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Head Coach Andy Reid

Opening Remarks: "Welcome back. It was good to give the players a day off. I think they used it wisely and came back to have a good practice today, weather permitting. As far as the injuries go, (DE) Trent Cole would be the new addition to this list. He hurt his AC joint early in practice (on Monday). I don't even remember the play he hurt it on but it ended up hurting him at night. He got a hold of (head athletic trainer) Rick Burkholder and came back and got some treatment on it. It swelled up a little bit. We'll see how many days it is that he is out. I can't give you an actual time on it. (DE Jason Babin) is doing better, (TE Brent Celek) you saw out here running and he's doing better, (WR Riley Cooper) is doing better and is comfortable right now, and then (S Phillip Thomas) with the hamstring is getting better. Look forward to getting the work in today. Today is Military Day, thus the hat. We are all going to wear these hats in tribute to the military. I've said this before but without the military we aren't able to do what we do as professional athletes and coaches and as a country. Our hats off to them and the great work that they do to protect us."

On whether Celek is getting closer to participating in contact drills: "The thing he can't do right now that he's got to be able to do is cut. He's doing okay. You saw him running the hoops over there and he is getting better but it is not quite ready to go today. We'll see here in the next couple of days here how he improves. He's taken big steps every day."

On whether having both starting defensive ends out with injuries means there are greater opportunities for young players to make the team: "Those guys now have an opportunity to get more reps. We always preach that every rep you get is an opportunity to show what you can do and be able to better yourself as a professional football player. When another man gets hurt it gives you an opportunity."

On whether the team will carry more defensive ends on the roster during the regular season: "We'll have to see. I think we have that many that are good players but I've got to balance out the rest of the roster. (GM Howie Roseman) and I will get together and will do that as time goes on here. You never know what is going to happen. We're way early in this thing still."

On how OT Demetress Bell has performed in training camp: "Every day he has gotten better. He looks like he is picking things up mentally and we have thrown a ton at him. He's been able to handle that and physically he has gotten better every day out here. I've been pleased with what I have seen. He has to continue to work and he has plenty of room to improve. He's definitely getting better."

On whether the team plans on continuing an intense training camp: "We will as long as we can get outside. I think they are calling for thundershowers this afternoon so we will see how it goes. If we go outside, yeah, we will gear back up here."

On how LB DeMeco Ryans has performed in training camp: "DeMeco is playing faster now than he did when we first started out and that's only because he is more comfortable. He'll become even faster after more reps. Most of the installs are in on the defensive side so now he can kind of focus in on the offensive side; all the routes that have been put in and the things that you normally game plan for that you're not able to do during training camp because you're so busy installing your side of the ball. You don't get too caught up with the other side."

On whether he has been happy with the competition at safety: "I am excited about the competition at a lot of positions. The safety position is a good one to pick. I think the guys are competing like crazy and you're seeing young guys getting better. (S Jaiquawn Jarrett) in particular. You have seen him step up his game. It looks like (S Oshiomogho Atogwe) is picking up things really fast. It's a good thing."

On how long Trent Cole will be out: "It is going to be day to day so we will just see how it goes. He's got swelling in there so we tried to get it calmed down last night. Rick tried to get it calmed down last night and this morning it was swollen a little bit more than it was yesterday. He will keep working on it and once we get that swelling out then he will be back. It could be a day or it could be a week. You just don't know."

On whether he is satisfied with the progression made by RB Dion Lewis: "He needs to continue to work on his pass blocking. That's something that (RB LeSean McCoy) had to do also coming from the same offense. You can tell he has improved quite a little bit in that area. You've seen him take on a few defensive ends here and he held his own. He got lifted off of the ground about three feet but he held his own (joking). He's just got to continue to work on that."

On how well WR Jeremy Maclin has been playing in training camp: "He's healthy. Last year he wasn't healthy. This year he is healthy and you can see it in his quickness, stamina, strength, and releases in particular and getting off of the ball where you need all these things."

On whether he is able to be more patient with injured veterans since he knows how they will perform in games during the season: "I think with injuries in this day and age in football you've got to be patient. You don't want to put the player in a bind. You think about them first and then the practices second. You don't want to put them in a position where they get hurt worse than what they already are. That's the way we have done it since I have been the head coach here. It does help to have depth. That's a good thing."

On how he has felt about both the offense and defense performing well so early in training camp: "We are doing a lot of ones versus twos and twos versus ones. That's showing up a little bit in the live periods. We're not going ones versus ones so you're seeing the first team defense dominate and you're seeing the first team offense dominate. That's always a good thing."

On whether he has been happy with QB Michael Vick's ball security: "So far so good. He's done a good job and worked very hard."

On the performance of DE Vinny Curry during training camp: "Remember the high ankle sprain he had. Those things tweak themselves for a month or two and we understand that. Working with that he sure has done a nice job with his pass rush. He is very strong and you can see that and he has great leverage. So much of it is how low you can get coming around the edge and the target that you present to the offensive lineman. He does all of those things naturally so that is a good thing to work with."

On whether things are coming together more quickly than last year's training camp: "I think just with the offseason. The offseason helps that. We didn't have the offseason last year and nobody did. I think every coach that you ask they will probably tell you the same thing. You are further ahead than you were last year coming in. The new guys that we picked up last year that had no offseason kind of got slighted a little bit in training camp because of the rules. They have been able to go through the whole thing now and they seem like they are a little more comfortable."

On whether he would classify last year's rookies as "rookies and a half": "Well they have played before. Some of these guys have played a lot of years and have been really good players. I probably would not say that."

On how special military day at training camp is to him: "It's awesome. I would tell you that Philadelphia is strong over in Afghanistan where I went. There were a lot of numbers there. I mentioned that with (military veteran Mike Thomas) who has all of the Eagles tattoos. I saw a number of those when I was in Afghanistan. They are passionate people. Most of all you get to see the camaraderie of all of the different groups that come together like the Army and Navy. I joked with the Navy and asked them what they were doing since there is no water over here. They told me to just keep my eyes open and they were right. They did some pretty good things. Marines, Special Forces and all of the different groups and how they all work together. It is an amazing deal."

On whether he will shave his mustache since WR Chad Hall is shaving his head for charity: "He's got enough hair right now that he can give it up. I'm just letting my mustache grow a little bit because I cannot grow my hair anymore."

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