Philadelphia Eagles News

Head Coach Andy Reid

Injury Report: "Actually there are no injuries to report. Everybody practiced today and everybody is ready to play, so that's a good thing."

Opening Remarks: "I look forward to the challenge of playing the Cowboys and the atmosphere and everything else. The guys have worked hard here this week and prepared themselves to go down there and play a good football game. We look forward to that."

On whether he asked other coaches about the new Cowboys Stadium in preparation for Sunday's game:"By the time you get to this time of the year, you've seen a lot of it just watching their games. I'm sure it's not the full effect until you get down there, but it's really about the game and playing it, so as much as you can you put that out of your mind."

On the offensive line's progression this week:"They looked like they did a good job. It will be a great challenge for them this week. As far as execution of what we're trying to get done out there, they did a good job with it.""

On whether C/G Nick Cole is doing well with the silent count: "Yeah, he did a little bit of that last week. We even do it at home, so he got a little bit of a feel for it and he handled it well with the noise that we used this week."

On the most difficult challenge facing Cole this week: "It's playing a new position and who he's playing against. Where he was just playing against them in nickel situations, now he has them about every snap other than the nickel situations."

On QB Michael Vick's health and whether he could be used in this game: "Yeah, he could. He's feeling good. He practiced today. We have a couple things in for him. I look forward to getting him back in there and playing."

On how close he thinks RB Brian Westbrook is to being in the same shape he was in before his concussions: "I think he's back. We're going to use him, so I think he feels pretty good."

On whether Westbrook is in football shape:"I thought last week was good work for him, and we'll just add to that this week. I can't tell you the number but we'll see what it ends up being."

On who the second quarterback will be this week: "Right now it's Michael."

On whether S Quintin Demps will be able to return kickoffs this week: "He might be able to. We'll see how he does here."

On how Demps is doing physically: "He's doing okay. We'll just take it day by day and see how he does the rest of the week."

On how confident he would be with G Mike McGlynn stepping in at center if needed: "He'd be the backup center. He hasn't had a chance to play in any of the games here; he played in the preseason games and practices every day, so I'm confident. (He's a) real smart guy, a real tough guy, so he should be okay."

On the Eagles being 6-5 against the Cowboys in the first matchup of the season and 8-2 in the second game and whether that is just happenstance:"That's good data, but it probably is. (Jokingly) I'm going to go look at that right now though."

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