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Head Coach Andy Reid

Injury Report: "The guys that won't practice today are: [G/T] Shawn Andrews, who's back in town here; [G/T] Todd Herremans; [DE] Darren Howard, he did the walk through and [FB] Leonard Weaver did the walk through, but I don't think they are going to go this afternoon; [LB] Tracy White with the rib strain."

Opening Remarks: "Again, we've had a chance to go through the film and look at it as a football team and as a coaching staff. Obviously we need to do better. There were too many mistakes there, and that obviously starts with me. We'll get that worked out through the preseason here and get ourselves ready as we get closer to the regular season. Also, it would be good to get some of these guys back out there practicing, which is important. We'll just see how it goes the closer it gets to game time."

On how much practice Shawn Andrews needs to get himself ready to play against the Panthers: "Once he's able to get himself back to work and do football things I'll have to make a judgment on that, where he's at condition-wise, and so on. Right now, I really have no idea where or when he'll be ready."

On what the timetable looks like in terms of moving forward and preparing like Shawn Andrews won't be ready: "Right now [T] Winston Justice is doing a good job, so right now Winston Justice is the guy. That's how I look at it until that person gets back in there."

On whether there was any encouraging news about Shawn Andrews when they got back Thursday:"He's in good spirits. We have to just see how he does here after the flight. His spirits are good, so that's a start."

On what kind of workouts Shawn Andrews is doing this week: "[Head athletic trainer] Rick [Burkholder] had started him on light jogging and running. He's done some in the whirlpool with the treadmill. He's done a little bit on the regular treadmill, so he'll continue to work those along with the other core work that he's doing."

On when Shawn Andrews will start doing football stuff:"I don't have any idea."

On what his plan is for RB Brian Westbrook this week in terms of practice: "He'll prepare as if he's playing. We'll see how he does."

On how Westbrook's body held up after going through two full practices last week: "He did well. He had a little bit of soreness, and I'm not saying necessarily in the joints that he had surgery on, but soreness getting back into it. He's worked very hard to be in great shape. We'll see how he does this week."

On whether Justice is the guy going forward:"I think we have to see how [Shawn] does. There are other examples of guys who don't go through training camp and play and do that. I can't sit here and tell you that physically he'll be ready to. We all saw [Seahawks T] Walter Jones hold out of camps and do all that kind of stuff and had a great career and is still having a good career. Listen, this is different because it's not a contract thing; it's an injury. I have no idea what to expect here."

On what his plan is for QB Kevin Kolb this week in terms of practice: "If Kevin feels good, it will be the same thing. He's going to prepare to play, and we'll see how he does during the week. He finished up last week strong. [He] had a hard workout there the day that we left for Indy and it looked like he had a little bit more confidence than he did earlier in the week in his leg."

On how much it hurt Kolb's development to miss the first two preseason games:"These next two weeks will be good for him as we go forward, as long as he can get out there. I'm not too worried about him."

On whether QB Michael Vick will play Thursday night: "There's a chance. I want to see again how he does this week. He worked throughout the week here as we went to the game. He did a couple of workouts here and was here yesterday on the players' day off and worked hard. He's getting through that soreness, and we'll just see how it works out this week for him as he goes through practice."

On whether it will be difficult to get all the quarterbacks some time in Thursday's game:"I think we'll be alright. I'm not worried about that. We'll be okay there."

On what Vick has been doing on his own to prepare: "He's been meeting with [QBs coach] James Urban over time there. Then, he's worked out with [offensive coordinator] Marty [Mornhinweg] and James and with Rick. Then he works out with [QB] Donovan [McNabb] in the morning, so he's getting quite a little bit of work there. Yesterday when those guys weren't around he worked with Rick and did some running there."

On whether he's anxious to see Vick play in a game:"I think everybody is, including, most of all, himself. I think he wants to get in and play again, so we'll see how that goes. I can't tell you right now how much he's going to play. He's shooting to play this game, and we'll see how he does this week and how he'll feel the closer we get to the game."

On how much time Vick might play in Thursday's game since he's only been here a week: "I think there is a balance there, and then I just have to be the one who balances it out. I have to judge it first on how he makes it through this week here and what I see there, what I see with his conditioning and so on."

On what he has seen from Justice this preseason that he hasn't seen from him before: "I think you have maturity, both mentally and physically there, that's probably the [thing I'm proudest of him for]. Technique-wise, I think he's better fundamentally than he was in the past. I think he's stronger physically. In particular, his jams, pass-side jams. We've left him at one spot, where we were kind of bouncing him back and forth from left to right tackle, we played him some at guard. [Now] we've just left him at the right tackle position he played in college. That looks like it's helped also."

On whether he's convinced that Shawn Andrews' troubles are strictly physical:"That's how I feel right now. It looks like it's physical. He's actually doing pretty well. Like I said, he's been doing well with the exception of the injury."

On whether he is secure that T Jason Peters' quad injury won't be a factor when he gets back out there on the field: "I think we're good there. Again, we have to see. He has to get out there and practice and at the same time we're weighing the fact that it was feeling good and he went out and tweaked it a second time. You normally go off the symptoms there and right now he's feeling good enough to practice. We'll just keep a close eye on him and make sure that thing doesn't go out on him again."

On whether there is a chance T/G Stacy Andrews will play Thursday night: "We're going to shoot for that – try to get him ready and see if we can't get him out there for a few reps."

On whether TE Brent Celek will play Thursday night: "There's a chance. He has to go through this week and we just have to see. We could have used him in an emergency situation last week and that's why we took him and dressed him down. We'll see how he holds up this week."

On whether he is going to play Vick at quarterback in Thursday night's game: "You never know."

On whether he wants to have Vick doing basic quarterback stuff: "Just some basic stuff. That's all we're going to do."

On Vick's performance in practice over the last week: "He looks like, I'm talking the football side, it looks like he's in pretty good shape. You could tell he's done some running and some lifting. It looked like he started off a little rusty throwing the football, and as the week went on it looked like it smoothed out for him a little bit. I think, initially, he wasn't bending and throwing. He was using all of his arm and as the week went on he started using his legs a little bit more. Then, in the post practice, he wasn't running much in practice, but after practice it looked like he was moving around pretty good and running. I think he made good strides, but again, I have to see about this week here and what he can do."

On how Vick is doing mentally: "He seems good. I think he has a support crew there with the team, and Donovan's taken him under his wing. I know Brian Westbrook – I think most of the guys have spent a little time with him to just make him feel at home. Then, the support crew off the field and away from it, I know those guys, they talk to him. I know Tony Dungy is still very involved and talks to him. It seems like he's made a bit of an adjustment here. It's a day-to-day thing and you just have to keep working and staying on top of that part."

On whether he has talked with Commissioner Roger Goodell recently to get a sense of when Vick might be able to play during the regular season: "I've talked to the commissioner. I really haven't gone there with that. I just think it's important that he takes care of right now, and I'm not talking about the commissioner, I'm talking about Michael, that he takes care of right now and I think that's important. Then, the commissioner, he'll make his decision as time goes here but I really haven't gone into that with him. That's something he'll take care of."

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