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Head Coach Andy Reid

Opening Comments: "Alright, the people that didn't practice today were (DE) Darryl Tapp and then (T) Jason Peters came out with an ankle, Achilles, tenderness. Nothing looks to be too serious, so they're going to check it out and see how he's doing. He seems to be doing well now. (CB Dominique Rodgers-) Cromartie went through practice, (LB) Akeem (Jordan) went through practice, (QB) Vince Young actually went through practice and did some things, which was good.

"Not that he's all the way back yet, but it was good for him to get out there and move around a little bit. Look forward to the challenge of playing Atlanta. We know how tough the Falcons are and what a good football team they are. I think our guys have had a good week of preparation; we were able to work a little noise today, knowing that it's going to be a loud venue down there and our guys will be ready to go."

On the Atlanta offense and how balanced they are: "They can do both very well. They throw the football very well; they've got a couple running backs that are really good, so they can run the ball very well. They have a great mix. (Falcons Offensive Coordinator) Mike Mularkey does a nice job with that offense."

On whether Peters was hurt during practice or prior: "No, it was during practice, yeah, just towards the end there."

On the crowd noise seeming louder during practice: "Yeah, we had a new unit put in."

On how much practicing with crowd noise helps: "I think it's good. It's good for the communication process, or lack thereof, so you've got to do a lot of things off recognition and pointing and so on. It's good to do."

On whether it is sometimes dangerous to play a team coming off a bad loss: "You know, we don't get into that we just try to prepare ourselves for a good football team. Understand teams win and lose in this league, and that's how things work, and so we look at the tape and we practice off of what we see and we know they've got a good football team. Sometimes things don't always turn out the way you want them but they've got good coaching, and they've got good players, and good schemes so that's what we've prepared for."

On how Young looked at practice: "You know, he looked pretty good. Probably not all the way back, but he looked good."

On whether Young will be active this Sunday: "Right now I'd probably say I'm leaning away from that, but we'll see how it goes here. I want to see how he does tomorrow and how he feels after the work today."

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