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Head Coach Andy Reid

Injury Report: "(WR) Kevin Curtis is out for this game. (LB) Chris Gocong I have listed as doubtful. I held (RB) Brian Westbrook out today. He has had two hard days of work and really the young kid (RB LeSean McCoy) hasn't gotten a ton of reps so like I've done on other Fridays I kept Brian out and limited. Other than that everybody else practiced and did some things out there."

Opening Remarks: "We look forward to the challenge of playing the Cowboys and we know they're a good football team and our guys have prepared themselves that way, in preparation for a good football team. It should be a great atmosphere. I know our fans will be out of their minds by Sunday night. These kinds of rivals, everybody get excited for. We have to continue our preparation until game time. I have been happy with the way the guys have gone about their business this week."

On what Westbrook is listed as on the injury report: "Questionable."

On whether Westbrook will play: "Right now that's what he's doing. I just held him out so he could rest up. Again, he's taken about every rep the last two days."

On whether Westbrook has had any headaches recently: "No he's alright."

On how Westbrook looked this week in practice: "I thought he did well. He moved around well and felt pretty good."

On the physicality of the Cowboys defensive backs: "They are playing aggressive. Their corners, their safeties, when they put their nickel back in he's aggressive. They're doing a nice job in their secondary. Our guys have worked hard at preparing for them, but they've done a nice job back there."

On whether LB Moise Fokou will start if Gocong does not: "Yes."

On how prepared Fokou is to play: "He's alright. He'll be ready. He's been working hard at that. Even when Chris was healthy he would go in and take reps during practice so he stayed on top of things. He'll be okay."

On who will play if Fokou gets injured: "I can't answer that question. Don't even ask me that."

On whether LB Joe Mays will dress: "There's a chance. I have an option of a couple different guys, but there's a chance."

On whether LB Jeremiah Trotter will dress: "Trotter will dress."

On how much he thinks Westbrook will be able to contribute: "I think he can contribute a bunch here. We've been rotating him so that's what we'll continue to do."

On whether G/C Nick Cole with start at right guard: "Right now yes."

On whether he thinks the Eagles defeat of the Cowboys 44-6 last year will have an effect on the players' mindset for this game: "I think you prepare every game the best you can. You try and take care of your own business and make sure that you know the team. Every team, every year in this league is different. Every game is different that's proven every week here. You go in and you make sure you take care of your business and get yourself right for a knockdown, drag out brawl here."

On what has been the difference for the Cowboys in their past three games: "I think all three phases of their game are playing well. They're getting great play out of their specials teams. Their balanced on offense and they're doing some good things defensively."

On whether at this point in the season rookies, especially who are playing a lot like RB LeSean McCoy, are still considered rookies: "They're rookies. As long as every day is a new adventure here and they haven't walked in those steps then to me they're a rookie. He hasn't been through this, so every week there's something new for him. Whether it's just the length of the season to the different looks from the different teams that some of the guys have played several times. This is his first time playing the Cowboys and the older guys have played them a couple of times, four times, six times, so everything is new for him every week."

On Cowboys DT Jay Ratliff anchoring their 3-4 defense: "No he does. I had a chance to have him over at the Pro Bowl this past year and he's a heck of a player. He is not quite as big as some of the guys, but he makes up for it in quickness and intelligence and then hustle, he is a relentless worker."

On what C Jamaal Jackson has done for the stability of the offensive line throughout the season: "Jamaal is an important part of the offensive line. He is the transmitter between the right and left side and so having him as the consistent cog in there with some experience is very valuable."

On DE Victor Abiamiri, DT Brodrick Bunkley, and DE Chris Clemons' health: "Abiamiri I would say is further away than the other two. The other two I have no doubt will play this week, but Abiamiri is a little further away."

On the younger players growing up faster because of QB Donovan McNabb's leadership: "His leadership is vital. He keeps great communication with the young guys, which I think is important especially as the season goes on here. He does a nice job coaching them up."

On the attitude of players before the last regular season game against the Cowboys last year: "(The realization that a win would ensure a playoff birth for us) happened so late. The whole week I remember talking to you guys about how you have to prepare yourself whether you have an opportunity to go to the playoffs or not, you have to prepare yourself for the Dallas Cowboys who were a good football team. That's kind of what I remember. I know the crowd was electric knowing that we had an opportunity, and I'm sure it gave the players even a little bit more hope or energy. If you're going to play the game you might as well play it the right way whether you're in or whether you're out."

On whether he is happy to be the focal point among Philadelphia sports now that the Phillies season is over: "I feel bad for those guys. I know (Phillies manager) Charlie (Manuel) and I know how much time and effort went into it. I also know this: it is tough, tough to do what he did, to get back there a second time and maintain that team at that level that he did. My hat is off to that guy. He's a heck of a manager and those players are good, tough guys. They're young and they'll be back."

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