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Head Coach Andy Reid

Opening Statement: "These are the people that will not travel with us. (DE) Trent Cole is making a little improvement. He went out and did a couple of things yesterday and he's a little tender with an AC joint, but he won't travel. (QB) Kevin Kolb will not travel. He is making progress. (RB Brian) Westbrook won't travel. (G/T) Shawn Andrews, he had his back checked. He went back to the specialist in California and had his back checked. Actually, it was positive news. We'll get him back here and we'll start easing him back into things the best he can. In other words, there is no structural damage there. It was all muscle related. (CB) Sheldon Brown will not travel with a rib strain.

"(LB) Omar Gaither with a knee sprain won't travel. (G/T) Todd Herremans, (DE) Darren Howard with a groin strain, (T) Jason Peters with a quad strain, (DE) Bryan Smith with a concussion and (G/T) Stacy Andrews will stay here and will not play. Other than that, (TE) Brent Celek, who practiced the last couple of days, is ready as needed as we go. We signed (S) Brandon Harrison as a free safety and he replaces (S) Rashad Baker. The last one was I'm not going to travel Michael Vick to the game either, he'll remain here. The way the rotation will go will be the ones will play for a half and then the twos and threes will finish up the second half. The starting offensive line, without Stacy, will be the same as last week with the exception of (T) King (Dunlap) will play instead of Jason at left tackle. Time's yours."

On whether he is giving the first team offense and defense more playing time than he has in the past: "They got a series last week. The problem last week was that it was one of those games where the one offense got a decent number of plays and the one defense didn't, but they played the same amount of time as far as the game clock goes. That can be a good thing and a bad thing, but I wanted to make sure the one defense had enough reps there. We'll see how this works out this week as far as the playing time goes."

On whether Doctor Robert Watkins gave any indication of when Shawn Andrews might be able to play again: "We really have to go off of symptoms and what he's feeling but he said – listen he started doing some work and (he can) just increase that and do what he can do, within the comfort of his back where it's not hurting him."

On how ready King Dunlap is to step in and play and what he has seen from him so far: "He's really done a nice job. He's getting better every day. The last couple of days he's done well. Now he's got a pretty good player he's playing against. It will be a good test for him. I think he's excited about that."

On how his plans for the third and fourth preseason games might change due to injuries: "Normally game three I give them a little more playing time, the ones, we'll see how many guys we have back for that game. I'll have to worry about that one when we get there, after I see the numbers that are able to play that game."

On whether Darren Howard's injury has been a problem since his prior sports hernia:"It's not in that area, but yes. It's a little bit lower groin area. I don't think it's related to the sports hernia, is what I'm saying."

On whether he is nervous that Howard might have to undergo a second surgery: "(Jokingly) Well I'm not, but now that you brought it up maybe I need to worry about that."

On whether he worries about QB Donovan McNabb playing an entire half behind a less experienced offensive line: "No. I expect the guys that get in there to do their thing and play well. Really King is the one with the least amount of experience in there. He's just got to step up to the plate. It's an opportunity for him and that's how he has to approach it."

On how G/T Winston Justice has improved during training camp: "I've mentioned this before. I think he's matured both mentally and physically. He's stronger than he was when we got him. He was a couple years younger than what he is now and then I think he's developed more confidence in himself through the work he's put in and the time he's spent with (offensive line coach) Juan (Castillo). I think that's helped him throughout this camp. He's had a good camp. He played well last week. Are there some things he could do better? Absolutely, but he did a respectable job out there."

On the effects of injuries on continuity: "The offensive line is the primary one. That's a spot that, I've said it before I want them to have an opportunity to play together and I think the more time they spend together the better things work. This is the hand we are dealt with here and we expect guys to step in and play well. We're fortunate enough to have (G) Max (Jean-Gilles) and (G/C) Nick (Cole), who have been in there and (C) Jamaal (Jackson), who have played together. Then Winston has done a nice job and King has improved over this time. I expect those guys to take advantage of it, but to sit here and tell you that I wish they weren't playing together, the five offensive linemen, yeah I do. I wish they were all in there working and getting better.

On what the players on the do not travel list do over the next few days:"They do what they need to do as far rehab and then if they chose to watch the game they chose to watch the game. They are going to see the game through the game film and studying it, so I'm not too worried about that."

On how Westbrook has looked so far: "He's increased his workload everyday this week. He felt good. He practiced really the whole practice on scout team today. I've been happy with what I've seen. He's worked so hard to get to this spot and I'm glad he's feeling good and strong there and we'll just continue to add to the workload next week. He's got a pretty good feel on things schematically. It's just a matter of getting him back in the swing in the offense."

On whether he would consider activating three QBs on Sundays and sacrificing a special teams player: "I was asked that same question on my radio show yesterday and you have a variety of things you can do there. I'm not exactly sure what I'm going to do there. Something will happen."

On whether all the players generally thought of as quarterbacks will be listed on the roster as such: "They'll probably be listed as quarterbacks but we'll see. By number that's what they're tied into."

On Michael Vick's progress in the past week: "Everyday he's looked a little smoother, a little more comfortable. You can take everything from the snap count being a little bit louder to the way he's bending his knees, planting and throwing, to his movement in the pocket, he's doing a better job there. He's just getting his feet back under him and getting the soreness out of the arm and getting himself ready to play."

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