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Head Coach Andy Reid

Opening Comments:"Alright we'll get started here.  The thing we'll address here is the [QB] Kevin Kolb, [CB] Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie trade.  Kevin is going to the Arizona Cardinals, and Dominique, who is a cornerback, is coming to the Philadelphia Eagles along with a second round draft pick.  I'd like to, number one, compliment [President] Joe [Banner] and [General Manager] Howie [Roseman] for doing a great job in executing that along with the Arizona Cardinal front office.  I just thought it was well executed.  [Arizona Cardinals Head Coach] Ken Wisenhunt, everybody did a top-notch job with communication in a very short period of time. We were flying both their agents, Eugene Parker who is Dominique's, and then Jeff Nally, who is Kevin's, have been very helpful in this process so it's been a joint union here working to get this done.  Dominique should be up here some time tomorrow but he's got to get equipment, physical, and the whole works.  We'll try to get him out here tomorrow afternoon but the better chance is probably the following day.  Everybody is excited and fired up for this.  Again, he'll go to the right cornerback position and work in at that spot."
On what took place over the past year leading to Kolb leaving the team:"I can't tell you I won't miss him as a person and as a player, but I think he's very well deserving of this opportunity.  He's got a great head coach who has a great offensive mind and he's got a couple pretty good wide receivers there.  One in particular who is one of the best in the business.  He's in a good position there with good players around him and I know he'll do a great job.  I'm pulling for him because he is so deserving and he's that good to where he can do this."  
On whether or not he felt any obligation to trade Kolb because of his loyalty:"The thing I can tell you is that I think he deserves this opportunity.  I remember back to [CB] Al Harris.  I felt the same way with Al Harris.  Al Harris was our third corner.  He deserved the opportunity to go on and play, and be a starter.  Both of them desired it, both of them handled it the right way, and now are rewarded for that.  I'm very happy for him [Kolb]."
On whether Rodgers-Cromartie is comparable to CB Asante Samuel in terms of talent:"There's some similarities.  The thing is he hasn't been doing it quite as long as Asante.  It sure will be nice to have both of them in the lineup and playing. We've got a nice little group of corners but this will be his first time playing on the right side in the NFL. He's been at left corner, so I think he'll be fine there. I'm not saying that he couldn't do that, but he's always been the hot side corner there."
On how tough it was to let Kolb go as a coach who brought him into the league:"I think his hard work is rewarded for him having the position that he's in, and rewarding this football team by him leaving, we're able to get first-round compensation and a second round pick. Obviously, Dominique is a first-round talent at corner, and you get the second round pick. That tells you that other people believed he was a good football player. That's a tribute to Kevin on how hard he's worked, when he's had opportunities, and what a good job he's done when he's been given the opportunity. I put more of it towards him. Then, with [former quarterbacks coach] James Urban and [offensive coordinator] Marty [Mornhinweg] teaching him.  His work ethic is phenomenal." 
On whether or not he's looking for a new backup:"I would never have done this if I didn't feel that [QB] Mike Kafka could be a backup.  That's a position you need to take care of.  You have to have three guys, and we'll see how things go.  I could have never done that without a card-in-hand, and I know Mike has a great future."
On whether he considered trading Kolb for anyone besides Rodgers-Cromartie:"Back when this whole thing started there were quite a few teams involved.  They were inquiring, and that was all you could do at that time.  Then everything was shut off.  Then you watched the draft and you saw the people pick quarterbacks who were interested.  You're hoping that when you came out of this thing that it would be full steam ahead.  You knew it was on a short window, and if it's a quarterback you want to get him into camp fast.  You figured it would happen fairly quick, and that's the way it worked."
On how difficult it was to have a practice without Jackson, Maclin, and Samuel:"It's great reps for the other guys.  I thought the young guys did a nice job in there.  [WR] Jason [Avant] kind of keeps them all together and some of the guys got to play last year, [WR] Riley [Cooper] and so on.  I didn't think it was bad.  I thought they did a nice job."
On if he's disappointed Jackson, Maclin, and Samuel were absent:"I would answer that the same way I answered it yesterday.  As a coach you want everybody here.  You want as many reps with your ones as you can possibly get.  That would be one side of it.  The second side of it is we're going to coach like crazy on the guys that are here.  We're fired up.  The next guy that steps in might be the one that wins the game for you during the season.  So we're going to coach them like crazy.  That's an opportunity for another man.  In this business that's quite a thing."
On whether the trade of Kolb to the Cardinals makes them a playoff contender, and trading McNabb in conference as well:"Number one, [Minnesota Viking QB] Donovan McNabb can still play football.  That trade wasn't all about that.  Certain things happen.  [Washington Redskins Head Coach] Mike Shanahan can coach, but sometimes things don't work.  Donovan is going to still keep playing good football.  One of the things in this business is that there is not a fear level.  You might talk about it, but once you're playing the game, you're playing the game.  So all of that stuff is out of the way, of being afraid of this guy or that guy.  It gives other guys opportunities.  If you maintain that philosophy of not fearing everything and attacking everything, then you don't worry about that.  If a guy has an opportunity to go play and make a living at this profession, and he's handled himself the right way with the organization – more power to him.  Give him an opportunity."
On whether he was able to talk to Kevin Kolb after the trade:"Yeah, I had a chance to talk to him."
On whether there is a timetable for the players on the PUP list:"We'll just see.  No."
On whether the next quarterback to come to Philadelphia must be familiar with the West Coast offense:"I wouldn't say that's an absolute mandatory thing.  I wouldn't say that."

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