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Head Coach Andy Reid

Opening Remarks: "Alright, really there are no injuries to announce. Everybody's ready to go. I look forward to the challenge of playing Green Bay. We had a good practice today and finished up with the red zone, kind of a general review, so the guys will do our mock game tomorrow and the guys will be ready to go. We know Green Bay's a good football team, we respect them and we look forward to the opportunity to play them."

On whether the Eagles are more anxious this season because of how young the team is: "Listen, they've got a lot of energy. They've had that all the way through mini-camps and training camp, and that's a good thing, so I don't necessarily see any anxiousness, although I think everybody around this room is anxious to get it going, but I think they'll be fine."

On the attitude of this team and the different feel there is around the team now: "I think they have got a good attitude. And that's an important thing to have and stay consistent with it, and maintain it, which they've done up to this point. And I would expect that to continue on. You never get too high, and you never get too low, and you just need to keep that energy rolling and get better, and I think this team has that quality."

On whether WR DeSean Jackson and CB Ellis Hobbs will be used as returners in the upcoming game:"I'm debating on that right now, but we'll see how it goes here."

On what is factoring into the decision as to whether or not Jackson and Hobbs will return: "Well, I've got (CB Jorrick) Calvin. I've got Calvin here, so I've brought him in to kind of do that, help out there, so we'll just see."

On whether Calvin may be used on both kick returns and punt returns: "Yeah, he does both."

On the importance of G Mike McGlynn being ready to step in at center in case something happens to C Jamaal Jackson: "I think that's a big thing, I think he needs to be ready, thus the taking snaps at both the guard and center spots. At the center spot, obviously you've got to make a lot of calls, so he has to stay on top of that, so he's done of a good job of that, but it's important, yes."

On whether there is a sense of excitement with entering his 12th season as Eagles head coach: "Listen, I'm excited, as I think everybody is. There's a lot of new factors here, players, coaches, the whole dynamic of it, I welcome that. I think it's a great challenge for the players and coaches, and I love the energy, and I can't tell you that I don't feel that energy. I've always loved coming to work and I still feel that way. Every day is a great day and an awesome day to have the opportunity to coach in the National Football League."

On the fact that people will evaluate QB Kevin Kolb based on his stats and whether he takes that into account when considering how much he will use QB Michael Vick:"I understand the question. I really don't get into that. I don't care. Obviously, I care about quality of play, just like Kevin does, and that's the important thing. And the ability to lead that offensive unit, and I will tell you the same thing about Michael. If and when Michael were in there, I would expect the same thing from him. Listen, I don't know if Michael will play a play, but if he's in there I expect him to play that play like he's in charge, and then Kevin likewise with the other plays that he's in."

On whether not having high expectations this year from outsiders changes the attitude going into the first game:"I don't know that. I think we're very focused in on just becoming a better football team every day. I mean, that's kind of been our deal since we got together in the mini-camps, and we're just going to keep building on that and just focus on that. Don't worry about anything else. You worry about knowing your opponent and making sure that you have your assignments down with the game plan and then playing each play as hard as you can possibly play it."

On whether he uses being the 'underdog' as inspiration: "I don't even go there. I don't go there. To me, that might last for one hit, if it gets that far. But the other part is the important thing, the thing that makes you a better football team and I'm going to focus on that. I've been focused on it and I think this football team is focused on it."

On the biggest difference between Kolb at the beginning of training camp to right now: "Well, I would just tell you that every day he gets even a better command of the offense and I already thought he started with a good command of it. So, he has to go through this whole process of each game and sustaining throughout each game and that. But, take this one right here, exhaust your means for it in preparation, and then go play and then we'll worry about the next week as it comes. But, he has to go through the whole process of it."

On whether there is one main thing he's guarding Kolb against:"Listen, you prepare. And remember, this isn't just a four-day preparation period, this is we are preparing from the mini-camps on to play the game. So, when you get in the game you can be - and the question you are asking is about Kevin - so you can be Kevin Kolb and you don't have to think of anything other than doing your job and letting your personality show. That's all I care about."

On whether he feels comfortable that DE Antwan Barnes is prepared to play: "Well, Antwan was in camp and he played for a great defensive unit with the (Baltimore) Ravens. And so I'm comfortable, if he has a chance to play in the game, that he gets in and he plays the way we expect him to play. And he doesn't have to know everything, but he needs to know the things that he's going to be asked to do, when and if he's asked to do them."

On whether he ever remembers being this healthy going into Week One and whether that makes it easier to game plan: "You know, that's a tough question because you don't want (to jinx it). But we are, we're healthy going in. And that's a good thing and you want to continue to maintain that. I give credit to the players for working their tail off with (Head Strength & Conditioning Coach) Barry (Rubin), and the job that he did in the offseason and from (Head Athletic Trainer) Rick (Burkholder). And then we all know there's some luck involved there to get to this point with the guys as healthy as they are. So, there's a lot of hard work, but then a lot of things that have to fall your way. And that's the way it has to be to go through the season, there. If guys get hurt, guys get opportunities to play."

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