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Head Coach Andy Reid

Opening Comments: "Alright, injuries – we have (DE) Trent (Cole) and (T) Jason (Peters) listed as out. (DE Juqua Parker) practiced today, as did (DE) Darryl Tapp. JP is listed as questionable on this and probable on Tapp. Both of them got good work in today, Tapp is a little further along than the way JP is, but JP felt a lot better today than he did yesterday so we're optimistic there. Again, we look forward to the challenge of playing Buffalo, a good football team, and very worthy of their record. And an opportunity to play in Buffalo, which again, we look forward too. Our players have had a good week of practice, been focused, and have worked hard to learn about the opponent."

On whether he has to worry about players not playing loose and free with so much on the line: "You need to take the same approach you do all games. We try to keep that as consistent as we can so if you're in a situation like this, or if you've won three games in a row, than you keep it consistent. You go out, play your best football, do it one play at a time, and that's how you go about your business."

On whether there was any noticeable difference in this week's practices from prior weeks: "Listen, I thought they had good energy this week. I have a short memory, I don't look back too much. I thought they had a good week this week and prepared well."

On whether this is one of the weeks where just getting pressure on the quarterback is important because of how few times Bills QB Ryan Fitzpatrick has been sacked: "Well listen, he does a heck of a job getting the ball out fast and our guys do a heck of a job of getting to the quarterback fast, so it'll be a good challenge for our defensive line and any blitzers that might come. You're talking about a very intelligent guy that has a great feel for the game, that's Fitzpatrick I'm talking about, and so those are the kinds of challenges you enjoy having as a football player."

On the challenge ahead for G Danny Watkins and how he has looked in practice this week: "You know what, Danny's actually done a nice job, which I anticipated. We kind of eased him back in, (Offensive Line Coach) Howard (Mudd) did, the last couple weeks, so he took all the reps this week and did well."

On what he sees from defensive lineman Marcell Dareus lining up against Watkins this Sunday for the Bills: "He's a good football player. Again, I think for our offensive line it's a great challenge. I don't think he's the only good player on that defensive line, but he sure is a good one, he's playing well."

On whether he expects the Bills to run stunts against Watkins: "Well that's part of their game. They run them no matter who they're playing, so I'm sure they're not going to change that this week. They're very good at it. Those inside techniques are very quick."

On whether he expects DT Derek Landri to play this Sunday: "Yeah, you know what, I think he can, yeah. He went through practice, he came in in good shape, he went and did all the reps that he was asked to do, and did them well and fast. He's a veteran guy, he knew somewhere along the line he would get picked up here so he kept himself in good shape, ready to go."

On whether Landri playing depends on whether Parker is up or down: "We'll see. I'll get with (General Manager) Howie (Roseman) and we'll go over the numbers. I had to kind of get through the week before we made any decisions on who's up and who's down right now. It's that time of the year when we have to see how guys are running around a little bit, and today I thought was an important day."

On whether there is any extra urgency to get Parker into the lineup with Trent out: "Well you don't want to put him in a bad position, that's not what we're going to do. With a high ankle sprain you're going to have good days, you're going to have bad days, I mean, that's how it works. Yesterday was not a good day for him, he was sore. He came back today and said he felt good, so I think that's a positive thing. I think it helps that you're, especially on this time of the year, you're playing on a surface that's got to be consistent, just like our indoor facility is, so this is a good measuring stick for him today. We'll just see how he does."

On whether gets the sense that his linebackers know the scrutiny they're come under and whether they're rallying together: "This is what I think; I think they're young guys working to get better every day. I think that's where their major focus is right now. You've got to take care of what you can control, and in that case, for a football player or a football coach, that's getting better at what you do. Obviously that covers a lot of ground, but you take care of what you can control and once you get away from that you start having big ears or anything, than you're in trouble. Stay focused on (football), and I think that group has that mindset." 

On whether he sees why people may think that there should be less trickery down near the goal line: "Well, after that one last week I could understand that. That was not a beautiful thing. We've got to do better. I can completely understand that, yeah."

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