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Love Is In The Air, Along With A Star RB

So, they have made up. After all of these years, Terrell Owens and Donovan McNabb are buddies, hanging out, actually friends. Owens said so in a recent interview, and, hey, I'm not the kind of guy to suggest Owens is in damage control mode with free agency and a new contract opportunity waiting. I say bravo to Owens for making up with McNabb ... five years and so many missed touchdown passes later.

His was a spectacular fall from grace. Owens was the toast of the town unlike any Eagles player I have ever seen. The Eagles traded for him prior to the 2004 season and Owens instantly became a force. Fans sang his name, flooded the stores to purchase his jersey and unabashedly gave their hearts to Owens for a full, glorious season.

Owens gave a heroic push in Super Bowl 39 and then spent the next nine months going haywire. You know the story. It was one of the looniest -- and saddest -- falls from grace in Philadelphia sports history.

Anyway, here we are. Owens is about to become a free agent. The Eagles are loaded at wide receiver with DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin starting, with Jason Avant a standout slot receiver. There are questions after those three, yes, and the Eagles have to figure out what they are going to do with Kevin Curtis, Reggie Brown and some of the young kids they have on the roster.

Owens is looking for that last NFL paycheck. He still sees himself as a star receiver and perhaps there is a team out there that agrees. But what if there isn't? What if the only job Owens gets is one as a backup, with an incentive-laden contract? He could help a team, right? He is still a threat in the red zone because of the way he commands space and uses his body so well and how he wants the football.

Is it beyond the realm of possibility that Owens, well, now that he's made up with McNabb, could maybe give it one more go here? Wouldn't that be the greatest sports Lazarus in the history of this franchise, the history of this City and perhaps in the history of all of sports?

I'm dreaming here. I'm having fun with you. To this very day, the time Owens spent in Philadelphia was as riveting and spectacular -- spectacularly good the first season and spectacularly bad the second season -- as any athlete's experience here.

Nobody wants an encore. Nobody who is sane, anyway. I sometimes think about what could have been had Owens kept himself squared away and focused on the team. He was always a diva, a handful in so many ways, but in that one season he delivered so much on the field and at least gave consideration to placing the team first.

The Eagles have their pieces in place at wide receiver. I had a conversation on Monday with former All-Pro wide receiver Mike Quick, now the color analyst for the Eagles Radio Network, and he gushed over both Jackson and Maclin. Called them both stars -- Jackson already is, Maclin will be soon -- and I'm as excited as anyone to have them both here.

But the mere mention of Owens and McNabb together makes me take notice. I got into the office on Monday and they were talking about it on ESPN. Just like old days, when Owens and McNabb were side by side, together for a season they will never forget.


 To nobody's surprise, the Chargers released LaDainian Tomlinson and now Tomlinson is free to sign with any team. Where does he go? Tomlinson played a darn good game against the Eagles, but he lacks the explosiveness to be a go-to running back in the league. Amazing how quickly running backs get knocked down in this league. Tomlinson is a future Hall of Fame running back who goes in on the first ballot. His next step is likely to be as a backup running back with a good team.  
  • The folks at have what they call the Mike Webster Award that they give out to the league's best offensive lineman. Left tackle Jason Peters is one of five finalists. The award is announced on the site on Tuesday.
  • No announcement yet, by the way, on plans for a draft party this year. As you know, the NFL draft is all different now. The first round airs on Thursday, April 22, beginning at 7:30 p.m. Rounds two and three are on Friday night, and rounds four through seven come your way on Saturday, starting at 10 a.m. We'll keep you in the loop here.
  • I spoke with LeSean McCoy on Spudcam the other day and, I'll tell you, he looks great. McCoy is in a month early for the off-season conditioning program -- as are a lot of players, all of a sudden -- and he said he wants to really hit the weight room for the first time in his life. This is a player whom I expect will take a huge step forward in his second NFL season. McCoy said he wants to play at around 209 pounds this year. He was up at about 211 as a rookie.
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