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Looking Ahead To This Day Two In Draft

Still wondering how Jeremy Maclin lasted so long in round one when every, every, every mock draft had him going in the top 10, and more than that, after every team had him rated as highly. Then again, maybe not every team, because the Oakland Raiders went in another direction and selected Darrius Heyward-Bey at number seven overall, and then the 49ers selected Michael Crabtree at 10 overall, and it seemed the rest of the picks leading up to 19 were locked in by those respective teams.

Anyway, the Eagles have Maclin, and they are thrilled on the day after. Maclin is a legitimate candidate to come right in and return kicks -- he returned both punts and kickoffs at Missouri -- and his skills are extremely well suited for this offense. He does it all, and he *did *it all at Missouri. The numbers he put up there were just staggering. Incredible.

Let's wait to see how he assimilates into the offense before projecting how much Maclin will play as a wide receiver this year. I have to laugh when I read questions about the Eagles adding another receiver/return man one year after drafting DeSean Jackson. Hey, yo, give me a team of DeSean Jacksons and we're lining up Vince Lombardi trophies at the NovaCare Complex. Maclin is a different player than Jackson in terms of his body type, his strength and his speed -- although both are very, very fast -- and the real similarity is that Maclin makes plays with the ball in his hands and makes the Eagles so wonderfully dangerous on offense.

I'm daydreaming of a four-wide set with Kevin Curtis, Jackson, Jason Avant and Maclin spread, and with Brian Westbrook in the backfield. Name a fourth cornerback who can handle that. Name a defense that can handle that.

If this offensive line plays up to the level the Eagles expect, watch out for the explosiveness of this offense. At the same time, the Eagles are so much bigger, more athletic and younger up front, and they have an experienced fullback in Leonard Weaver, so they really can line up and play smash-mouth football, too.

Fun, fun, fun ...

... On to day two. Expect a run of tight ends early in the third round. I don't necessarily expect the Eagles to move up in that round, but they can if they want with the four fifth-round selections. I'm thinking tight end, cornerback and then line of scrimmage today.

... What's up with all the booing up in New York now on draft day? Lions fans booed Matthew Stafford? Are you kidding me? They would have been cheering for an offensive lineman or a linebacker? Do some mouthy fans think they are the show on a day that is the greatest moment in a young man's life? It's a shame.

... Really looking forward to seeing LeSean McCoy learn this offense. This is the mind-boggling stat of all for McCoy: 36 touchdowns in two seasons at Pittsburgh. He is a playmaker all the way. The Eagles have rebuilt this offense in an off-season, haven't they?

... Will the Eagles make trades today? I imagine they will. They have in the past. And there could be some veterans on the move as the Eagles shed some weight from the roster.

... Dallas has 12 picks in rounds three through seven. I guess they seem to think the strength of the draft is on day two.

... Favorite players in this day? I like cornerback Asher Allen from Georgia and tight end Chase Coffman from Missouri. See how it goes ...

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