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Head Coach Andy Reid

Injury Report: "(QB) Michael Vick has a rib cartilage injury. There are no broken bones, but he does have a rib cartilage injury - it's up high and the second and third ribs. (RB) LeSean McCoy has a rib fracture and they're doing some further tests on it. But right now he has one rib fracture. And then (WR) Riley Cooper and (CB) Asante (Samuel), if there's any good news on this, it's that their concussions seem to be mild. Other than that, everybody else basically made it out okay - some nicks and bruises here and there."

Opening Remarks: "Again, I mentioned to you that that's my responsibility at the end of the half. I know that's a controversial situation, but again that's completely my responsibility there, and I take full fault of that. On the other hand - which is also my responsibility - we had way too many penalties. I take a lot of pride in having a disciplined, hard-nosed football team and eight penalties for 80 yards is way too much, and some of those were at crucial times. I thought we started slow. Now they gave us a couple different looks, (but) both offensively and defensively we figured it out and we started moving the ball a little bit better offensively and stopped them there better defensively. Again, turnovers, or the turnover, I thought was crucial in one of the drives. Penalties I mentioned. A couple of those were just crucial time, both offensively and defensively. (We had) opportunities to get off the field and you have a roughing the passer, and then holding calls - really all the offensive lineman had one except for the center. (Also) the tackling and getting off of blocks - again, we have to do a better job at that and put more emphasis on it and make sure we get better on that. There were some good things – the guys battled throughout the game and really had a chance there at the end. And I know (WR) Jason (Avant) mentioned to you guys he's kicking himself on that Hail Mary, there. But really it shouldn't have come to that, but it did and I felt like we kind of shot ourselves in the foot along the way throughout that game and could have done a better job all the way around."

On whether Vick will be ready for this weekend or to practice this week: "Well, we'll just see how he feels. This is going to be one of those day-to-day, week-to-week (injuries). We'll just see how it goes and how he feels along the way. I know (head athletic trainer) Rick (Burkholder) and our docs will keep a close eye on him."

On whether he is using the same protocol as before with the concussions to Cooper and Samuel: "Yeah, same protocol. The only reason I mentioned they seem not quite as severe is just the way the guys feel today and the way they left yesterday."

On whether he is thinking about bringing in another quarterback: "I'll meet with Howie on that and we've talked a little bit. I'll meet with him on that. I just have to see, again, how (Vick) progresses here and we'll have a list together in case we need to go in that direction. If we don't then we don't."

On how Vick was feeling this morning: "He's sore. He's sore."

On the timing of McCoy's injury in the game: "Actually, it was in the first half, second quarter. So, he played through it and really didn't complain at all. He's a pretty tough kid."

On whether there was any concussion testing this morning on Cooper or Samuel and whether they will see the doctor: "Yeah. Well, we'll see how it goes. They're not ready to go up there yet, but they did well on the test."

On the status of McCoy: "We just have to see. We have to see. Really it's a comfort thing and they're doing a couple of other tests on him to make sure he's okay there."

On whether it is possible for McCoy to play with padding: "Possibly. We just have to finish up a few of the tests, here."

On his thoughts about the depth at the running back position: "Well, we're fortunate to have (RB) Mike Bell. (He's) somebody that's played in the system and we have confidence in. (McCoy) obviously is playing at a very high level right now. He had quite a few yards yesterday and had some nice plays. But, we also have confidence that Mike can get in there and play, if needed."

On whether he will sign another wide receiver with the injury to Cooper: "I really haven't met with Howie on all that. I'm not sure the direction we're going to go yet. I want to make sure to look through the film and get the evaluations from Rick and the docs and that whole deal before we do anything."

On the level of the damage to Vick's rib cartilage and the location of the damage:"Well, it's up high in that second and third rib. And that's what it is and you have ligaments and you have cartilage up there. So, the cartilage looks like it's cracked there a little bit. But again, that's up in the cartilage, that's not the bone."

On whether it is the cartilage between the rib and the sternum: "Well, yeah, it's up high on the sternum; the second and third ribs."

On whether he would have done anything differently before the end of the first half: "Listen, I would love to tell you everything, but I'm not going to do that; that would be an expensive answer."

On whether it was his fault or somebody else's on that play just before halftime: "Listen, I'm taking it as my fault and I'm just going to leave it at that and go with it."

On how he can help T Jason Peters decrease penalties called against him: "Well, listen, he's working his tail off. That's the first thing. These aren't penalties that are loafing penalties, or he's not moving his feet, or he's tired, or any of that. That's not what these are. We just have to stay disciplined and focused with hands in the holding category – making sure that we're tight with the hands. We know the officials are in a different position now calling the holding calls. And you have your best rushers on that side so you have to make sure you over-exaggerate how tight your hands are. And then, listen, the outside penalties, those are concentration penalties. He just has to make sure he stays focused in on it. He wants to get off the ball quick and get on guys, but you have to just make sure that you stay on top of them."

On whether there is a level of disappointment in Peters because of his technique: "Well, listen, if he wasn't trying hard and didn't have the effort, then there might be a disappointment there. But he'll work through this and this hasn't been his M.O. necessarily for his career. He'll get through it and move on."

On whether there is a reason why they are among the most penalized teams in the National Football League: "Well, listen, we preach playing hard, but at the same time we have to stay disciplined with it. So, I take that responsibility on the discipline part of it and making sure that we do things the right way."

On whether having a different play depending on the yardage-to-go in goal line situations can be considered as an indictment on the offensive line:"No."

On his self-evaluation on his clock management: "Well, like I said this is my fault. It's completely my fault, so I'll live with that."

On his assessment of QB Kevin Kolb: "Kevin did some good things and he has some things that he needs to work on, there. But, he put us in a position where we could win the football game, so we have to build on that."

On whether it is possible that Vick could play this weekend against the San Francisco 49ers: "We'll see. We're just going to take it day by day and see how he does here. Right now, he's sore though and I can tell you that."

On whether he is concerned with the team's lack of physicality: "Well, we have to start better, and that's part of it. You have to win the battles with the guy you're going against, make sure you set the tempo early, and all those things we talk about. And again, that's my responsibility to make sure the guys are in the right frame of mind to do that."

On G Max Jean-Gilles at right guard: "I thought, for the most part, Max did okay. Again, he had the holding call on the play Michael got hurt on."

On whether he is preparing as if Kolb will take the first team snaps during practice on Wednesday: "Well, we'll see. We'll see how Michael does here. Obviously, if he's as sore as he is today, then Kevin will take the snaps."

On whether he has ever had another player with an injury similar to Vick's rib injury: "Not in this spot right here. No."

On whether it is the type of injury that can get a cortisone shot: "I haven't even gone that far with the doctors. But I'm not sure they would do that."

On whether there is any real treatment or just rest for Vicks rib injury:"Well, there are some things that you can do with it and Rick's doing them. But, like I said, today he's sore. There's not a whole lot he can do today."

On Kolb's level of confidence should he be the starting quarterback on Sunday: "I think he'll be fine. I think everybody has confidence in him and you go in and play well."

On whether he has thought about designating someone on the staff for clock management: "Yes. We do. We make sure we look at the clock."

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