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Head Coach Andy Reid

Opening Comments: "Alright, on the injury front – the two players that are out for this game are (T) King Dunlap and then (CB) Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie. We've got (WR) Jeremy Maclin; he's listed as questionable and making improvement here every day. If he's cleared by (Head Athletic Trainer) Rick (Burkholder) and the docs, then he'd have a chance to play. The same way with (QB) Michael (Vick) with the ribs. Again, he's questionable so if he had a chance, even though they didn't practice, they're far enough along to where I'd feel comfortable with them playing. (DE) Brandon Graham has a rib contusion and is likewise questionable. He did practice, and was able to do some things, but he's a little bit sore there. Again, we look forward to the challenge of playing the Giants. They're a great football team. Every time we play them it's a knockdown, drag out. Our guys have had a good week of preparation and, again, look forward to that opportunity to go on up to New York and play against a good football team."

On whether there has been any improvement in Vick's condition between yesterday and today: "Yeah, there actually has. He's feeling a little bit better. I'm not going to tell you he's feeling great, but he's feeling a little bit better."

On whether Graham was injured in practice: "It actually happened in the game. Just a little bit sore, it's not a major thing."

On what Graham is listed as on the injury report: "We've got him as questionable."

On whether the game plan will need to be altered a little bit if Vick plays because of his injury: "I don't think you can do that. I think (if) he plays, he plays, and you go with it. I don't think we would do that."

On whether Vick has ever started a game without taking any reps in practice all week: "I don't think he has. I don't think he's done it."

On where Vick is compared to where he needs to be: "I don't know, we'll just see. I mean, he made some improvement from yesterday, so we're going to see how it goes with another day here. (QB) Vince (Young) has taken all the reps with the ones and, you know, if we have to go that direction, we're good there. I feel very comfortable with Vince; he's had a good week of practice."

On Young learning the offense and coming along without seeing time on the field: "Yeah, well, he's worked very hard at learning the offense. He spent a lot of time with (Quarterbacks Coach) Doug (Pederson) and (Offensive Coordinator) Marty (Mornhinweg). They've done a good job with him, teaching him the offense. Most of all he's been willing to spend the time. So, he gets in here early, leaves late, and comes back after dinner and hits it a little longer, so he's doing some good things."

On what he needs to see from Maclin in order to play him: "Really, it's the shoulder is actually the thing I told you I thought was a little more serious than the hamstring. He ran today, it's just a matter of him feeling comfortable running. He's made improvement with that, and we'll just see how he does here the next couple days. If he doesn't go, (WR) Riley (Cooper) jumps in and plays."

On whether there is any value to activating Vick if he doesn't start to hand off in case the other two quarterbacks are injured: "Yeah, I've just got to see how he's doing. That's a valid question, and that'd be the answer, yeah."

On whether Vick has done any throwing on the side at practice and whether the decision to play is his alone: "We keep an open communication, that's how we do it. So, that's how we'll go. I know he wants to play, and I understand that, so that's what he's shooting for. I think we've got to make sure we check with the docs, and Rick, and see how things go."

On whether he's thrown: "He hasn't thrown, no."

On how G Evan Mathis is looking and whether he will start Sunday: "Mathis feels pretty good, so I think he's ready to go. He's taken all the reps."

On who will back up Mathis if he can't play: "That'll be (C) Jamaal (Jackson)."

On whether Vick is a game-time decision or whether he will decide earlier: "You know what, I'm taking it day by day and just seeing how he does. He made improvement from yesterday, so I'm going to see how far he goes into tomorrow. We just rested him. We haven't done anything, so he hasn't thrown, he hasn't done anything. He's come to all the meetings and done the brainwork, but I just want him resting that thing. I'm not worried about him being in shape or anything else. Let's just see if it calms down a little bit."

On whether Vick would play if the game was today: "Well, he didn't practice today, so I'd have to tell you he wouldn't play today, if we were playing."

On whether Vick will make the trip to New York regardless: "I'm going to just see how things go tomorrow. I've told this to Michael, Rick, everybody, I just want to see where he's at tomorrow, and talk with the docs, and talk with Rick, and talk with Michael. We've been doing it every day here, so keep the communication line open."

On working with Young over the last few months mechanically and whether he's wanted to change a lot of what he's done mechanically: "I don't think you necessarily do that with a quarterback. I think he's been throwing the football a long time, and done pretty good at it. The mechanics come from the waist down. You're not going to change a release when a guy has got that much time invested in working it. So the thing you can always work on, and this is all quarterbacks throughout their career, is the foundation that they build with their feet and that platform, that they keep that nice and balanced and stable."

On whether there is any criterion for the way a player is listed on the injury report: "Listen, I go off of the docs and Rick on it. They fill this thing out and then we talk about it. They give you the percentages and everything that you guys all know, possible playability."

On the key to the success he's had with backup quarterbacks performing well: "I think we've been fortunate to have good players. That's important. And then Marty, the assistant coaches, Marty and whoever the quarterback coach has been have done a nice job with that. When Brad (Childress) was the coordinator, same thing. We've been fortunate to have attracted good players, and then be able to teach them the system."

On whether he gets the sense that Young is eager to prove that he's developed: "I think right now, would he like to play? Absolutely, I mean, he's a competitive guy. How much he's thinking about that? I can't tell you. I would tell you that he spent a lot of time learning the offense. I think that's making sure that he has the game plan down, and knows the offense. I don't think his mind's gone further than that. There hasn't been any time for all that. Would he love to play? Yeah, competitive guy."

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