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Head Coach Andy Reid

Injuries: "Guys who will not practice today: (WR) Reggie Brown with a hamstring strain, (DE) Victor Abiamiri, (DE) Chris Clemons with a calf strain, (WR) Jamal Jones, because of his rib, and then (DT) Montae Reagor (will have surgery on Monday) for his knee."

Opening Remarks: "We looked at the tape of the game and we saw some good things and we saw plenty of things that we need to work on. It was good to get a game in, in that type of weather. Obviously, you need to increase your focus and concentrate on the ball a little bit better. We had plenty of things to work on. We'll start back up our practice this year at NovaCare (today). Today we did a walkthrough and then we're going to come back with a 10/10/10 practice this afternoon. Tomorrow's the carnival; there will be no practice tomorrow. We'll resume on Monday and that will be like a (normal) Wednesday of practice. Then, we'll have a normal week up to the game against New England."

On how long Reagor will be out: "We'll see how that works."

On what Reggie Brown's MRI showed: "Reggie has a strain in his hamstring. He's going to be a couple days here, I think."

On whether his strained hamstring is on the same leg as his previous Achilles injury: "No. It's the opposite leg."

On how long Chris Clemons will be out: "It's day-to-day. We'll see how he does. He's going to continue to rehab here and we'll see how he does."

On how much Clemons' injury sets him back in learning the defense: "He can use every rep he can get. Obviously, when you're new in a system, you make sure that you practice. He can use the reps, but again, I want to make sure that he's healthy before he goes out there."

On whether G Shawn Andrews will practice today: "Yeah, it looks like Shawn will practice today at the right guard spot."

On whether he could play against New England: "We'll see how he does. We'll see how he does this week. We'll get a support crew around him. He worked out yesterday with (offensive line coach) Juan (Castillo) and we'll see how he does today."

On Andrews' state of mind: "He seems to be in a good place right now."

On whether Andrews was at the walkthrough this morning: "He was, yes."

On how Andrews looked at the walkthrough: "Today we did review from the game (vs. Carolina) so he didn't have to do anything."

On where Andrews was during the game vs. Carolina: "He was home."

On whether Andrews will be at the carnival tomorrow: "There's a chance he's there, yeah."

On how he will make the decision of whether Andrews plays in the preseason game on Friday against New England: "You know what, we just communicate with him. That's the important thing right now, keep open communication. Like I said, he's got a good support staff right now, and I think he's in a good place. We'll see how it works out."

On whether he has talked to the people that are working with Andrews: "I've talked to the people that are working with him, yeah. And I'll continue to do that."

On his sense of how Andrews is doing: "Right now, he is very upbeat and positive. He feels better, looks better. In just the couple of days that he's been here we've seen a little bit of sense of relief when you're talking to him. Again, we'll just take it day by day and see how he does."

On how the process has gone with Andrews: "Initially, the first thing, we didn't talk about football. We talked about making sure Shawn was okay and that he got the help that he needed. Then, he moved up here and got on that same route, and when we felt that he was in a good place, we talked about the football part of it. That's kind of what's taken the time. You get into these things, the football part is secondary to the person and we want to make sure that person's alright."

On whether Andrews' state of mind has improved since he's been here: "Yeah, he seems to be upbeat. I think he was a bit nervous coming back in there and the unknown. And now that he's been here, he's been received by his teammates, and really the people that he's run into outside the building, in a very positive manner. So, you can see a little bit of the stress that he was carrying in his face, he's got a little relief there. That's a positive thing I think."

On whether Andrews addressed the team and how he did it: "I'm not going to get into all that, you know that's in-house business there. But, he has talked to people, yeah."

On whether Andrews was in Arkansas or Philadelphia for the game last Thursday: "He was here. I just gave him his choice of what he wanted to do. It didn't matter if he was here or not, he wasn't going to play."

On whether Andrews is in football shape: "It looks like he's in pretty good shape. Right when he got back, we put him through a workout to see where he was at; a conditioning workout and he did very well on that. He's been a guy, even when he was heavier, he's got good endurance; naturally good endurance. But, you could tell that he's been working and looks strong, and he's worked out just about every day since he's been back here."

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