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In Locker Room, Eagles Confident

There are no down-in-the-dumps faces. The Eagles are 3-6 and we know the situation: After many weeks of "have-to-have" games, the Eagles are probably in their first true "must-win" game of the season.

A loss to the Giants would make the Eagles 3-7 and, well, you do the math in a 16-game season.

"We're confident," said defensive end Trent Cole. "Of course we are. We're going to go there and play our best football. That's the way we look at things."

That's the way teams have to look at things. It is understandable. Last week's game is last week's game and the Eagles certainly don't want to get dragged down in the doom-and-gloom conversations of the outside world. All eyes are on the Giants, a team that has always been a great rival of the Eagles.

"We know them and they know us," said running back LeSean McCoy. "They beat us earlier in the year, so we have to get back at them. The only way to do that is to play a great game."

And to play a great game, the Eagles must bring everything they have to Northern New Jersey. They may or may not have Michael Vick, who hasn't practiced this week (through Thursday). Ditto Jeremy Maclin, the team's leading wide receiver. Cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie isn't likely to play with his high ankle sprain.

Those are three key players who could be out, so the depth of the team is going to be tested. It's the same story in every NFL city, but in this particular city the margin for error is at the boiling point and the Eagles can ill afford another step in the wrong direction.

It's not only a test for the players. It's a test for coaching, too. If Vince Young replaces Vick, does the game plan stay the same? Are there things Young can run that will bring out the best of his game that otherwise the Eagles might opt not to use? Riley Cooper, who figures to step in should Maclin not play, isn't able to stretch the field as Maclin does, so how do the Eagles use Cooper's strengths to the offense's advantage?

Without Rodgers-Cromartie, the Eagles would use Joselio Hanson in the slot in coverage, so how does that impact what Juan Castillo wants to do?

The Eagles must contain the Giants pass rush, get quarterback Eli Manning off of his game and do the things necessary to win a tough road game in a hostile environment. You know all of the keys to the game. You know all about this team.

What you hopefully now know is that the Eagles aren't down and out about being 3-6. Disappointed, of course. But you learn in this league that the past is just that and that what happens today is what matters.

There is a feeling of optimism in the air on this Friday. It's good to know, good to feel. It's been a tough season. The Eagles are taking the positive approach. Let's see what that means come Sunday night.

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