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Head Coach Chip Kelly

Having Matt Barkley in there with the first team there towards the end, anything to read into that?  COACH KELLY:  "Yeah, he's going to be named our starting quarterback when we play the Washington Redskins (joking). Just trying to get reps in the walkthrough period.  You can read into it what you want to read into it."

Have you done that before?  Getting Matt reps? COACH KELLY:  "In a walkthrough period? Yeah."

With ones? COACH KELLY:  "Yeah, with the ones, yeah.  All of our guys get reps in the walkthroughs.  I think G.J. Kinne took some reps today."

Starting quarterback on September 9th? COACH KELLY:  "Second starting quarterback (joking). We're just trying to get reps, 15 minute period.  What can we do?  Just rolling those guys through."

Was this the schedule for today? COACH KELLY:  "Yeah, our schedule's been mapped out forever.  Last week, we went two full days with the Patriots, you know, and then actually another practice. Even though we were in helmets, we were in full pads two days before the game.  Even though our schedule was the same, today that we were going to take a little off in terms of where they are and then we'll come back tomorrow as the day before the game and then play because it was a shorter week."

Will Nick Foles and Michael Vick both get more work than they did in the first preseason game? COACH KELLY:  "Yeah, we're trying to get our ones more work through the first and second quarter now.  We'll see how that plays itself out.  Does that mean it's going to be by series or whatever? It depends on how many snaps and how long the series are.  So all those guys, whether it's Nick or Matt or any of our ones, they really go one drive, two drive, some of those guys in there in the ten to 12 range.  We want to get that extended as we get into our second preseason game.

"So hopefully we can get those guys through the second quarter.  It just depends on how it plays itself out.  If we get a lot of reps in the first quarter, it's more by the number of snaps.  In the ideal world, we'd like to get them into the first and second quarter, and not see those guys at all in the second half.  But it depends on how it plays itself out."

Is there any chance that Jason Peters plays on Thursday? COACH KELLY:  "I don't have the exact on him.  I know he's very close.  We'll make sure    he's been running around and doing a lot of things.  I don't think, going through today, I would say probably not, but we'll see how he is.  Some of those other guys, LeSean (McCoy) will go, Cary (Williams) will go, barring anything happen in the next day or so."

How long is Barkley going to go? COACH KELLY:  "It depends again.  You could see him in the second or third.  We also want to get G.J. and Dennis (Dixon) some reps.  Hopefully we can get all five in again, only G.J. got three snaps."

Are there certain players that you want to see either more from what they do or more in the game that you know going in that you want to see more of certain players?  COACH KELLY:  "I would think that would say for everybody.  We only had our    some of our ones only played nine, ten snaps the other night.  So as we get going, part of this is they've got to learn to play a little bit longer, and they've got to start to extend them a little bit as we get here.  So we're hoping we get more out of all of our guys.

"You're not going to see our ones in the third quarter, but they're going to get more reps than they got last week."

What do you want to see different in this game than you did in the first game?  What do you hope for? COACH KELLY:  "You just hope there is improvement overall at everything.  I don't think there is any position you could say they were really good.  Let's go.  I think you want to go from game 1 to game 2, just what type of improvements, what type of understanding do they have now?  I think for some of the young guys, the surprise and the newness hopefully will wear off when they're a little bit more in tune to the game.  There were some wide eyed guys and understandably so in that first game against the Patriots.

"But, defensively, we need to be better in terms of our gaps, in terms of our pursuit to the football, getting everybody to the ball and rallying and making sure we'd stop those long runs and those long plays that they had.  Offensively, I thought we did a good job in ball security.  Though we did lose one fumble, and one fumble is one too many.  We've got to do a little bit better job sometimes.

"And a lot of times, it's different things.  The fumble was a protection mishap more than it was ball security.  But we have to make sure that there's not 11 guys that contribute to us losing the football on the offensive side.  We've got to do a little better job on that.  There were some administrative penalties we need to clean up.  Some of those are things that happened before the snap and those are things that we can clean up.  If we can clean that part up, it will be better for us in the long run.  But everybody has to improve as a group for us to move forward."

What has Jeff (Maehl) seen, and how can he help you? COACH KELLY:  "We're down, losing three receivers.  So you've got a guy that I know him very well.  I coached Jeff for four years, two years as a coordinator, two years as a head coach.  He catches the ball very well.  He's extremely tough.  I think he'll be able to add value to us not only as a receiver, but as a special teams player.  I think that's one of the things that Jeff came to Oregon as a safety and we moved him because of injuries to receiver, he's got a defensive back mentality.  He's had games where he's caught a 70-yard touchdown pass, and on the next play on the kickoff, he made the tackle on the 10 yard line.

"So that versatility, the ability to help on teams, the ability to play both inside receiver and outside receiver, he's got some physicality to him and he's got really good hands.  So hopefully we can get him up to speed pretty quickly.  The terminology is slightly different, so it's just trying to bridge that gap.  This is what we called it at Oregon, or it's a similar concept, that's what we're calling it here."

You're gathering quite a nest of Ducks here. COACH KELLY:  "I like that. You've been working on that one?"

Will Maehl play on Thursday?  COACH KELLY:  "I don't know that.  He couldn't participate today.  Nate (Menkin) is still going through his physical, so both of those guys have to pass in order for the trade to be finalized.  We're still waiting on that, that's why he didn't participate in anything today."

In the case of defensive end where you're trying to get Cedric Thornton many first-team reps and give him a chance to do the job, and you have Vinny Curry and Bennie Logan competing there.  Do you need to see Bennie against a first team in a preseason game to deem him a starter?  COACH KELLY:  "I would correct you.  We're not trying to get Ced to be the starter.  We're just making sure our guys get reps and letting the evaluation play out on the field.  So I don't think there is anybody saying we need to get this guy in so he can win the job.
It's a matter of we've played one game so far, so we're going to continue to look at those guys just like we look at them every day in practice, and make a determination on who is the best.  But a lot of times with the d line, because of how this game is played, we're going to be playing all six if we keep six on the active roster.

"It's not like he's a starter and he's going to play and the only time the backup gets in the game is when somebody gets hurt.  I think in that position particularly you'll see that more in the NFL.  People are starting to rotate defensive linemen and keep them fresh just because it's such a tough position to play.  I know that's kind of our thought process going in.  So I think you'll see all of those guys again kind of rolling through."

Do you know if you'll start Ced Thornton Thursday night? COACH KELLY:  "We haven't finalized any of that.  But you'll see all of those guys in the first half."

Did Vinny Curry surprise you in that first game?  Had you seen him playing well? COACH KELLY:  "No, I think everybody knows when Vinny got drafted here he's a very, very good pass rusher.  So it's a matter of now seeing him do the other things.  But we know Vinny can pass rush.  I think he showed that the other night, and that's part of the evaluation.  But you have to be able to, for all those guys, what are they like in the run game.  What are they like in all situations?" 

Is Fletcher Cox a better two-gap guy or one-gap guy? COACH KELLY:  "I don't think you could put one or the other because they have to do both.  It's not like you can take them out because you are going to switch defenses every play.  When we two gap we put this guy in. When we one gap, you put that guy in.  No, you're giving up too much.  It's like saying he's a good two deep corner but he's not a good three-deep corner.  So when we play two deep, put him in the game; when we play three deep, put him in the game.  You don't have that luxury in terms of how our defensive system is or any defensive system.

"I know as an offensive coach, I would love to know when that guy's in the game, it's two gap defense; when that guy's in the game, it's one gap defense.  They've got to be able to play at both."

When it's a guy like that, do you cater your defense more? COACH KELLY:  "To one guy?  No, we don't cater our defense to one guy, because there are ten other guys you have to worry about.  There are a lot of different things when you go through everything.  We're going to try to play to the overall team strength.  What are we best at."

In terms of what went into your decision to give Clay (Harbor) some snaps? COACH KELLY:  "Really just because we were light out there.  We felt he was the one tight end that probably has the speed and athletic ability to move all the way outside.  All of our tight ends know how to play inside receiver, and you see those guys flexed a lot.  But they're the number two or number three receiver.  They're closer to the ball and they've never been the widest receiver split out by themselves.

"I think Zach Ertz could do the same thing.  But we don't want to put it on Zach's plate right now.  He's still learning to be the wide tight end and H move tight end and some of those things.  I think Zach has that ability also.  But we felt the easiest transition right now is just to take Clay for a couple days now and train them out there.  When you do, you just add to his versatility."

Talk about Jake (Knott) so far? COACH KELLY:  "I think Jake's had a really, really good camp.  He's got an instinct and nose for the football.  He just kind of seems to be around it a lot.  There are some intuitive things that Jake brings out that sometimes it takes a long time to coach that into somebody.  He came here with that.  So I know as a staff, we were really pleased with his performance against the Patriots, and we'll see, hopefully, if he can build upon that."

With the style of play, Cam Newton's a lot different than Tom Brady.  What can you learn about your defense this week that you either didn't know last week or that is unique to Cam?  COACH KELLY:  "We've played against Cam before.  He has a unique quality.  He throws the ball extremely well.  He's not just a runner, but he presents a lot of different problems that most running quarterbacks do because of his size.  He's really built like an NBA power forward.
It's probably kind of what we did face last week if you really look at it.  We faced Tom Brady in the first half, and then faced Tim Tebow in the second half.  So they were running some zone read with Tim, so we kind of saw it a little bit.

"I don't know if Carolina's featuring it as much now.  They've got a new offensive coordinator in there.  But it does possess a little bit different threat than Tom back there.  A quarterback that can beat you with his feet kind of makes you rush lanes and some of the assignment things in terms of rushing the quarterback a little bit different."

What did you think of the first game with Nate Allen and of the safety position in general? COACH KELLY:  "I think all of those guys are getting familiar with how Billy (Davis) calls things and what we're teaching and what not.  I think overall as a group they're coming along.  But I think every single one of them will tell you that they need to improve in terms of how they played last week.  They can I think understand and recognizing and being a little quicker in diagnosing what the plays are and coming up and being able to understand where they fit and some of the schemes that we're doing.

"They're asked to do some things different than they were in the last defense they played, so there is a transition going on there."

Do you plan at all for Carolina, or are you playing on basically what you feel you need to work through? COACH KELLY:  "Same thing.  They obviously present a different defense than the Patriots play, and at times a different offense than what the Patriots play.  We didn't spend the entire week on Carolina but today was a big learning day for us.  One of the reasons we were separate was so we could spend some time on their looks.

"So over the course of the week really maybe Sunday was more corrections in terms of the game on Friday.  And us, just kind of still in camp mode.  But as the week got a little bit closer, we started to really concentrate on Carolina."

You gave Lane (Johnson) a couple days off after having the baby.  How do you balance a guy's personal moment and needing to be out here to start?  COACH KELLY:  "I think it was really important for him to be there.  I think where it fell in the season and for a guy like him that's been here every single day since we drafted him, his attention to detail, how hard he works and all of that, it was absolutely no question.

"But there are certain things that I think come up in everybody's life that kind of supersede what we're doing out here.  So he didn't seem to miss a beat when he jumped right back in.  He was here last night for the walkthrough, and I feel really confident that he'll be able to play.
"I thought he played for his first game, even though it would be a preseason game, I know all of us thought he'd play pretty good for his first preseason game.  So hopefully he can improve upon what he did last week."

(Jason) Kelce excelled at center in a scheme with power that would really cater to his type of size and athleticism.  I wonder how he's doing in this newer scheme?  COACH KELLY:  "I would think what we do helps him.  I think there are a lot of double teams.  There are a lot of things I would think what we do caters to Jason's strength also.  He's extremely quick.  He can get on three techniques pretty fast.  He's does a great job because he is such a smart player of reading double teams and who is coming off on the linebacker.

"So a lot of what we do    they ran a lot of zone plays here last year, so I don't think it's drastically different from a run game standpoint than what they were doing last year."

Some of the techniques, they were unconventional and different as far as you know, especially the way they repped or spun around or just a different technique?  COACH KELLY: "Yeah, I don't know what was taught because I wasn't here.  But when you watch the tape, they ran power, we run power.  They ran the zone scheme both inside and outside zone.  So there are a lot of similarities from the play selection.  How it was actually taught individually between Coach Mudd and Coach Stoutland, I can't speak to that because I never saw Howard coached."

What did you think from Jason in terms of setting the protection and getting everyone set up before the snap? COACH KELLY: "He's really the leader of those guys up front.  I think our O line calls start with him.  It's between him and the quarterback and making sure the protection is set the right way.  He's got a great football mind.  He's one of those guys that would say when he's done playing, he'll be a great coach, because I think his attention to detail, how much film he watches, how much he studies the game. I think he's done a great job so far."

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