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Head Coach Andy Reid

Injury Report: "[S] Sean Considine has a rib strain, which is day to day. [LS] Jon Dorenbos has an AC sprain, shoulder. [DT] Trevor Laws, shoulder sprain. Then, [G] Shawn Andrews, he might have a chance of getting back into town this week. We just have to see how things go with him and his doctor."

Opening Remarks: "Obviously, a disappointing loss. There are a lot of areas that we can do better, and that's my responsibility to get that taken care of. Collectively though, as a football team, coaches and players, we all need to step it up here now another notch down the stretch. When you lose three games by three feet, you have to make sure that you work things out and you get that taken care of, and I have a lot of trust in the players and my staff that we will do that. Obviously, time of possession was out of wack this game, and there are reasons for that. The easy one to point fingers at is my defense and the way the Giants ran the football and controlled the football, but there is another side to that. My offense, they need to sustain drives and stay on the field. And again, we go back as coaches and we can do some things schematically to tighten up the run defense, and we'll do that. Then players, obviously, they have a part in that of playing a little more downhill with the football, and on defensive line, playing on the other side of the football. Then offensively, we have to make sure that we put the players in a position early in the game, the first series or two, where we execute better, and in particular in the pass game, and again, that's my responsibility and then the players responsibility to execute there. I thought the positives were that when the Giants were in a passing situation, I thought our defense played very good against that. They were able to pressure [Giants QB] Eli [Manning], hit Eli, and sack Eli, and then, we were aggressive in our coverage down the field. A positive on the offensive side, I thought we did an excellent job of protecting the quarterback. Anytime you play the New York Giants and you come out with zero sacks, that's a positive. On the other side of that, we need to be able to run the football better and when we need to do that at the end of the game. We have to execute, we have to be physical, and we have to be able to move the chains by getting the first downs. Special teams wise, I thought our kickoff return, [S] Quintin Demps, I thought did a heck of a job. He's an inch away from breaking on the last couple of weeks here, and he's going to get one as we go through the rest of these games. We can do better on the coverage teams, both sides, kickoff and punt coverage. We have plenty of things to work on. The players are coming in today. We're going to go through the Giants game. We're going to get mistakes corrected. I have had a chance to meet with the coaches, and there are some things there that we need to get straightened out and we will do that. We have to get ourselves ready for a Cincinnati team that is coming off a big win and then a bye week this past week."

* On why RB Brian Westbrook's numbers have been down the past couple of weeks:*
"When I mentioned that about we can do a better job schematically, and then, we have to execute better. So, it's a combination of things and there's no reason that we should be stopped in the run game like that."

On whether he feels that they have enough commitment to the run game throughout the game to be confident running the ball at the end of the game: "The only thing I can say to answer that is that I believe we do, and I guess that you look for proof. You look to what we did with the run game last year. Anytime that you can put out a 1,000-yard rusher, and we've done that before, anytime that you put out a 1,000-yard rusher, you are doing something right in the run game. That's not something that just happens. I know what we can do, and we've really been putting quite a little bit of emphasis, even more emphasis on it over the last few weeks here because of the games against Chicago and the Redskins."

On why they haven't been very successful on third and fourth down situations: "Like I said, it starts with the scheme and you make sure that you are doing the right things, and two, the execution."

On why it's still happening at this point in the season:"Well, you go back to those two areas."

On whether Westbrook is right physically:"I'm not going to say that he's 100 percent, but at the same time, he's good enough to where he can be effective as long as we take care of business up front."

On whether he regrets challenging either of the two plays he challenged in last night's game: "Yeah, the first one was terrible. That was a terrible choice on my side. It was strictly me. It wasn't the guys in the box or anybody else. That was me. For whatever reasons I had for it, it was wrong. The second one I liked, and I still like."

On whether he thinks QB Donovan McNabb would have called a timeout on the fourth-and-1 play at the end of the game if he had had a timeout to use: "No, not necessarily."

On whether he was aware of the ruling that Manning's whole body had to be across the plane to be a penalty: "Yeah, the whole body has to be across the plane, and I saw the red line, I saw the whole deal. That's a close call. That red line happened to be wavering, so I don't know if they use that or don't use that. I'm not sure. I'm sure they used the spot on the field, but it was close. I think they probably got it right, but it was a close call."

* On whether he felt like he was using his second best option on the fourth-and-1 play:*
"It was what we thought was the best option. We thought that was the right thing to do. Now, we can all go back, I said this last night when it was fresh on the table, we can all go back and second guess it and you can do that. But that's the one we chose, and if it works you look good, if it doesn't, you're sitting here and you get hammered like I am."

On what goes into deciding how to use RB Correll Buckhalter: "Correll is a good player, and again, I think if the numbers were up in the game, Correll gets a few more shots at it. There weren't a lot of offensive plays. There were between 10 and 20 less than what we normally average, and there was a lot of time in between."

On whether he regrets not having a back the size of Giants RB Brandon Jacobs: "I don't worry about that. I think that I have the best back in the business, and it's important that I get him going. I have to go back to the drawing board schematically and make sure that we are doing the right things there. I think our offensive line takes a lot of pride in him being the best back in the business, and they'll all reach a little bit deeper in helping him be more successful."

On whether he is worried that the clock is ticking on the season:"No, I'm not worried about that. I know what I have as far as coaches and players, and I know what we have to do and we are going to go do it."

On why FS Brian Dawkins was isolated on Giants WR Plaxico Burress on the touchdown: "We had a corner crash there. Again, we are trying to stay aggressive and they got us on that one."

On why the Eagles haven't won a lot of close games over the past few years: "Each one is a little bit different I think. The bottom line though is that you have to win those games and you have to stay aggressive and know that you are going to put the ball in the end zone when you have an opportunity, and we can do a better job there."

* On what his message will be to the players today:*
"I'd probably like to tell the players before I tell you guys."

* On whether he thinks this team needs to learn how to win the close games:*
"We will get one here. It will happen, and if we just keep the right frame of mind and stay aggressive it will take place here."

* On how other teams in the division have been using bigger guys up front offensively and whether he is concerned with that trend:*
"No, I'm not concerned other than stopping it, and I know that we can do that with the people that we have."

On whether he was happy with the tackling on Jacobs: "Anytime that you can get a back to go airborne over tackles, normally good things don't happen and you saw that with the fumble. I'm glad we were aiming low, and I think we need to do that with him, he's a big man. We might need to up it about two inches, but other than that, I was happy with that part when we had a hand on him. There are some things that I wasn't happy with, but when we were in a position to tackle him, I thought we did a heck of a decent job there."

On how he accounts for the disparity between good pass protection and inconsistent run defense: "Again, I'm going to keep coming back to the same thing. I think schematically we can do a better job."

On whether there is something different about the schemes: "You have different schemes for different defenses and you just have to make sure that everybody is on the same page with it and to get bodies on bodies. With Brian Westbrook, if you can get a body on a body, normally the rest will take care of itself and shut off penetration."

On not being able to run the ball well against the Giants despite prior success: "We've also had 12 sacks [allowed] and so those things count. One game it's one thing, one game it's another. The thing was we threw the ball well, and we have to make sure we catch the football and dial up the right play for Donovan to execute."

* On why LB Akeem Jordan played more snaps than usual yesterday:*
"Just to give [LB] Omar [Gaither] a blow. A lot of those plays were headed in his direction and just to give him a blow there."

On whether he has been happy with FB Dan Klecko: "Yeah, he's done a good job. He's gotten better every week."

* On how FB Kyle Eckel is coming along:*
"He's doing alright. Yeah, he's learning."

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