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Head Coach Andy Reid

Injuries:"(DT Brodrick) Bunkley is making improvements. Again, it's just day to day and he will not practice today, however. (WR) DeSean (Jackson) won't practice today. Again, DeSean, his discomfort is just where he took the blow on the right side, right shoulder area kind of up through the neck area. But he's working through that and he's sharp mentally and that whole deal, but he's very sore right now. (RB LeSean) McCoy will do very little today. He went through the walkthrough today however. And then (T Jason) Peters won't practice today. (WR Riley) Cooper's back. (QB) Michael (Vick) will give a little bit more, too, than we did last week. But again, (QB) Kevin (Kolb) will be the starter this week and Michael will be in some form of a backup role. We'll just see how he does here. He's still pretty sore, but again, he's making improvements."

Opening Remarks: "We look forward to the challenge of playing Tennessee. We know what kind of football team they are; very physical football team and very well-coached in all phases, both sides of the ball. Special teams, they're solid (and) they have explosive players on both sides of the ball. They play fast and furious football and it should just be a heck of a football team. (It's) a great challenge for the Philadelphia Eagles and we look forward to going down there and playing them."

On whether Jackson is going through concussion tests: "Yeah, he's going through that. He hasn't passed that yet. I'll give you all that when he passes that. I'll get that to you."

On his thoughts about the NFL's new stance on big hits and whether the NFL has told the coaches about any specific policies on big hits: "I think they're going to just really enforce it from the sounds of it. So I think that's a good thing. There are some rules that are in place about using the hat and the helmet as a weapon, and so on. So I think that will be enforced a little bit more than what has been, and that's a good thing, that's all good. Listen as a football team we're going to do what the league asks us to do and we'll continue to work fundamentals on tackling and trying to do it the right way, the best we possibly can. And that's the way I feel."

On whether Jackson is out for Sunday's game: "Yeah, I don't think DeSean will play this weekend. No."

On whether he thinks the rule changes will fundamentally change the way the game is played:"Well, listen, at one point in history football was banned because people were dying when the game first started. So there have been changes like this that have taken place for health purposes throughout the history of the game. I think what it will do, it will force us as coaches and as players to even go back to the fundamentals a little bit more and make sure that we work on those, and emphasize those and so on. And will there be a big hit somewhere where the hat gets involved? Yeah, because it's that type of sport; it's a bang-bang sport and sometimes the player can't help but use his hat. I mean, things are moving just that fast out there. So, there will be things that happen, but I think the players are aware of it; the commissioner I think has done a good job of making the coaches and players aware of it. So we'll go back and just try to be as fundamentally sound as you can."

On whether he is making big hits a point of emphasis for his defense this week so no one gets suspended:"I think for the most part we do a pretty good job of that. Now listen, like I said, there are going to be things that happen. But I think the point is you're still going to play hard-nosed football and it's still a very physical game and there's still going to be collisions that take place. It's just important that you're leading with your shoulder as opposed to your head. Bring your shoulder and you're good. But I don't think it's going to take away from how physical the sport is, how exciting the sport is. I just think that you eliminate that helmet, which is a pretty sturdy weapon at times."

On whether Titans stadium will be testy for Kolb having to deal with silent counts:"It's a loud place. We've had a chance to work through the silent count quite a bit and variations of it and so on. So I think we have a good little package there. But they have good fans there; it's packed, it's loud and all that. But the important thing for our football team is that we really focus in on the process and making sure that we take care of the things that we can take care of, one of which is making sure we're good with our snap counts and the gameplan, and so that's where the guys are at. They'll start that today and work hard on it tomorrow."

On whether he is surprised at the success Titans DE Jason Babin and LB Will Witherspoon are having:"Not at all. (I have) a lot of respect for both of those guys. Babin is a high-motor, high-energy, loves to play the game (and) loved having him here last year. Really, I enjoyed him as a person and as a player. And the same way with (Witherspoon) - (he's) very intelligent (and) fly's around; I think he has three sacks and Babin has six and they fit perfect in that defense and what they're asking them to do. And I'm happy for both of them. I think they're both great guys and very good football players."

On whether Vick will be a backup or third quarterback: "We'll just see. Kevin's going and that's the main thing."

On whether Vick will practice today:"Yeah, we'll give him a little bit more than what we did last week. We kind of fed him a few plays on the scout team last week, but we'll give him a little bit more and just see how he feels."

On how Vick is dealing with the current quarterback situation:"I think Michael's primary thing – it's just what he said the other day – I think his primary thing is just getting back to where he feels healthy enough to go out there and contribute in some ways. He's working overtime in the training room and trying to make sure all that's right. There's no conflict between the two or worry between the two right now. He's just trying to get himself healthy."

On Titans RB Chris Johnson being one of the best running backs in the NFL: "Absolutely. He's a heck of a player. I got to know him a little bit before the draft. We brought him up here and met with him. Met with him at the combine. I like the kid and I also like the football player. He's an explosive player that loves to play the game."

On whether there is anything Kolb can do to win the starting quarterback job:"I haven't even thought about that. We're worried about Tennessee right now and we're not worried about starting jobs. You guys can worry about all that. We're worried right now about trying to put together a gameplan, learn the gameplan and execute the gameplan. That's what I think Kevin is focused in on, that's what we're focused in on as coaches. I haven't thought about all that other stuff."

On whether going into the bye week with a 5-2 record is as good as the team can hope for:"Well, sitting here right now that's a pretty astute question. Sitting here right now, that would be a good thing. Yeah, that would be good."

On whether he is impressed with the team's success thus far after all the injuries:"Listen, I'm proud of the guys that have stepped in and played. That's not an easy thing necessarily. It's a tribute to (general manager) Howie (Roseman) and the guys that he has brought in here. Then, it's a tribute to the player and coach for working their tails off together and being able to step in and play at a high level. To answer your question, yes and yes. I'm proud of the guys. Sure, we'd love to win the football game, too. That'd be a yes-yes for you."

On whether S Nate Allen has exceeded expectations:"I think he's done a good job, yeah. When you draft a player, you're never sure of that player until you get him right there in your system and work him through it and how fast are they going to learn it and adapt to the other players around him. I think he's done a nice job with all those things. We've been very pleased with him as a player. Does he have room to improve? Absolutely. He knows that and he's a smart guy and he studies himself and he's got good coaches that he talks to and talks through things with. He's got plenty of room to improve, but he's sure done a nice job up to this point."

On whether it means anything that the Titans are coming off of a short week:"I don't think so. I think it's going to be two good football teams playing good football. I think that's what you're going to see. We've been in that situation with the Monday night stuff and I don't think, that next week, I don't see where it matters that much."

On how he and Jeff Fisher, the two longest tenured coaches in the league, keep things fresh after coaching for the same team for so long:"Well I think (Titans head coach) Jeff (Fisher) will tell you, you have to be yourself when you're with the players and you have to be honest. I think that's important with the players and with the coaches because we have a few coaches that have been here for awhile. So you make sure that you shoot them straight."

On how much the offense changes when Titans QB Kerry Collins is in the game as compared to Vince Young:"Well, they're both very good quarterbacks. Kerry's been doing this a long time and has a lot of wins under his belt. The obvious one is the mobility part of it, but Kerry makes up for that in other ways. But Vince Young – I had mentioned this somewhere (that) I have a lot of respect for Vince Young. I know when he received the Maxwell Award and I had a chance to meet him there and spend some time with him. And we're on the dais and he memorized everybody's name on that dais. And in a very short period of time he had it all figured out right there, referenced each person up there, and I go 'you know what this is a sharp kid right here, now. He has a little something to him.' Listen, he's proven that. He's had some highs and lows. He's worked through them and I think he's even stronger for them."

On what Maclin has done to get him to the level he's playing at right now: "Well he stayed up here all offseason. And then, he came into training camp and had a full training camp, attacked that part of it and just kind of built on what he learned from the year before; you could see it progressively get better last year the more he played and he just continued on with that through training camp through the preseason games. And then he's still improving every game, so very, very talented guy. I would tell you the common denominator between those two, (Maclin and Jackson), they're both very intelligent kids and they both love to compete. They have a great friendship and they like to compete – they have a great friendship but they like to compete against each other and challenge each other (to see) who has the best game. You always see them during the game talking to each other and slapping each other on the rear ends and complimenting each other. But they're always challenging and wanting to get better and you have to love that from a coach's standpoint."

On whether Bunkley will practice this week:"I think that will be a stretch. You know, I think that will be a stretch, and same thing with Jason. I just, I'm not counting on that. But we'll take it day by day with (Bunkley) and just see how he does."

On whether it is reasonable to expect the banged up players to come back for the Colts game: "You know, I think so. I've learned in this thing to just take it day by day and just see how it goes. With these injuries I'm not very good with the prediction."

On his improved record over the last couple years in games before the bye week and whether he has changed his approach:"No, not really, we really didn't. We try to go through the same preparation. And I think it's important we just maintain focus every week and you really can't worry about that next week. And so the guys have done that and I have to compliment the players and coaches just the last couple of years of really staying focused on that and coming out and playing good football."

On his thoughts about DT Antonio Dixon and how he is playing: "I mean Antonio's had to overcome some things just in his life. He has a speech impediment, and so on, and he's worked through that and he's one of the team favorites, just as far as being a person. He's playing very good football right now and he works at it, he really worked in the offseason about keeping his weight down and kind of reforming his body and it's paying off for him. He's playing very good football (and he's) very, very strong player and really enjoys playing the game so I'm happy for him. He's doing well."

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