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Lurie: Vick Has Been An Agent Of Change

Chairman/CEO Jeffrey Lurie provided his annual State of the Eagles address at training camp on Wednesday and a large portion of the press conference was dedicated to Michael Vick. Here is a brief recap of what Lurie said. For up-to-the-second news, make sure to follow us on Twitter @EaglesInsider

"Lurie: It's been an amazing past decade, but there's still a lot of work to do."

"Lurie: On 18 games, it's long overdue ... Fans don't like the long preseason."

"Lurie: Understands the wear and tear of players and roster sizes would be issues that have to be addressed."

"Lurie: With Vick, he's been a great teammate. That was a concern of mine initially. He's been great in the community, best first-year Eagle in that regard."

"Lurie: Vick has been a powerful voice and potential role model."

"Lurie: Vick's decision to attend his birthday party was a mistake. There were 4 independent investigations and nothing came up to contradict what Vick told the team. There was no room for error there."

"Lurie: Vick has in fact been an agent of change."

"Lurie: We won't tolerate wrongdoing. You don't want to be quick to judge. You have to go off the facts regarding Vick."

"Lurie: We have to do a better job monitoring and supporting players like Vick."

"Lurie: People who didn't like Vick signing are quicker to rush to the conclusion that he should have been released. It was an error in judgment, not a wrongdoing."

"Lurie: The ultimate answer as to whether Vick signing is a success is to be determined. It's still a year away"

-- Posted by Chris McPherson, 12:35 p.m., August 4

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