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Head Coach Andy Reid

Opening Remarks: "(G/T Todd) Herremans was out today, he's got a swollen ankle. I don't think it's too much of a big deal there. (WR) DeSean Jackson, he hyperextended his knee yesterday. Had the conditions been a little better he probably would have gone today, but we held him out. (DE Victor) Abiamiri is making progress. (T/G) Shawn Andrews is making progress. (LB) Stewart Bradley is having surgery on the 11th. (TE Cornelius) Ingram tore his ACL, which you know, and he's going to visit a doctor here and get a surgery set up for that. I don't have a date for you right now. (DT) Trevor Laws, you've seen out here running, he's making progress. (TE Matt) Schobel, he's also been out running. And then (RB Brian) Westbrook, he's also been out running.

"We were able to get (T Jason) Peters some work today, which was good and then (T/G) Stacy Andrews got some work today which was also good in some thud periods out here - situational thud periods. I like the way things are going, the guys are working hard. I'm glad we got today in, we needed that. It's been a short camp; we've only got a few days left here. And then we're playing New England and then we're back to the NovaCare Complex. The tempo and the work ethic and everything, I like what I see."

On whether he has a sense of when Shawn Andrews will return to the field: "I don't. He is getting better though, that I can tell you. I just got to see how it goes here day by day, but he is making progress."

On how former Eagles T Jon Runyan's rehab is going and whether there is a chance he'll return to the team: "I know where he's at. I saw him at the funeral service for (former defensive coordinator) Jim (Johnson) and talked to him there. We have a pretty good idea of where he's at and we'll just see how things go. He's working hard at getting back and that's really what his primary focus should be, whether it's here or somewhere else."

On whether the last few practices are run in anticipation of the preseason game against the New England Patriots: "About a day and a half before we play New England, then we'll start worrying about New England, not that they're not thinking about it. But we won't actually start putting things in and working, from an offensive standpoint, on the 3-4 front and on the defensive standpoint, on their offensive game. We won't start doing that until a day and a half before and other than that we've got situations that drive the practice - whether it's a backed-up situation or a two-minute situation. So it's important that the guys stay focused on those as they finish up camp and it's important that we get all that in before we play a game - whether it's special teams, offense or defense."

On the signing of TE Rob Myers and whether there will more additions to the roster: "We've got to keep our eyes open I think, which we've been doing and we'll just see how things work out. The two younger guys, they don't have a lot of experience at this league, let alone this position in (TE) Eugene (Bright's) case. We got to keep our eyes open and Schobel has to get healthy fast as he goes here."

On how disappointing the past week has been with the injuries to Bradley and Ingram:"I don't even look at it that way. I go the opposite way and just say it's an opportunity for other guys to step in and play. Thank goodness we have the kind of guys we feel comfortable with that can do that. It's no different than the season, you move on man. It's a shame that those things happen, but the reality is that the next guy has got to step in and play, and play well. They're getting great reps out here and there's a great attitude. I don't think anybody is hanging their head about anything. They were all very confident and the new guys stepping in seem confident."

On whether this is the most injuries he has seen in a training camp: "We've had a few in the past. People have asked me the same question but, I don't know stat-wise if it's more or less. I don't really care at this point. I care about the way the guys that are out here are playing and what they're doing."

On WR Jeremy Maclin catching up with the rest of the offense: "He did. I think today those legs looked a little heavy, which normally you get through in that rookie period or the first few days of camp with the veterans. He'll work through that though. He had a nice grab out there today and he's doing well."

On whether Shawn Andrews will be able to play by opening day of the regular season: "I don't know that. I can't tell you that. I just know that he's getting better. But, until he's out here I can't predict that."

On whether Stacy Andrews and Peters will play in Thursday night's game versus the Patriots: "We'll see the closer we get here. Peters took a lot of work today, so I've got to see how he does this afternoon. We have 10/10/10 this afternoon so we'll see how he feels and then through the night how he feels."

On whether he would use FB Leonard Weaver and DT Dan Klecko as tightends if need be: "Leonard played that in college and we've kept Leonard abreast of tight end plays throughout his time here. So, he would be able to step in if we needed him there. That's not exactly what I'm looking at right now, but we have thought of it."

On his confidence at FB now that Weaver is on the team: "He is versatile. He's a good football player. And (FB Kyle) Eckel, he's gotten better this camp. So, I think you've got a couple guys there that can play. Eckel didn't have an opportunity to focus in at that spot during the season but he's been able to do that. Weaver, he's a proven veteran that was one of the top fullbacks the last couple years in the National Football League, so it's great to have him aboard."

On whether Weaver is showing him more than he expected: "That's a loaded question because I think he's doing a great job and he's really doing everything that I thought he could do and what he showed he could do at Seattle, so I don't want to say that I'm not happy with him. There haven't been any surprises. He caught the ball well, he blocked well, he ran the ball probably more than we're giving him an opportunity to do. He ran the ball more for them—they had a bunch of injuries at that running back position—and he handled that very well last year. There's really nothing that I can add to it other than that he's doing what we expected."

On whether this has been one of the most challenging camps for him: "That's all part of the game and that's the way I look at it. I really haven't even thought about it to be honest with you. I just go and whatever is there that needs to be handled, we'll handle it."

On whether there are more issues he's had to deal with at this camp than in the past: "I haven't thought about it, but I appreciate you asking me to think about it and I will."

On DT Juqua Parker and G Todd Herremans' incident the other night: "I do know more about it. I've got to let the law take care of that side of it. And then, we can proceed from there. I'm not going to disclose the discipline or any of that, I'd never do that."

On Eugene Bright's progress: "In the last couple days he's looked a little better. He's another one that a hit a wall there, this is all new to him. We expected him to be the fourth tight end and to have an opportunity to gradually learn the position, and as the injuries took place he was working with the twos and taking some reps with the ones when we were in double tight situations. It's great for his learning process; the problem is that he wasn't functioning very well there for a few days. Looks like he's worked through it and the last couple days he's looked alright."

On LB Joe Mays' first week practicing with the ones: "I think he's done a nice job. Are there things that he needs to work on? Absolutely. But, I think that he's done a nice job in there. And Omar has done the same thing. But, Joe is playing very well—high level, good intensity, not afraid to get in there and take charge. He steps right in and he has a lot of confidence in himself."

On Herremans' past missteps: "I'm not going to get into that. That's between Todd, JP, and myself. That stuff there, that's a team thing and personal thing in this case that I'll take care of in-house and that nobody else needs to know about."

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