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Head Coach Andy Reid

Injury Report: "(S) Colt Anderson, no mini-camps or OTAs. We'll just see how it goes for training camp. (LB) Jamar Chaney, who had neck surgery, no mini-camps or OTAs but he should be ready for camp. (DE) Maurice Fountain, who got hurt yesterday, tore his patellar tendon and will have to have surgery on that. He was actually doing a heck of a job. (DT) Mike Patterson, who had brain surgery as you are aware of, no mini-camps or OTAs, should be okay for training camp. He's actually doing very well right now and he's been going through the workouts but he can't put a helmet on. (T) Jason Peters, Achilles tendon tear, is out indefinitely for right now until we make a decision on that. (RB) Chris Polk, hamstring strain. He was one of the rookies here and he should be okay. The people who should be fine are (TE) Brent Celek – we'll limit his reps a little bit in mini-camp just to see how he's doing until we hit the OTAs, and then we'll go from there but he should be fine for training camp. (LB) Moise (Fokou), who had ankle surgery, should be cleared along with (C) Jason Kelce, he's cleared. Jason had a foot sprain."

Opening Remarks: "All-in-all, I was happy with the way things worked out in this mini-camp. It was good to get the rookies out here, give them the reps they were able to get which you saw was a lot of them. They were able to show some stuff and I don't think anyone is left here feeling slighted at the number of reps that they got to show. I was surprised by their retention, it helps you have two quarterbacks who can pick up things offensively and middle linebackers who can digest what we're throwing at them and can get them lined up and going. All-in-all, good camp."

On getting the whole team back together for OTAs after what they went through last year: "I'm going to tell you that I look forward to that, but we've had everybody up here. It will be good to get the helmets and jerseys on – they'll be in the same outfits as this crew is in for the OTAs and the mandatory mini-camp that we finish with. That's a good thing because we can actually do offense versus defense and get the work that we need to get knocked out before we start training camp."

On whether this camp is important to get the rookies acclimated to the Eagles team structure: "Yeah, it's a good foundation. It's a good introduction. We threw a lot at them, and we feel that they digested it pretty well. Did we have to move guys around a little bit? Yeah, but I thought this was a great introduction that they can build on. When they get together with the veterans, and now they have that extra pressure and everything is moving a little bit faster, at least they have that foundation to build on."

On whether he sees LB Mychal Kendricks as the starter at SAM linebacker: "We're going to have a staff meeting here and we're going to go over all that stuff. I'll tell you that he looked good out here. He made a lot of plays and got his hands on the ball. We have to see where he gets the most reps, and I have to go through all of that with the coaches and we'll figure it out."

On whether they would like to incorporate more blitzes into the defensive scheme after working on blitzing a lot during rookie mini-camp: "(General Manager) Howie (Roseman) and I told you when we took Mychal that it's one of his strengths. He was really good at that in college. You can get a guy coming off the tight end side or the strong side and you feel comfortable with speed, agility, and the ability to adjust to make the tackle when he's moving fast and furious to go forward. You want to exploit that the best you can. It was good to get him introduced to it, and we'll see how he does once we get the pads on."

On Kendricks' pass breakups during the camp: "He did, he did. He had those two over the middle actually and those are tough because they were against a wide receiver that we were trying to bring across his face. You have to have a little bit of athletic ability to do that."

On CB Cliff Harris' interception: "I got on him a little bit about that, but that was a good play. Actually, he was smart. He waited to jump. It was against (WR) Ron Johnson and Ronald, and it was actually above him a little bit and he trusted that if the guy gets the grab that he could go right up through his hands and knock the ball out. It was a really nice play. He's actually had a really nice camp."

On whether FB Stanley Havili is the No. 1 fullback: "Yes."

On DT Fletcher Cox's flexibility to move around to different positions on the defensive line: "I think that's what he gives you. He gives the opportunity to move him around a little bit. Whether you have him at tackle or end, or one technique or three technique or even widen him out to the nine, I think he has the athletic ability to do that. Right now, we're concentrating on the two inside techniques. He's comfortable in there. You have to be comfortable to do that unless you're going to flop those players when the tight end moves or depending on the strength of the formation changes, you have to be able to play both the three and the one."

On several players' past character issues before coming into the NFL: "Yeah, we have a couple guys that we're giving a second chance to. They goofed up, and we felt through our evaluation process that they're not bad kids and we'll give them a chance. They know they goofed up, and that's important, and they admitted they goofed up which is really important. We'll see if there's a change that takes place."

On whether Reid has to talk with the players about those issues before he feels comfortable signing them: "We sent (special teams coordinator) Bobby (April) down there and he met with him down in Tulsa (relating to WR Damaris Johnson). We try to do our homework before we brought the guys in, and we did background checks on them. We just wanted to make sure we felt comfortable with it. Do they know that they goofed? Yeah, they know they goofed. Do they know that there aren't a lot of second chances in this world? They're  getting one, so let's see what they do with it."

On whether safeties Nate Allen and Jaiquawn Jarrett will go into camp as the starters: "Actually, you'll have Kurt (Coleman instead of Jarrett)."

On how CB Brandon Boykin progressed through the camp: "He made progress. He had a little bit of an ankle bothering him before camp here. We kind of took it easy to see where he was and he felt pretty good. His foot held up well. With that inside slot position, you have to make sure that you maintain leverage and I thought he improved on that. It was something that I thought he needed to work on when he drafted him, and I felt he did better." 

On why RB Chris Polk did not practice: "Hamstring strain."

On whether any of the tryout players will be brought onto the team: "Right when I leave here, we have a staff meeting and I have it all set up so that we can look at these kids because they have to get out of here. If there are any that we really like, we'll end up keeping them. There were a couple who stood out and had a pretty nice camp such as the safeties who were in there. I thought they did a pretty good job. I mean, what an opportunity, right? They come in here and bust their tails. That's one of the neat things about the new rules is they get to come in and show. Now, we have to let some of them go but when people call us, the way they handled themselves, they may got a shot somewhere else if not here."

On how bad he feels for DE Maurice Fountain: "I'll tell you, he's one of my favorite guys. He just does everything that he's asked to. You know the story, and those are sick deals. It was a freak thing. Like I said, he hasn't played in the NFL so he doesn't have a lot of years on him, and it's been arena league. I tell him that he's a young 29 in the football world, so he can rehab that thing and he can play. He can play at the next level and he was on course to do that. You don't like seeing that happen, but he's a young kid and he'll bust his tail to get back."

On whether it will be tough for Fountain to come back in 2012: "Yeah, it'll be pretty tough. Those are like an ACL, the patellar tendon. Those are tough."

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