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Head Coach Andy Reid

Opening Remarks: "These are the guys that are out: (WR Riley) Cooper and (S) Colt (Anderson). Everybody else is ready to go and play and do their thing. As far as rotations go, we'll just see how things work out. Everybody's going to have an opportunity to play. I saw where some guys wrote about the linebackers, they're all going to play and they all have a role in one phase or the other of the game and we'll go. The same way with the defensive line; we rotate all those guys. They play. Again, we look forward to the challenge of playing Cleveland. We know that we're going up against a good football team in a hostile territory. So, we're getting ourselves ready to go. We had a good practice today, we had a good practice this week and I think they're prepared and ready to play."

On the explanation behind rotating linebackers during a game: "We had success with it last year; towards the end of last year. So, the guys know their role, they can focus in on it and they can go. They're all interchangeable, which is a good thing, and they all know each other's position and have gotten reps at all the positions so it works out well."

On whether it is more difficult to avoid illegal substitution penalties or having to burn more timeouts if you rotate linebackers: "I think we're okay. We seemed to function okay last year with that. So, I think we'll be fine."

On whether the flow or consistency of the game is altered by rotating linebackers or personnel in and out: "That doesn't do it. No, it doesn't do it. You're fine with that. They've all been in there, they've all done it so it's good."

On whether letting all of the linebackers play counters his philosophy of letting the best players play: "Well, we've done this in the past. We did it as far back as when (former defensive coordinator) Jim (Johnson) was here. We put guys in and took guys out for certain situations and I think you see that throughout the league. You see linebackers that rotate. I don't think it's any novelty here."

On what the rotation at linebacker says about LB DeMeco Ryans as a three-down linebacker: "I've been very happy with DeMeco. I'm giving everybody an opportunity. The one thing we've got is some experience with play time at positions there. So, everybody's going to have an opportunity to get in and do their thing."

On whether Ryans is in the same number of packages now as he was in during the preseason:  "Well, we were banged up at the beginning at that position. Yeah, he's in the same situation."

On what he has seen from QB Michael Vick this week: "Michael's done a nice job. He's come out; he doesn't look like he has any repercussions of the ribs or the hand or anything else. I mean, he's out throwing the ball and throwing it well, worked very fast and aggressive with his receivers, trying to get his timing with them right. It looks like he's done a good job."

On how hard it is to game plan for Browns RB Trent Richardson, who has not played in the preseason: "I know (defensive coordinator) Juan (Castillo) has gone back and looked at the college stuff and made sure that he's got a good feel on what they did there. It's a little different scheme, but he's taken a peek at it. He's a good football player and we know that and so we've got to be ready for him. He's very tough and quick and strong and everything. He's a good running back."

On whether LB Casey Matthews has shown him enough since returning from injury to earn him a spot in the linebacker rotation: "Well, we're trying to get him reps in here, yeah. We'll just see how things go for the game, but we're trying to get him out here in practice. He hasn't had any setbacks. You see that a lot with high ankle sprains, where they tweak the thing. He's gone three days here without a tweak, so that's a plus."

On whether there are any changes on the depth chart behind RB LeSean McCoy: "No."

On whether the McCoy's backup will be RB Dion Lewis or RB Bryce Brown: "Well, we'll see. (Jokingly) I can't give you guys everything. I mean, come on. I've got to have one secret."

On his message to the rookies every year leading into the first game: "Listen, go play. I mean, really that's it. Do your best and go play. Don't worry about anything else and it looks like they're wired that way. I think we've got a good mix of young guys and veteran players. So, the veterans seem to have confidence in the young guys and that always helps."

On DT Fletcher Cox's knee: "Fletcher's good."

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