee at the tail-end of the session. On the plus side, running back J.J. Arrington returned to practice for the first time in several days. Here's the quick recap of some of the action on the practice field.


"Good to see: Todd Herremans getting a couple snaps in 9-on-7s"

"New look in nickel personnel: Parker, Graham, Laws Cole on D line"

"Trevor Laws with a nice job batting down a pass at the LOS, continues his impressive camp"

"3rd and goal live play for the 1s: Graham gets pressure, forces dump off to Baskett, Hanson makes easy tackle."

"Shovel pass to Mallett, tackled by Parker at goal line. "Ruled" a TD, but we had the perfect angle - short by a few inches."

"2s live now, 3rd goal from 10: TD pass Vick to Mallett, hit by Lindley at 2 but gets over the plane."

"Nice tackle by Lindley on pass to Buckley in flat closes out the live session. Special teams will now wrap up practice."

-- Posted by Bo Wulf, 11:15 a.m., August 16

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