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Head Coach Andy Reid

Injury Report: "(DT) Fletcher Cox has a concussion. (LB) Mychal Kendricks, a concussion. They will not practice today and we'll just go through the protocol that the league's given us for concussions. (QB Nick) Foles was put on IR with a broken hand and then we brought (DT Antonio) Dixon back to fill that spot. He gives us an opportunity to work (him) in as another defensive tackle in there."

Opening Remarks: "We look forward to the challenge of playing the Giants in New York. Two good NFC East football teams playing each other. It'll be fun."

On what stages in the concussion protocol both Cox and Kendricks are in: "No stage right now. They're going through all their exam stuff right now."

On whether he has a feel about whether Cox's or Kendricks' concussions could be less severe: "Right now, it looks like Cox is a little worse than Kendricks, but I can't tell you. He's got a headache today but he also has migraines. They're evaluating that to see what's what there. They'll go through the protocol and just see what happens with it."

On who is playing weakside linebacker in place of Kendricks: "(LB) Akeem (Jordan)."

On whether he has entertained the idea of this being his last week as Eagles head coach: "I really haven't. I'm spending my time getting ready for New York. Want to make sure we play well, play better than we've been playing and coach better and play better. So, that's really where my energy's gone."

On whether he feels that there is a possibility that this is his final game: "I haven't gone there. I haven't gone there and I'm not going to go there. I'm going to get through this game and make sure my football team's ready to go."

On whether his starting defensive tackle in place of Cox would be DT Derek Landri: "Yeah, Landri."

On how he would assess Cox's rookie season: "I think he's done some good things, learned a lot. I think he's got a bright future. Good football player."

On whether he plans to ease QB Michael Vick in during practice this week or insert him as the number one quarterback: "He's going to go in and go. We're not going to rotate him, if that's what you mean. We'll have him in and let him play. I think he's looking forward to that part."

On how much it helps this week that DT Antonio Dixon has been with the team before: "Well, he'll know most of the terminology and we'll just see.  We'll see how much he actually plays. I haven't put all the active list together, but I would presume if he's in good shape, that he'll have an opportunity to step in and do a couple of things."

On whether he expects Vick to be rusty: "We'll see how it goes. I want to see him in practice, see how he does. He sure looked sharp the last couple of weeks. He didn't do much two weeks ago, but this past week, he got in and moved around a little bit and he looked pretty good. We'll see how he does. Again, the speed of the game will be different than this practice and it might take him a minute to get going but he's been doing it for a long time so maybe it won't take as long as what we all think."

On Vick's reaction to getting the chance to start the season finale: "He was excited. I think sitting there as a backup and the guys razzing him a little bit last week, I think that made this even more fun for him to have a chance to get back in and play."

On whether there will be any limitations on RB LeSean McCoy this week: "I'll keep an eye on him but I think we've got a nice little rotation. We've got guys we trust getting in there and playing and I'd include (RB) Dion (Lewis) in that mix."

On how much he stresses the opportunity to knock the Giants out of the playoff picture to the team: "Probably not as much that as just having an opportunity to get better. We understand what the repercussions are if we beat them. We understand all that. But they've got one of those unique scenarios (where things) have to fall in place for them. We're going in to try to better ourselves and play better than what we've been playing."

On how S Kurt Coleman graded out against the Redskins: "He did alright. Not bad."

On whether Coleman will remain a starter at safety: "Yeah. He'll be in there."

On whether he envisioned having as long of a tenure as he has had in Philadelphia when he first took the Eagles head coaching job: "You don't think of those things. Your mind never goes there. It's one day at a time and that's how you go about it. You really don't look into the future. You don't look back. Not while you're in the mix with things. (You'll have) plenty of time to do that when you're done. You're always trying to better yourself and better the football team and better your coaches and so on."  

On whether not looking to the past or the future is difficult for a coach: "It's really not. No, it's really not. It's really not a big deal."

On the feel of the team following the victory over the Giants in Week 4: "We finished the game. We finished it with a win and we've had a couple since then that we haven't quite finished in the fourth quarter or the other team has started fast and we've been playing a catch-up game. We just didn't take care of business in the end there."

On what kind of decision it would be for him next year to choose between Vick and QB Nick Foles: "That's not where I'm at. I haven't got that far. We're cramming in all this during the holidays here with getting ourselves ready to play. I can honestly tell you that's where all the emphasis has gone. I haven't gone to that. There's plenty of time after the season to take of all that."

On FB Stanley Havili's hamstring injury: "He'll practice today."

On whether FB/TE Emil Igwenagu is practicing at fullback or tight end: "He's doing both. He's been doing that all along."

On his Christmas: "I had a good Christmas. I was around family, so I had a good Christmas. I know there are a lot of people that are out there that weren't as fortunate or were going through some real trials and tribulations at this time and my heart goes out to them. But I was fortunate to hang with my family and enjoy them."

On whether he expects Dixon to play on Sunday: "We'll see. I've got to get him out here and see how he moves around. His weight's down low, fairly low."

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