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Head Coach Andy Reid

Opening Remarks: "I want to cover a couple of injuries here. We had, obviously (OL) Stacy Andrews came in with the knee (injury) and is rehabbing that. He's come a long way and he's doing very well there. (WR) Kevin Curtis, as you remember, had the sports hernia surgery last year during training camp and he had a partial (surgery) done at that time, so they just went in and finished it and had the groin release there. He'll be back for the OTAs, as will (G/T) Todd Herremanns. Todd had his knee cleaned up there. He had a little problem with it last year. It acted up on him this offseason so they went in and cleaned it out.

"(G) Max (Jean-Gilles) has continued to improve from the ankle fracture. Again he's doing a nice job, with that type of surgery it's a long road but he's doing well. (DT) Dan Klecko, just training he pulled a calf muscle, so he wasn't able to go. Today (TE Matt) Schobel strained a hamstring, and (CB) Jack Ikegwuono also had a hamstring spasm.

"I thought all-in-all it was a good day. It was good to get everyone back out there. I'm glad we were able to go outside this morning and the weather held up the way we had hoped. I thought the young guys, the rookies, I thought they did a nice job. They ran around, the offensive guys caught the ball well, it looked like the defensive guys were picking things up. The important thing with this football team is that we have a lot of new people out there and it's important that through hard work we come together and that we gel. It won't be very long before we're opening up against Carolina. We've got a lot of work ahead of us and I think we have the right personalities out there to put the time and effort in to getting themselves right for that opening game."

On whether the knee that Herremans had surgery on was the same one that bothered him last season: (No, it was the other knee.)

On when Curtis had his second surgery: "Kevin had that on April 15th."

On letting leadership develop and how the team gels, particularly on defense: "I've been asked that a lot, especially since (FS) Brian (Dawkins) moved on to Denver, I think you're born with leadership qualities. I think it's very hard for a guy to come into a team, that doesn't have some natural leadership ability, and try to be a leader. Players read through that. We're fortunate enough to have some guys on the defensive side, and the offensive side, that I think have that trait, that leadership trait. What ends up happening is when the older guys leave you see these younger guys take over. That's what you're seeing out there. I think what happens is as time goes on and you get up there at Lehigh and you're banging each other around, your body is tired, your mind is tired, I think those things rise. Those leaders rise up at those times to help out guys that are struggling a little bit to get up off the ground and play another play."

On the defensive leaders of the team:"You've got (LB Stewart) Bradley, you've got (S) Quintin Mikell, (DT Brodrick) Bunkley and I could go on to a couple others like,(DE) Darren Howard has been around a long time. There's plenty of guys over there to do that, (LB) Omar Gaither, even though Omar ended up not being the starter last year, Omar's got great leadership ability."

On whether the side benefit to bringing in Stacy Andrews and T Jason Peters is that it could help G/T Shawn Andrews:"I don't think that happens often and really his college roommate and Stacy, Jason and Stacy are good friends too so you have three guys that are very close that are playing on the same offensive line, on the same team. You don't see that very often. Does it help Shawn? I don't know that. I know he's happy to have those guys here. We'll just see how things go down the road. He's doing a great job right now and it's good to have him back out there."

On who will play right tackle once Stacy Andrews gets healthy: "If you remember the thing I mentioned to you was that Stacy actually played both so he gives me a little flexibility there. I wanted to give Shawn an opportunity out there. That's why I brought Shawn here, I've mentioned that to you guys too before. Really Shawn and Todd were brought here as tackles and I play the five best guys so they ended up being inside and we had the two veteran tackles. I'm going to give Shawn an opportunity at the right tackle spot and we'll see how he does these camps. I would think that he would do very well and at the same time I know Stacy can go inside and compete with (OL) Nick (Cole) in there."

On whether the fact that QB Donovan McNabb is not holding a press conference opens up speculation about his contract situation:"Right now he's here. He's in a very good place. He was upbeat, you were out there, you saw him. He was as upbeat and positive and into that practice as you would expect him to be. I would say the same thing about (CB) Sheldon (Brown). Sheldon was out there and he was fired up. Those things happen in professional sports. Donovan hasn't said anything about it. He's here to work and work his tail off."

On his thoughts about extending McNabb's contract: "We never talk about that, you know that, not from this end."

On whether it was McNabb's choice not to hold a press conference or Reid's:"That was his choice."

On whether he saw the message McNabb put on his blog about looking forward to training camp and working with the players that have been added to the team: "(Director of Media Relations) Derek (Boyko) told me about it yeah, I don't read all that. (Jokingly) I don't even read the great stuff that you guys write."

On the importance of McNabb's leadership: "He's done a great job, at least he did today and he has over the last ten years of leading this football team. That to me is very important, that he continues to do that and obviously somewhere he'll talk to you along the line here. I haven't really talked to him about that, but somewhere he will talk to the media."

On how Shawn Andrews looked on the field: "I think he's always wanted to play tackle and Todd is the same way. They've been in there, they've played guard but both of them feel like that's their best position. Shawn's been an All-Pro guard so he should look good at tackle. I think he's enjoying it. He's in phenomenal shape right now. I think his back is fine, he's been up here working out and doing everything that the other guys have done and it hasn't bothered him."

On what he will be looking for from Shawn Andrews during camp: "We're going to see if he can play tackle. I'm going to look at the blocking. In these camps there's not a lot of run-blocking going on so you're going to be looking at a lot of pass blocking and that's what I'll be looking at."

On whether he has given any thought to having Shawn play tackle and Stacy play guard:"Yes there is. I have that flexibility there to do that."

On whether Stacy Andrews would play right guard:"Stacy would end up being the right guard, yes."

On whether he's concerned about the offensive line coming together: "We'll get it set here. When everybody gets back healthy we'll have it set. We need training camp and as many OTAs as we can get to put them together, that's fine. When we get into training camp I think that's important."

On RB Brian Westbrook's involvement in practice: "I thought he moved around well. I checked with him midway through the practice and then three-quarters of the way through practice just to see how he was feeling and he felt good. We'll just see how he does."

On whether Westbrook's reps will be limited:"I'm just going off of how he feels. We've got enough bodies there where guys are getting reps. His reps won't be up too high because of the bodies that we have here."

On his first impression of the rookies, specifically WR Jeremy Maclin and RB LeSean McCoy:"I thought both of those two did well. Probably the thing I noticed most was, this obviously was a passing camp we don't work on the run game much here, so there weren't a lot of balls on the ground. Maclin and McCoy both worked in with the ones today and it looked like they handled it well. I think you got to see a little bit of their ability, they are doing a lot of thinking right now and I think once they get that down then they'll be able to cut loose even a little bit more than what you saw today."

On whether he has a timeline for when the rookies will start to contribute:"We'll just take it all the way through training camp and see how they do. If I feel like they're ready to play then I'll put them in there and let them go. My timeline is you get ready right now. They're going to try to digest all the plays that we throw at them, formations and defenses with the offense. Then you flip that over with the defensive players. We're throwing a lot of things at them, we'll just have to see how they digest them."

On whether he is disappointed with what has happened with some of the leaders, specifically Sheldon Brown: "I'm not going to get into all that. I didn't mention Sheldon as one of the leaders and I should have because Sheldon is one of the leaders of our defense. I would rather not have people do that. Unfortunately that's part of this business. I don't like it, but that's part of the business."

On whether he has talked to Brown: "I did, yes."

On whether he has any idea when Stacy might be ready to get on the field: "Because (his injury) happened in the last game, right at the end of the season, I think you probably won't see him until training camp. You might see him a little bit in the OTAs, but I don't think it will be much. He is doing very well for just being a few months out of post-op(eration)."

On whether he told Sheldon that he didn't like the situation:"I'm not going to tell you what I talked to him about. It's not like that. It's part of the game. It's something that coaches and front office people don't like. It's something that players feel like they have to do, so that's how that works. It's been that way, as I've mentioned before, it's been that way since Babe Ruth was playing and Joe DiMaggio held out from spring practice I don't know how many times. I could go back through and (jokingly to ESPN's Sal Paolantonio) heck you probably wrote the book."

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