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Head Coach Andy Reid

Injury report: "Guys who will not practice today: (DE) Victor (Abiamiri), (WR) Reggie (Brown) with the hamstring strain. He is getting better, but it looks like he will not play this week and will not practice this week. (WR) Kevin Curtis, (FS) Brian Dawkins. However, Brian is feeling better, particularly better than he did during the game and after the game, so it's not quite as bad as what we thought. That is an ankle strain. (C) Jamaal (Jackson) will not practice today with a mild concussion. (K/P) Richmond McGee has a little back spasms still and (RB) Ryan Moats has a high ankle sprain and will not practice today."

Opening remarks: "As far as the game goes against New England, we saw some good things and we saw plenty of things we need to continue to work on. We have 15 days until our first game and we have to keep pressing through these next two weeks and then we have, obviously, the game against the Jets that we have to prepare for. It's a short week and everybody is making sure they get their work done and get ready to play in the game."

On RB Tony Hunt's blocking in the game: "Tony had some good blocks and he had some blocks he needs to work on. I thought the effort was there and the aggressiveness. I think he needs to continue to work on the technique, so he'll keep working at fullback this week. There is great competition there; that door is wide open at that spot for guys to continue to compete for."

On whether Hunt's short-yardage success against the Patriots is a bonus at the FB position: "It is. To (FB) Jason's (Davis) aid there, he did well when he had opportunities to touch the ball, too. Both of those two, that is their strength, and (FB) Jed (Collins) had the one in the game before. Tony did a nice job with the couple chances he had in the game."

On whether he expects to have Dawkins for the regular season opener: "I believe so. It's really a day-to-day situation right now."

On the offensive line's performance: "I thought they did a good job. We were able to get (G) Max (Jean-Gilles) and (C) Nick (Cole) in with the first group; Max more by design than Nick. I thought they both did well when they had a chance to work with the first group. I thought the second group got in there and did a nice job, evidence being the first drive of the second half."

On whether he plans to not play the starters in the final preseason game: "I'm not sure on that. We have a long time before that first game, so I'm contemplating on that as we speak."

On whether LB Joe Mays is pushing anybody for a job: "Joe is competing to make the football team; that's who he is pushing. He hasn't made the team well enough to push anybody yet, but he's working hard at doing that part."

On DE Darren Howard's performance at LDE: "I thought he had some good snaps. One thing about Darren is that he knows how to use his hands. He does that very well. Even though he felt a little rusty over there, it looked like he was very productive with his rushes."

On WR Kevin Curtis' status: "It's what I told you after the game, it's the same thing. I can't give you an actual date on his return or any of that, I just have to see how it goes here over the next couple of weeks and I'll have a better feel for it."

On whether it was a benefit for him to see his second-string players go against New England's first team: "The first series there, I thought that helped. I thought both sides did a respectable job. Obviously, you want to see them have an opportunity to play against that crew to evaluate them. That was a plus. I thought they held their own."

On whether he thinks Reggie Brown will be ready for the season opener: "I believe he will be, yes. It looks like right now that he will be."

On whether he is more inclined to give CB Lito Sheppard a look at receiver due to Curtis' injury: "I don't know. Lito has razzed me for the last however many years since he has been here about doing that. Right now, we haven't done anything there."

On whether there are certain positions he hopes to learn things about in this last preseason game: "Yes, there are different positions. With the exception of fullback, most of it is that second group - the ones who will make this roster and who won't make the roster."

On DE Jerome McDougle: "He did a good job and he is playing very well right now. He's really rushing the passer well. Does he have things he needs to work on? Yes, he does. But, he's playing his heart out right now."

On whether he sees a different player in McDougle: "No, he's the same guy. He has always been a very hard worker and he has always practiced hard. He always shows up on time for everything. He'd climb that mountain and have a setback. He'd climb it again and have another setback. I think everyone is happy for him that he is doing well and staying healthy."

On DE Chris Clemons: "Chris will have an opportunity to get out there, as long as he makes it through practice here healthy. He'll have an opportunity to get out and probably play both sides and show what he can do there."

On how S Quintin Demps played as a cornerback: "He did okay. I think he's probably a little better-suited for safety right now. It's good to know we have the flexibility there, where he can do both. I think it's important that, right now, and I think (defensive coordinator) Jim (Johnson) would mirror this comment, that it's important he says at one position and masters that position. Right now, that would be safety."

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