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Head Coach Andy Reid

On injuries: "(DE) Victor (Abiamiri) and (WR) Kevin (Curtis) will not play. (WR) Reggie Brown, right now, is listed at doubtful, he did not practice today. We'll see how he does here over the next day, but right now, obviously, it's what it says, it's doubtful."

Opening remarks: "We look forward to playing the Rams; it will be a great challenge for us. They've got a young team that flies around. I thought they looked great in the preseason. They're very fast and explosive on both sides of the football. They have the addition of (RB) Steven Jackson who didn't play in the preseason, but will add even more speed and size and strength on that offensive side."

On what happened to Reggie Brown between Wednesday, when he had limited practice, and today, when he did not practice: "He went out and practiced and it just didn't feel right to him. He stretched out for a ball and he felt it kind of tug in there. We backed off immediately on him."

On whether he's concerned about the game vs. the Rams without Kevin Curtis and Reggie Brown: "You know, I'd love to have them, but I'm not worried about it either. The other guys are good players and that's why they're here. They've been with us for a while and, with the exception of (WR) DeSean (Jackson), they have all played and played well, given the opportunity."

On who the starting wide receivers will be this week: "I'm not sure yet. We're going to do some things and kind of do the four of them by committee. Even if Reggie does go, we'll do the same thing."

On whether he'd be willing to use Reggie Brown at this point if Reggie said he was okay to play: "Yeah, if he's ready to go, we'll put him in there for 'X' number of plays. I don't know how many plays it would be, but surely we'd use him."

On whether four wide receivers are enough to go into a game with: "Yeah, four's fine. Four's OK."

On whether the upside to the injuries is that other wide receivers will get extra playing time: "Anytime, if you have an injury, or injuries, you have a chance to find out about the backups. To answer your question, yeah, it gives you an opportunity to see some guys play that might not have had the opportunity."

On whether DE Chris Clemons can be effective if he plays vs. the Rams: "He can get into a game and, I'm not saying play the whole game at this point, but he can go in and do a part of it and do well."

On whether rain plays a factor in his planning for the game: "Not necessarily. We had a chance to play in the rain against Carolina (in the preseason) and we learned some things there. We learned some things that we can get better at coming out of that game. I would expect improvement after that. At least we had the opportunity to practice in it."

On whether the rain/field condition would ever affect his decision to play an injured player, like this week with Reggie Brown: "Not necessarily. As long as they get clearance from the doctor and the trainer and as long as they feel like they can play, then you can give him that chance."

On what he expects the field conditions to be like on Sunday with the expected rain and with a Temple University game on Saturday: "The field normally holds up pretty good. The way it drains, it drains pretty good. There's a lot of sand base to it. It seems to drain easy. I'm sure there will be a little wear and tear after the Temple game, but I don't think there will be too much. (Director of grounds) Tony (Leonard) does a great job. He's probably one of the best in the business at what he does. He'll put back together what needs to be put back together."

On whether using DeSean Jackson at wide receiver this week will affect how he's used on special teams: "No. I don't think that will be the case, though. All the guys will play, all the receivers will play. It shouldn't be a situation where he's gassed out there and having to play."

On whether the other wide receivers with special teams roles will continue to play on special teams this week: "They will continue to do that, yeah. They'll continue to do that."

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